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Memories of Pudge

Pudge, I loved you the first time I saw your beautiful face. I was looking for a bulldog for Melissa, and saw your gorgeous baby face on line.Oh,Those Eyes!! That did it, I had to have you to love and care for.
You are the smartest, best looking, most feeling/knowing dog I have ever known of. That makes miss you all the more.
I am so sorry you had to leave us, we miss you so much. I wish I could have stayed with you at the end, but I just could'nt watch you go. I did not want to worry or stress you. I hope your passing was eazy, i worry so about that. God I miss you.!
You gave me so much love & happyness. I loved seeing you happy with your "toy" and the game we would play. You allways would try and get me to see if i could get it from you..Such a taunter you are. I know you are runnning and playing all over the place free of those horrible sezures that you had while here on earth. I am so glad they are gone from your beautifull body.
You are such a beautifull bulldog.....whenever we'd go any place, people would just stop dead in their tracks at the mere site of you.
You loved your skateboard so much and I am hoping you are doing lots of skateboarding in rainbow bridge. You could'nt practice all that much on before with your sezures and all, so i hope you are skating
and catching up for lost time.
Baby and Hally Fluff misses you too, baby now is sleeping in the bedroom and is trying to stay close to me. Baby misses washing your ears and laying her head on you, but i think she somehow knows you loved her,but had to go.
I know you loved sleeping in the bedroom with us, we miss you so much.
When you return to us in a few days, you will be forever in the bedroom so you can be close to us and rest in peace.
Pudge, we love and miss you so much. Please enjoy your time in rainbow bridge and know that we will all be together with you again. Don't worry for us, we are OK, we are happy you are not suffering anymore, my big dog.
Love Mom, Rich, Melissa, Charles, Baby, Hally Fluff,Emmitt

3/17/11 Pudgy, today is a beautiful,sunny, early spring day, St.Patrick's day. A day you would have loved to be outside, a perfect day for you to skateboard. You were so funny when you wanted to skate, you would get that excited look in your eye and run & look towards the basement where your board is kept. You loved it soooo much. I am hoping you have lots of friends and doing lots of skating. Every time I see the kids skating now it makes me sick inside.I miss you soooo much and wish you were here with me. I remember the time you got excited and took one of the boys board away from them....you thought you should have it. That was so funny!
It's been 2 weeks now since you left us, your ashes are home now and on the night stand next to me.
I am glad you are close to me. I think of you so much, I miss You greeting me at the door when i come home. You allways pinned your ears back and had a allhappy look, wagging your butt.
I miss you following me all over, under my desk, watching tv, even in the bathroom. You were where ever i was.
Baby misses you too, she sleeps part of the night in the bedroom now, she lays where you used to lay, and a couple times i've heard her wimpering. It's good she has hally fluff or I don't know what she would do, she looked up to you and relied on you.
I love you Pudgy, i will never forget you, my beautiful big dog.
Love Mom

My Pudge,
It's been a year since you left us. I hate to think of that day that you had to go, still so clear in my mind. You are the greatest dog in the world. I try to think of of all the good times, but somehow it only makes me miss you more. Not many dogs like you!
I hope you are having a great time in Rainbow's bridge doing all the things you loved to do. I hope you know i love you and miss you so much. Just want you know we will be together again. Missing you! Love Mom, Rich, Baby & Hally Fluff.

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