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Memories of Purrball

Everyone always asks me how I came up with the name Purrball. That started the first night I had him. I found Purrball running through a yard trying to escape another cat that wanted to fight him. He was only a baby, just 3 months old. I brought him in my house, cleaned him up & set him up with food, water, a plastic tub filled with litter & a blanket in my spare room. I checked on him throughout the night and everytime I opened the door he was purring away. Later that night when all was quiet and I was laying in bed, I could hear him purring through the wall. My bedroom was right next to the spare room. He purred so loud all night long I immediately named him Purrball!!! At the vet on Tuesday with his paw in my hand and his head touching mine, he purred up until the minute his heart stopped beating!
5-11-2010 - Purrball, I miss you so much. It has been 1 week since you left me & I wonder if I'll always hate Tuesdays! Your brother Lucky was crying for you Sunday night. He went to your usual spot and was sniffing around & crying. Spaz has been extra snuggly, I guess he knows how sad I am and he misses you also. I just keep telling myself that you're in a better place where you're not in pain and your leg doesn't give out on you and you can run & play with all the other cats & dogs, but I still miss you so! I love you, please come visit me in my dreams!
6-4-2010 - Hey Bud! It's been 1 month since you left me. Your brothers & I miss you so much. I hope you've made new friends & are enjoying your pain free life at rainbow's bridge.
9-4-2010 - Hi Pursey! There has been an orange stray cat hanging around in our backyard lately. I can't help but wonder if you had something to do with that. He looks just like you when you were a baby. Of course I now leave water and food in the yard, but he's a little too scared to come close still. I'll keep trying just like you knew I would! Miss & love you buddy!!!!
11-15-2010 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BIG BOY! I can't believe you would be 13 yrs old today. I miss you so much. I wish you were here to celebrate with me & your brothers. I left you a birthday cake. I hope you enjoy your birthday with your new friends. I love you Pursey!!!
12-25-2010 - Merry Christmas Purrball! I miss you. I hope you enjoy Christmas w/all of your new friends at the Bridge. I still wish you were here, but I know you are better off there, at least your pain free! Love you Pursey!
5-4-2011 - It's been 1 year since you left me and I still miss you so much! Today is such a sad day for me. Your brothers are w/me snuggling...I think they know how hard today will be for me. I know I'll see you someday and it will be so amazing to see you run up to me without limping!!! I so hope you are ok and have made many friends in the year that you have been at the bridge. You are such a loving boy that I can imagine you must have tons of new friends! I love & miss you sooo much my sweet Purrball!!!

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