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We loved to go everywhere together. Car rides, to the park, hanging out at home. Poochie and I enjoyed many years of camping and volunteering at the hospital to those whose spirit needed a lift. Wherever I was, Poochie was sure to follow. My best memories are the times Poochie and I spent together. God gave us sixteen and a half years together. Thank you for every single minute. April 11/05..Poochie, not a minute goes by that I am not missing you and wishing you were here by my side. The house is so quiet and empty without you here. I know you are happy at Rainbowsbridge, and restored to your healthy youth, and that does bring me comfort. However, life without you is so lonely. You were my best friend and companion. You made me laugh like nobody else could, and brought such sunshine to my days. You were such a funny dog, chasing bubbles and snapping at them and bouncing balloons off the end of your nose like a seal. How you must be entertaining your new friends at the Bridge! Until we meet again, my beloved friend, my baby...May12/05 My sweetest Poochie, nothing is the same without you. Spring isn't as bright and warm, the flowers aren't as fragrant. My life just stood still when you died. Mommy's birthday was sad without you here to have cake and ice cream with her. I know you are in a far better place, and this does comfort me some, but nothing changes the fact that we aren't together anymore, and doing all the fun things we always loved to do together. I would give anything to feel your doggy kisses upon my face and breathe in your scent and feel your soft fur in my hands. Please stay close to me, just a heartbeat away. Mommy loves you so much. XOXOXO June 10/05 My precious furbaby...I have been getting signs from you that you are close by. Thank you so much. These signs bring me much needed comfort during this time of grief. Isn't that just like you to be thinking of me and comforting me even from the Bridge. In life, you were always my greatest comfort too my beloved Poochie. Life is just not the same without you. Other furbabies may come, but there will never be a love shared like ours Pooch. You were one in a million. Have fun running and playing with your "Bridge Friends" my sweet one. Mommy loves you and misses you so much!!XXOOXOXOXOXOXApril 24/06 You have been gone from me for over a year my forever pet. How your Mommy misses you and wishes you were here. Nothing has changed yet everything is differant if you can possibly understand that. I know you do as you understood everything I said and sometimes even a gesture or a glance was all it took for you to know what I meant or what what going on inside my head. Jessica is sitting here beside me as I write this, crying for you too. You left such a huge space in our hearts and lives my Poochie. We love you. Love Mommy Daddy,Jess,and Alaina xoxoxoSept 27/07 We are just missing you so much Pooch.Time just zooms by but you stay forever in our hearts. Our love for you will never ever die.I miss our car rides and hanging out. I will never get over losing you.My heart is still broken as is the girls and Daddy. I look forward to the day that you race across that field to jump into my arms, never to be separated again. You will always be my forever dog, my best friend. Love Mommy, Daddy, Alaina, and Jess xoxoxoxoApril 18/08 Poochie, my heart goes on but it remains everclose to you while you wait for me at the Bridge. All of us stll talk about you and your antics and your love and loyalty. Its hard to believe that you've been gone from us for so long. We hope you are having fun with your Bridge friends. Mommy will always love and adore you, and wait ever patiently for a time when we see each other again. We love you. Always, Mommy, Daddy, Alaina and Jessica XOXO April 3/09 Wow it feels like it was just yesterday that you were running up and down the house playing around with your baby. I miss you ever so much, and I still think about you every single day, and anytime I see a dog that is all I can think about. I miss you dearly, and I know mommy, Alaina and Daddy do too. You were the love of my life and no one can replace those memories that I have cherished from the time I can home from the Hospital to graduating from Grade 8 and moving on in the world, and now I am about to enter University, and you are still here with me in my dreams and thoughts. Well I have to be going, and just remember how much I love you. Love Always your sister Jessie xoxoApril 4/09My sweetest Poochie, time marches on but my heart never forgets you. I talk of you always, remebering our wonderful memories, knowing that LOVE NEVER DIES. You are with me everyday wherever I am, in the sun on my face or the breeze that blows thru my hair. I see and feel you close by always. Run free at the bridge my forever pet. I will meet you one day, and we will never part again. Your family loves and misses you so.xoxoxo Mommy Daddy Alaina And Jessica March 21/10 You've been gone from me for 5 yrs my sweet pet. Its like yesterday yet like forever. Your sweet memory I recall to my heart with a smile and an ache. There will never be another "YOU". I see you running free at the Bridge, waiting for me, as I wait to join you one day. What a glorious reunion that will be! For now, I keep you close to me heart always. know how much you are love, missed, remembered. Love Mommy XOXOXApril 11/11 Time marches on dear Poochie. The girls aren't little anymore and will leave home soon. But the one thing that does remain constant is my love for you. All of our love for you. We remember you with tears and joy. I keep you close to me everyday. You are my souldog. I will never, even if I live to be 1,000, get over losing you. You are so precious to me and I will love you forever and a day. I send you bubbles and balloons and love and kisses. Love Mommy xoxoxo April 9/14 Missing you and loving you til the end of time. Forever in my heart, Love Mommy xoxo

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