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Memories of Raven
Raven..mommy and daddy's beautiful baby girl. Words can't possibly describe how much we love you and miss you, your sister Sparkles misses you very much also. They say "time heals all wounds" but that's not true as this wound will never heal. The only thing time will do is make it a little easier to cope with your loss. I'm just not sure how long that will take as right now there's a void in our hearts that I'm not sure can ever be filled. The day we let you go to heaven was the hardest day of our lives and though we knew it was the best thing to do for you because we loved you and didn't want you to suffer any longer it still hurt so much. I don't think we'll never get over the pain of saying goodbye and watching you go. Please understand we tried everything we could to keep you with us but that horrible disease had taken over your body and we weren't going to keep you here for our own selfish reasons..we had to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge. There isn't a day that's gone by that since you left us that we don't think about you a thousand times. There are so many things in our home that remind us of you and I swear at times I feel or hear you near me. I would give anything to be able to spend 5 more minutes with you but I know God needs you with him and you'll be waiting for us at the bridge when we get there. I still have the bag of unopened Jax in the drawer and I don't think I'll ever be able to eat them without you as I know how much you loved them as they were our special "snackies". We miss how you used to howl when you heard a baby cry because of your loving heart, or how you were a bottomless pit at times, or how you would kiss me for minutes on end, or moan when I rubbed your belly, or be waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I got home from work. But mostly we miss your unconditional love and playful nature. I could go on and on about all the things you did to bring such joy to our lives for those short ten years but I would run out of space. I know I should be grateful for those ten years but I can't help feeling angry at times that God only gave you to us for that short span of time. Mommy always said you were the best Christmas gift she ever recieved..you were the most special gift God ever gave to me and you will always be "daddy's little girl" no matter how long I live. You were the most precious daughter any parents could have asked for and we can't wait for the time to come for us to cross the bridge with you into eternity as only then will our hearts finally be healed.
I love you & miss you my Baby Girl
2/13/08 - Raven my sweet Baby Girl, today is 4 weeks that we had to say goodbye to you. Our hearts still ache & mommy, daddy & Sparkles still miss you like crazy. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you. Love you always
2/14/08 - Happy Valentines Day our sweetheart. We love you. Mommy bought a white rose in your honor today.
2/14/08..Raven..my baby girl! Happy Valentines Day my sweet angel! I miss you and love you so much! Mommy, Sparkles and I will never forget you. I hope you're enjoying your new friends at RB and know your place in my heart will stay empty until I see you again. Love...Daddy
2/16/08...Raven..it's been exactly a month since we let you go and the pain of your loss is overwhelming. I still cry everyday and every time I go downstairs I look at your bed praying that just one of these times you'll be there looking at me with your beautiful brown eyes. The eyes that stole my heart and let me know how much you loved me. They were the windows to your soul, the soul I know is now in heaven at RB. I have one favor to ask of you if I may..please come to me in a dream and let me know you're alright. We love you so much and miss you terribly our baby girl.
Love...Daddy, Mommy and Sparkles
2/19/08 - Hi my sweet baby girl. Mommy is missing you like crazy. I swear I saw you go from our bedroom to the living room today. Must be my overactive imagination. You know how that is. I think Sparkles saw you too. She wouldn't stop starring into the hallway. Love you forever.
2/27/08 Hi my sweet baby girl. Mommy is having a real hard time today, missing you so much!! (((((((RAVEN))))))) We love you "Our Special Angel"
3/3/08-My baby girl! Daddy misses you very much..I love you! I'm counting the minutes until I see you again..can't come soon enough. Talk to you soon my sweetheart angel.
3/3/08 - Hello my sweet baby girl. We just wanted you to know that we picked up your memorial stone today. They did a nice job on it. We hope to put it on the side of the house with a burning bush in the spring along with some flowers. We love & miss you always!
3/15/08-Raven my sweet angel girl! Today is my birthday and I so wish you were here to celebrate it with me. It's not the same without my baby and I miss you so much it hurts! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and I'm still waiting for the day to come that we will be together again. I love you very much!!!
3/16/08-Raven our angel sweetheart. It's been two months to the day we had to let you go and we all miss you terribly. I'm hoping that time will help me cope a little better as right now my heart is broken and I so wish I could hug and kiss you just one more time to let you know how much I love you. But I know you're watching over us and I know some day you'll send me a sign that you're ok and I'll rest easier. Please watch over your sister especially as right now she's having a hard time and she misses you very much.
We love you! Mommy, Daddy and Sparkles
3/16/08 - Hello my Sweet Baby Girl - Daddy is oh so right! We all miss you terribly. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. It's been two months & it still hurts like it was yesterday. Raven - you will always be my Sweet Baby!
3/19/08 - Hey my Sweet Baby Girl. Mommy (and the whole family)need a favor from you. Your cousin Laine has gone missing, 9 years & she has never ever left her yard so, we don't know what happened to her. Please baby if she's out there somewhere help her find her way home and if our worse fears come true & she comes to the Bridge - please find her & be her companion & share your treats! We love you & miss you terribly.
3/20/08 - Hey Baby!!! Thank-you!!!! Laine is home (a little confused) but, home & I truly believe you helped her find her way. ((((((((RAVEN)))))))) Love you much
3/23/08-RAVEN..Happy Easter my baby girl! Another holiday goes by that you're not here and we miss you so very much! I swore I heard you downstairs this morning but I know it's just my imagination?? We love you!!
Daddy, Mommy and Sparkles
4/6/08 - Hey my sweet baby girl. Just wanted to let you know Mommy is missing you like crazy. They say it gets easier but I haven't seen that yet! Daddy & Sparkles miss you too. Love you always.
4/16/08 -Hi my Sweet Angel Baby! It's 3 months today that you had to leave us. And yes we are still missing you. You're always in our hearts. We love you!
4/16/08- My sweet baby girl! Daddy misses you so much! I can't believe it's been 3 months since we had to send you to the bridge. Daddy is still having a very hard time because I miss you so much and the pain isn't going away. I'm still hoping you'll come and visit me soon. Go play with your friends and say hello to grandma and grandpa and tell them I love them and miss them terribly too!
I love you! Wait for us....
5/11/08 - Good Morning my Baby Girl. It's Mommy's Day & I miss you so much. I still think about you every single day. I feel you with me today & imagining your wet nose giving me my kisses. Give both Grandmas a Mommy day kiss for us. And you probably know this but, we got the burning bush & planted it yesterday & put your stone out. Love you
5/16/08 - Hello my Sweet Baby Girl! Another month has passed & the hurt is still there. Not a day goes by that we don't think about & miss you. We love you & hope you are happy & playing with all your new friends.
5/16/08 - Raven..my sweet angel baby! It's been 4 months since we had to let you go and the pain isn't going away....I miss you so much!! Mommy and Sparkles miss you very much as well. You haven't let me know you're ok yet but I know you will when you're ready. I keep you by my bed and say good night to you in our own way every night. It's been 5 months since grandma came to meet you and on Sunday it will be 2 years for grandpa...I can't believe it. Keep them close and wait for us and
please watch out for your sister as she's having more and more of a difficult time physically.
Love Daddy!
6/2/08 - Hi my Baby Girl! Mommy misses you much. I added some pictures of you. I just knew you would love the Christmas one. I know how much you enjoyed doing those every year (not). Miss you & love you & like Daddy says above, please watch out for your sister she's having a real hard time.
6/15/08 - Raven..daddy's sweet baby angel! Today is Father's Day and tomorrow will be 5 months since you left us to go to RB. I miss you very,very much and I wish you could have been here today and give me all the kisses like you used to. Please give them to grandpa today as he loved you very much and tell them one is from me as I miss him so much and tell him I love him too. I would have written you a special message tomorrow but daddy is sick and going to be in the hospital so I won't be able to but know I'll be thinking of you like I do every day. We all miss you and love you and please wait for us as someday we'll be reunited again.
7/16/08 - Good Morning my sweet baby girl. It's been 6 months now since that horrible day we had to say good-bye. Mommy's sorry she hasn't written in a while but I know you know everything that is going on here. I feel you here helping us through it. You're still my love & always will be. I miss you like crazy (so does Sparkles & Daddy). Hugs & kisses my angel!!
7/16/08 - Raven-Daddy's sweet angel baby girl! It's been six months today since we let you go to RB and I still miss you so very much and think of you every day. Monday night I swore you were there and I felt your sweet baby kisses on my face. Daddy is very sick and I need you to look after me now if you can. I will see you again someday but I'm not quite ready to come just yet so please so send down your love on angels wings and take care of me as well as mommy and your sister as they miss you too! I'm sorry I haven't writtem more often but I know you understand why. Please say hello to grandma and grandpa for me and ask them to look after me as well if they can.
8/16/08 - Good Morning my baby girl. Another month(7 now)and another month of heart ache. We miss you so much still. I know you're watching over us - Daddy a needs a little extra - okay? Be happy my angel. All my love, hugs & kisses to you.
8/16/08 - Hello my sweet angel baby! I can't believe it's been seven months since you left us as it still seems like yesterday and not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I miss you very much and hope and pray you are happy in RB with all your new friends. Daddy is still very sick and I know you're watching over me along with grandma and grandpa..tell them I love them and miss them as well every day. Look after mommy as she needs your love and keep an eye on your sister as well for me. I love you and please watch for me as someday we will be reunited again in eternity.
8/22/08 - Happy Birthday my Sweet Baby Girl! I hope you're having an extra special day. We miss you & love you! Big hugs & kisses to you our Raven!
09/17/08- Hey there my Baby Girl. I'm sorry I'm a day late - I didn't want you to think we forgot about you. You are in our thoughts EVERY DAY. The 16th just more so. We were really busy with Daddy's appointments yesterday. Know that we love you & still miss you every single day. Love Mommy
10/16/08 -Hi Angel Baby! Mommy, Daddy & Sparkles are missing you every day still. I still think Sparkles sees you here. 9 months today :( The burning bush we planted in your memory is getting so red - it's beautiful just like you! Love you
10/21/08 - Raven...daddy's beautiful baby girl!! I know it's been a couple of months since I've written to you but daddy has been very sick and I'm sorry, please forgive me. You see god not only inflicted you with the horrible disease that took you from us, but now he's given the same disease to daddy and I'm fighting very hard to get better. I know you've been there with me through every step..thank you and please don't stop as I need your love and strength now more then ever. Please look after mommy and your sister(Sparkles is 14 tomorrow!)as they need your angels love as well. Say hello to grandma and grandpa for me as well and tell them I love them very much and miss them every day! I miss you every single day and love you so much and know there will be a time in the future we will be together again..please wait for me at the RB.
11/16/08 - Raven..daddy's beautiful baby angel! Today is 10 months since we had to let you go to RB and it hasn't gotten any easier though time has made it easier to cope with your loss. Today is also grandpa's b-day so please wish him a Happy B-Day for me and tell him and grandma I love them both very much and miss them terribly every day! Tell grandma mommy and your aunts hope to talk to her tonight...she'll know what I mean. Mommy and Sparkles both love you very much and miss you so much and they both say hello, especially mommy who misses her baby very much. She could definitely use some of your kisses these days as it's been very hard for her. Daddy is still very sick and though I'm fighting hard it looks like someday soon we'll be playing together again in RB for eternity, please wait for me my baby...I'm coming!
12/16/08 - Hi my angel baby! Mommy misses you my sweet baby girl so much still. Doing Chtistmas cards was just not the same without you. Know that not a day goes by that we aren't thinking of you & missing you & loving you! Sparkles stands in the hallway & barks (I think she's talking to you). Please keep your angel prayers & kisses coming down to Daddy - he needs them real bad. Love you much my girl!
12/17/08 - Raven..daddy's sweet baby angel! I'm so sorry but daddy was confused and thought today was the 16th not yesterday. I can't believe it's been 11 months since we let you go..it seems like yesterday and the pain is not any less today then it was then...I miss you very much every day! Please look after mommy as she needs your love right now and especially look after your sister Sparkles as she's having more and more of a difficult time each day. Daddy is still very sick but I know you've been there every step of the way helping me fight along with grandma and grandpa and please keep supporting me with your love. Christmas is next week and I will especially miss you on that day but I will talk to you then. Please wait for me at the bridge as I'm coming to get you so we can be together for eternity in gods kingdom of heaven with grandma and grandpa and the rest of our family.
12/25/08 - Merry Christmas my Baby Girl. It's not the same without you! Loves & Kisses to you
12/25/08 - Raven..daddy's baby angel girl! Merry Christmas..I love and miss you so very much especially today! Please tell grandma and grandpa I love amd miss them also and tell them Merry Christmas for me. Your sister wishes you Merry Christmas as well..she misses you very much. Please continue to help daddy fight every day but know someday we'll be together again I promise.
1/16/09..Raven..mommy and daddy's baby angel girl! It was one year ago today we had to let you go to RB. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you and the pain has not gotten any better as we miss you and love you very much..your sister misses you very much also. There are times I swear she still sees you or feels you in the house. I would give anything to just spend 5 more minutes with you but god needed you and we had to let you go. Daddy is still very sick and though I know you,grandma and grandpa are with me chances are we'll be together sooner than I thought we would. Send mommy some rainbow kisses as she needs them now and please be happy playing with all your new friends at the RB....daddy will be coming soon so we can spend eternity together.
Love..mommy,daddy and Sparkles.
2/16/09 - Hey my sweet baby girl. Mommy misses you everyday still. I need to tell you Daddy is very sick & may be coming to you sooner than I want him to. Please be waiting for him. He loves you so much. And don't forget to send Angel kisses to me & Sparkles
2/26/06 - Hi my sweet Angel. Just wanted to tell you that daddy passed today & I'm sure hoping that you two are together now. He smiled when I told him it was okay for him to go to you. Take care of him & try to let me know that you are together & okay. I love you & I love daddy forever more.
2/27/09 - Hey my baby girl. I'm sure you know this by now but Sparkles came to be with you & daddy today. I think she was waiting for daddy to go so she can come too. Be good to each other & don't forget to share & play. Give big kisses to daddy. I miss him so much too.
3/16/09 - Another month & still miss you. Except now I miss Sparkles & daddy too. I hope you had a birthday party for daddy yesterday. Give kisses & lots of hugs
4/27/09 - Hi My Baby Girl - I am so sorry I didn't write to youo nt he 16th. Know that Mommy didn't forget just a lot going on but, you know that because your my Special Angel! I love you & miss all of you. Give daddy a great big lick on the face for me.
7/18/09 -Hi My Baby Girl - my littlest angel.I'm sorry once again for taking so long to come back & visit & write. Mommy still has a very hard time being here without you 3. I hope you are all together having fun. This was daddy's favorite time of year - you guys should be playing lots! I love you & miss you.
9/16/09-Oh my Baby Girl - mommy has been thinking about you so much lately!I so miss our night time snuggles. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I hope you're happy & I certainly hope they have Jax where you are. Love you soooo much.
11/26/09-Happy Thanksgiving my Baby Girl. Love You & still miss you every day
1/16/10 - Good Morning my Baby Girl - another year went by & I still think about & miss you every single day. I know you're happy there with Daddy & Sparkles (I miss them too). You'll always be my sweet angel. Sending you lots of hugs & Love <3
2/14/10 - Happy Valentines Day my Baby Girl! Love you & miss you much
1/16/11 - Hi Baby Girl - it's been so long since I've written. I'm sorry. Know that I still think about you all the time & miss you much. I miss my family. I take comfort in knowing that you, Sparkles & Daddy are together watching over me. 3 years ago today will always be one of the ugliest days for me. kisses my love
8/22/13 OMG my sweet baby girl! It has been so long since mommy came to visit. I'm so sorry! I love you & miss you so much! I hope you're having a happy birthday - I'm sure Daddy & Sparkles are there with you eating Jax :) say hi to them for me. Love & miss you all <3
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