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Memories of Rebel

REBEL;18 July 1981- 12 February 1991.

Rebel you were my first German Shepherd .I can remember the first time I saw you,a little bundle of black & gold fluff,who jumped right into my arms & my heart.
Rebel you were such a beautiful dog,so gentle & faithful,everyone who met you fell in love with you.
At first they were scared of you because of your size,you were so big.
Although you loved everyone you were a mummy's boy & how I spoiled you,you were always next to me,day & night.
We had so many hours of fun every day,going for walks,chasing a ball & just being together.
When you were 15 months old we were told about a shepherd bitch that badly needed a new home & it had to be that day.
We went to see her & brought her home with us,as soon as she came into the house she ate your food,she was starving.

That day started your love affair with your Tessa,you worshipped her,you never left her side,you knew she needed love & you gave yours to her.You never left her side,so now I had two shepherds,one either side of me.
At 2 years old you were diagnosed with hip dysplacia but this never stopped you from doing what you wanted to,you still ran around playing with Tessa every day.
The following years seemed to go by so quickly but you never seemed to age,you still looked like a young dog even at 9 years old.
Then came the day we had to send Tessa to Rainbow Bridge,that broke your heart & after that you gave up on living.
I tried everything to keep you with me,the vets said you were healthy,nothing wrong with you,you were just heartbroken.
Then, 5 months after Tessa leaving you came the last time I saw you.You had seemed restless all night,I knew there was something wrong with you but didn't know what,so daddy put you into the car & took you to the vets.They kept you in to run some tests & said we could pick you up later.I can still remember your face looking out of the car window as daddy drove you away.I couldn't come with you as I usually did,daddy had to go somewhere after he had taken you there & didn't have time to bring me back home.
Later never came did it my baby,I got a phonecall to say you had died through the night.They had done the tests & there was nothing wrong,you had died of a broken heart,you just gave up.
Rebel,I am so sorry you died all alone,I wish I had been with you,twice before when you had seemed to be giving up I sat up all night talking to you & stroking you & you stayed with me.I know you wanted to be with Tessa & I hope she was with you when you went to Rainbow Bridge,I hate to think you were on your own,you never had been on your own since the day you came to us.
Rebel you were & are the love of my life,I will always love you my baby.

TESSA.14 September 1981- 3 September 1990.

Tessa,the first time we saw you was heartbreaking,you were 15 months old,had had 5 owners & were desperate for a home.
A friend of daddy's told him about you & he rang me up to tell me.They were going to tie you up at the end of the pier to get rid of you.
Daddy took me to see you at your "home",it was a cold november night,raining so hard & you were tied up outside by a rope round your neck.The rope had bitten deep into your neck & you were so scared.As soon as you saw daddy you started to growl & tried to bite him.
We asked the owner to let you inside so we could see you,this she did & straight away you pinned daddy to the wall & bit him.
You then ran into the corner & cowered there,you were so scared.You were terrified of men but had reason to be.Although you had bitten daddy it was only a nip,you hadn't bit hard.We brought you home with us & you ran in & ate Rebel's food,you were starving.
I took you to my vets the next day,you hadn't had any injections at all,he wouldn't touch you untill I muzzled you,which I refused to do.
So I sat on the floor with my arms holding you,your head on my shoulder so you couldn't bite him & from then on that is how you always had your injections.Two weeks later when we went back for your second shot,the vet wouldn't believe you were the same dog,you had changed so much.All you ever wanted was love & understanding,you weren't a bad dog,just scared,so you were fearbiting,that was all.
You & Rebel were inseperable,you worshipped each other,always playing,chasing each other around the garden,we had so much fun.
We still had to be careful with you when people came to the house,you would still run at them & pin them to the wall,then take a quick nip at them,so we never put you into that position where you felt you had to defend yourself.When people came to the house,we put you in the garden,then when they sat down we let you in.They were told that they MUST not stand up when you were in the room,but they wer alright sat down.You gave them your toys to throw for you,you gave them your paw to shake,you even gave them a kiss,but they had not to stand up.
One day,I noticed that your eyes weren't as bright as normal & when I put my hand on your stomach you flinched,so we went to the vets,he said that you had something wrong with your stomach & had to stay there for some tests.We left you there & came home,never knowing we would never see you again,later that night I got a phonecall,they had operated & found that 90% of your blood was in your stomach,they had put you to sleep my baby.They couldn't do anything for you & it had to be done straight away,I didn't even get to see you one last time.
I'm so sorry my baby that I wasn't there for you when I should have been,but I didn't know you were leaving us.
Tessa you are my special little lady & we all love you so very much & always will.

KASMO.4 September 1987- 10 October 1998.

Kasmo,you were 3 years old when you came to live with us,you had been a guard dog & needed another home.
My son brought you home 3 months after Rebel went to Rainbow Bridge,I said no,take her back,I was heartbroken over losing Rebel & Tessa so near to each other.He left you with me for the afternoon,you didn't know what to do or where to go,you wasn't used to being in a house.Later that afternoon,I went out & bought you some new bowls,bed & collar & lead,plus some toys,you were staying,you had found your new home.
You were a joy to have in the house & you soon lost your sharp ways.I could trust you with the grandchildren & other dogs we met,but you hated cats.You went everywhere with us & soon turned into a mummy's girl,never leaving my side.When I had to go into hospital,you stopped eating & moped around the house,so every day I phoned up to talk to you.You started eating again,but you were still miserable,even though you had daddy there.When I came out of hospital I had to stay in bed for weeks but you stayed right there with me,you never left me except to go into the garden for a few minutes.
In 1995 you were diagnosed with hip dysplacia & put on tablets to help with the pain.These seemed to help you & you carried on playing like a young pup again.Then the unthinkable happened,mummy brought a cat into your house,you were not happy were you baby.I had to keep you in the lounge & the cat in the conservatory for a few days.Then we let you meet,daddy held you on the lead & I held the cat in my arms,you sniffed at him & decided he could stay,even though you weren't happy about it.
Aftre a few weeks Ginge kept climbing up onto the couch where you always sat,he would climb up on the other end & sit down,after a few minutes he would stand up & move a little bit nearer to you.You would growl,he sat down,then up again a few more steps,another growl & down he went again.This carried on all day,until in the end he got what he wanted,to curl up against your tummy & there he stayed.After that day you accepted him & played together & slept together,You would chase him round the garden,then he would chase you the other way,jumping up & boxing your ears with his tiny paws.You were friends for life.
In 1997,Ginge didn't seem to be his usual self,so we took him to the vet,his kidneys were failing,we tried tablets but nothing worked.
The vet said it was kinder to put him to sleep,the drugs he was given before he came to us had caused it,plus living rough hadn't helped.The day we were taking him,he was asleep on the couch,had hardly moved all day,5 minutes before we set of to the vets,you walked upto him & licked all his face.That broke my heart,it was asthough you knew he wasn't coming back,you were saying goodbye to him.
After that your health got worse,you developed epilepsy & had seizures,so you were put on tablets to control it.These worked for a while but graually your seizures got worse & they were coming more often.Soon,they were coming daily,then they got that you were getting 2 or 3 a day,I knew I couldn't keep you much longer & hated having to make the decision that would part us.October 9 1998 you had a seizure,then another & another,then you didn't come out of it properly,the vet said you were in an epileptic state & there was nothing to be done,I had to let you go.I held you as the vet gave you an injection to sedate you but it had the wrong effect,you went wild,had more fits,one after the other.It took a nurse & me to hold you down,while the vet gave you one injection after another.It took 7 injections for you to leave me & by the end of it we were all in tears,even the vet.
I am sorry my baby,I didn't want that to happen,it was your seizures that made you fight it.I will never ever forget that day,I hope you forgive me for what happened.
Kasmo,you are my beautiful baby girl who is loved so very much & always will be.

GINGE; died 15 January 1997.aged about 7 years.

Ginge you came to us after living a very rough live,but you learnt to trust & love us.
Daddy first told me about you,you were living with 2 drug addicts in a flat near his garage.
You spent all day in the garage & he fed you & gave you somewhere to sleep.Then the police took the addicts away & left you in the flat.We told them you were there but they didn't seem bothered.So daddy fed you every day through the letter box for 2 days,then he & our sons broke the door down to get you out.You stayed in the garage & no-one came for you,so we adopted you.
You had to stay at the garage because Kasmo hated cats,but when you were hit by a car we brought you home.
The vet said that years of being subjected to abuse & drugs given to you,you were brain damaged.Your fur was so matted that I had to cut one hair at a time,it took 3 days to get it all off & you looked so funny without it,but it soon grew back into a glorious ginger colour,so soft & long.You & Kasmo grew to be friends & you were the boss,she let you get away with anything.You slept next to me & many a night I woke up unable to breath because you were laid across my throat,you loved to be close to someone,anyone as long as they stroked you.Then you got ill with kidney failure,we tried tablets & more tablets,but nothing worked,you were slowly leaving us.The vet said it was kinder to let you go,so we arranged to take you in the next day.Just before we left home,Kasmo went to you & licked all your face,she knew what was going to happen & she was saying goodbye to you.I held you as you went to sleep for the last time,safe in my arms & heart,where you will stay for evermore.Ginge,I'm so sorry you only had 2 years of happiness with us,I wish it could have been more.
Ginge,my little Gingey cat,you were loved so much & you will always have a special place in our hearts.


Scampy you were my first dog,we had always had cats when I lived at home with my parents.We got you from the RSPCA & they said you would be the size of a poodle.
I think they got it wrong didn't they,you were part irish wolfhound & part something else,nobody knew what but you grew big.
At 2 years old you jumped the fence & got hit by a car,your legs were badly hurt & they wanted to amputate one of them.I said no & we got some herbs & I mixed them up to put them on every day,we saved your leg but it was always stiff,you couldn't bend it at all.Didn't stop you jumping though,so we had a higher fence put round the garden,7 foot high,but you nearly managed to clear it one day,so we added trellice to the top of it,made it 8 foot.That stopped you getting out & you settled down to live with us.You were a soft gentle dog,who liked to be loved,but you didn't like other dogs,so we had to make certain you didn't meet any.Then you developed epilepsy & your kidneys were bad,but the tablets helped you to stay with us for a lot longer.Then your fur started to get dull & you stopped eating,the vet said that your kidneys were giving up & it would be better for you to go to sleep.I held you in my arms as the vet gave you your final injection & you just went to sleep.
Scampy,your picture is still on the wall where it always has been,you are still in our hearts & always willl be.Love you baby.
16 August 2008;Hello my babies,well now you have your own Residency page,where I can come & talk to you.It didn't feel right Acky having his own page & you not having one.I have put the page in Rebel's name,but it's for all of you.I know it's been a long time since you went to Rainbow Bridge,but I didn't know about it until Axel joined you there.You all know how much you are missed & loved by all of us,not just me.Just stay together,keep Acky with you,look after him for me,until I join you.Love you forever & eternity my babies.Mummy.xxxxxx
20 August 2008;Hello my precious babies.Today it is 19 weeks since Axel joined you all at Rainbow Bridge & tomorrow it will be 21 years since my mum went there as well.I have added more picture's of you all to your residency page,just so I can see your beautiful faces when I visit you.So many people have visited you already to read about you & to sign your guest book.You are not forgotten my babies,never have been,never will be,you are in my heart for eternity.Play together,stay together all of you,have fun my babies.Love you forever & eternity.Mummy.xxxxxx
27 August 2008;Hello my precious babies.Today it is 20 weeks since my Acky babe joined you all & I know you all met him when he arrived.Next week we start with your anniversary Tessa it is on the same day as Axel's 21 week marker.You will have been at the Bridge for 18 years my baby.Then the next day we have Kasmo's 21st birthday,oh what a party that will be.Have fun my babies,stay together for always.Love you frever & eternity.Mummy.xxxxxx
3 Sep 2008.Hello my precious babies.Today it is Tessa's 18 year anniversary,it doesn't seem so long in some ways,but in other's it does.My little Tessie,how we all miss you my baby.You were my little Foxy Lady,my Golden girl.It still hurts me that I wasn't with you went you went to the Bridge,but you know I would have been if I had known you were going.I can't forget that day my baby & I never will.Poor Rebel kept looking for you for weeks after you had gone,then he gave up wanting to live without you.He came to join you just 5 months later,he needed to be with his soulmate,even his love for me couldn't keep him here.Tessa you were loved so much & wanted so much,I'm so glad I had the chance to be your mummy.Thank you my baby for being you.Tomorrow is Kasmo's 21st birthday,so have fun my babies.Love you forever & eternity.Mummy.xxxxxx
4 Sep 2008;Hello my babies.Today is Kasmo's 21st birthday,so today is full of fun for you at Rainbows Bridge.Plenty of chocolate,ice cream,cakes to eat,games to play & balloons,oh,so many balloons to chase.Kassie,you are my beautiful baby girl,my little Kaz Kaz.You know how much you are loved & missed,I tell you every night,just like I tell the others.You fought so hard to stay with us baby & I would have done anything to keep you with me,but it wasn't to be.You gave us so much love in those 7 years you were with us & you had your little follower to keep you company.Thank you Kassie for being so gentle with Ginge,I know you hated cats,but you learnt to love him & he had 2 happy years with you.I know he's with you now & he will be in charge of you all,bossing you all around.I can remember so many happy times we had with you & how good you were with the grandchildren,when any of the babies cried,you would cry as well,then come & get me to go & see to them.How you loved your presents & insisted on taking them upstairs at night,one by one.Sometimes there was no room for you in your bed,but you were happy,all your babies were together for the night.Next morning,you took them downstairs again,one by one,so you could play with them all day.Today you will have a BIG birthday cake,big enough for all the furbabies to share & so many presents to open,but there is one special one for you to open,my baby.It is from mummy & filled with 21 kisses & cuddles for my beautiful baby girl,my Kaz Kaz.Love you forever & eternity my babies.Mummy.xxxxxx
18 September 2008;Hello my babies,my special little angels.Tessa I'm so sorry I didn't write to you on your birthday last week but I had so many anniversaries & birthdays along with Axel's 5 month marker,I couldn't cope with them all.You know how much I love & miss you my golden girl,just like I do with you all.How I would love to be able to see & stroke you all once again,but one more time would never be enough,I couldn't leave you all again.When you see me again there will be no more partings,we will be together for eternity my babies.Mummy made a photo up of you & your friends at Rainbow Bridge celebrating Kasmo's birthday & another one for yours my Tessie girl.I try to think of you all running & playing,free from pain & young & healthy again & sometimes that helps me but other times it makes it worse,because I can't see you all.One day I will be with you all,then I can cuddle you all as much as I want to for evermore.Soon it will be Axel's 10th birthday & that is going to be hard for me to cope with but before that we have your 10 year anniversary of going to the Bridge my beautiful little Kasmo,that will be another bad day for me.So many of your special dates are so close together it's unbearablle for me,plus there was my daddys birthday in the middle of them all,I hope you all gave him big kisses for me.Next month you will have to give my mummy a big kiss for her birthday,just 3 days before your anniversary Kasmo.
Just know that mummy loves & misses you all so very much.Love you forever & eternity my babies.Mummy.xxxxxx
24 September 2008;Hello my special little angels.Today it is 24 weeeks since Axel joined you all,those weeks have been so hard for me but I know he is with you & you will all look after him for me.Rebel,the love of my life,you always have been & always will be.Tessa,my golden girl,my little foxy lady,how you are missed so much.Kasmo,my beautiful little lady,when you left a light went out in my life.Ginge,my Little man,you were so special to us all & deserved to be.Scampy,my wonderful big boy,you were the first one to leave us with broken hearts & we still miss you today.
Now you have Axel with you,he is my life & my world.So my whole heart is at Rainbow Bridge with you all & one day I will be with you once again.Have fun my babies,play,run & soar so high with your wings,watch over us all & please send me some signs that you are all together.I have added Axel's picture to your residency so he is with you all.Love you forever & eternity my babies.Mummy.xxxxxx
1 October 2008;Hello my sweet babies.I am running out of space to write to you,so I will continue in your guest book.Love you all forever & eternity.Mummy.xxxxxx

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