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Memories of Reine
My dear baby Reine,

I am missing you every moment. Life seems so listless, as if I have nothing to do now. You kept me so busy. We enjoyed the grooming, feeding, playing, sleeping sessions together. You gave me a reason to live and to live well.

I know your little body could not take the pain any longer for if it were otherwise, you would never want to say goodbye so fast. Now, you sleep peacefully in God's arms, very often I reach out my hand to caress your soft fur; you are not felt, but I know you are around, only in an intangible way. Am waiting for the day when we'll be together forever,for that day we will meet at the Rainbow bridge. Love you lots my baby.You took away many years of my life ,dont know whether i will be able to smile like before.
Kisses and hugs baby,
Its after a long time that i am writing to you Reine. How have you been my baby? I am feeling your absence every moment , its unbearable, this separation.Whenever I am with Julie, its ok but when i come back home, I feel you scampering here and there, many times at night , i feel you are changing postures and sleeping under my bed , i need to tell you something dear Reine , i have not had a peaceful sleep for even one night after you left me . I need you my baby, feel so incomplete without you Reine fox.
I offer flowers twice a week to the curio that i think is you.Infact I never even thought that i would have to write to you , all the while i just had to talk to you my baby and you would listen untiringly, shaking your head left and right as if you understood it perfectly.Am aching to have you in my arms again .
My beloved Reine , i miss you more than ever baby.You have taken away from my life the reason to live.I am crying a lot as i am writing you this message.
Its Easter this sunday, Be happy and play with your fur friends and do give them my love too.I have left you a cozy bed baby, curl up softly and sleep well Reine.
Dont be afraid ,I'll be there soon.
Kisses and hugs baby Reine.
7 th april 2007
Dear baby Reine ,
I am sending you an Easter basket my little puppy. Julie is doing fine and uncle said she vomited a little today . Maybe its just an upset tummy , she chewed some leaves this morning. How are you doing dear girl? Did you like Katie and Pressy ? I have mailed Pressy's grandpa today.
I just hope you are having a happy time at RB.For some reason or the other i feel we should have gone ahead with the surgery for you, the ovariohysterectomy would have ensured you remained with me for atleast 4-5 more years, am truly sorry baby.
Now i spend time visiting you at RB whereas i should have been holding you close to me and smelling your fur and feeling the warmth emanating from your entire being. Reine fox, you are forever in my thoughts. I miss you a lot baby.Nothing can set right this void in my life.Have as many carrots as you want, they'll improve your immunity.I love you and miss you every moment Reine.
9 th April 2007
Dear baby,
I have written something about you and the wondrous ways in which you filled my life with unconditional love. Watching you grow up was the best part of my life. You are so very much missed , yesterday night i just couldn't go to sleep, cried a lot,missing you Reine.
Did you take part in the Easter procession with the furbabies and angels yesterday ?
God bless and protect you my baby. The wait is not too long i hope before i can have you softly cuddled up in my lap.
20th april 2007
Reine , past week , I saw you twice in my dreams, you looked so hale and hearty , maybe its how you now are at RB. Are you trying to say something to me dear girl ? I broke into tears yesterday once the dream ended, the pain is never going to fade , its worsening each day.Why did God have to take you so soon my dear one ? A few more years with you , i would not be devastated as i am now. Have met a couple of great people parents of furbabies at RB. Did you meet Fifi and Pressy ?These are great kitties and have had lovely parents.
Julie is fine . Her operation went well and she is coping well with the hysterectomy. She looks for you when uncle gets her to our place. The house is so empty without you. Noone greets me at the door now, i dont step out much at all.
Dont know whether this too will pass . But i tell you right now its very tough,i could give anything to just have you back in my arms forever.Miss cuddling you dear baby Reine.Take care of yourself baby.
Julie came to Rainbow Bridge on the 28 th of april. All of us are shocked at what happened.She had aspiratory pneumonia, thats what the vet said. Uncle was not one bit prepared for this loss. I used to see you in her dear baby. Now my entire world seems to have collapsed.Please be with Julie always .I am aching to see you both and hold you in my arms dear babies.
Baby Reine,
You came in my dreams yet another time early this morning.I know you are still around and trying to reach to me in some way or the other. Remember , i am crying for you till date and wish you just rush back into my life for i can never love someone the way i loved you.
Reine you ate those snacks that uncle gave , are you hungry baby ?I will go to CUPA and feed those shelter animals some tasty treats for thats the only way i can reach out to your soul and tell you how much i care for you and what a tremendous loss your passing means to me.
I thank you profusely baby Reine for coming in my dreams ,i feel a lot of solace the day i see you. Hows Julie doing ?Please play with her and i am sure Pressy is joining you both too.Take care of yourself Reine fox .Its very cool here , i know you would have loved this weather. Missing you terribly.Sending you lots of hugs and kisses dear baby Reine.
12 th july 2007
Reine fox, I told Dolma ma'am yesterday about your passing.She said she visited your site to pay homage to you dear baby.I am unable to go to bed peacefully after you left. Two days ago , i and uncle went to Julie's memorial. There are lots of basil plants and other plants too that are growing quite fine there.I was missing you and uncle's Julie very much ever since .I dont know whether you can read what is going on in my mind; i have to believe that you get to understand all that i write to you my baby.yesterday i went to CUPA and fed Michael and he showered me with so much love as usual.I also got some warm puppy licks from one little black and white stray puppy that was up for adoption. Reine , i dont know whether i should have another baby to love, my heart is all yours, noone can take your place dear baby Reine.I miss you very much ,i cant stop my tears.Hows Julie? And Pressy? Is the little kitty Pressy playing with you ?Reine, our neighbour's cat visits us sometimes, he is so funny to watch but they are so different from what you were.You let me cuddle you and pet you and that gave me boundless contentment and joy dear baby.You will always be on my mind and in my heart and in every little thing that i do everyday.Lots of love and hugs to you my dear baby Reine.
17 july 2007
dearest Reine fox,
Today i made a webpage for you on dogster.com
I have placed a squirrel close to you just hoping you would spring up and chase him away. Cant bear that you dont run anymore.Hope you are breathing clean fresh air baby and having good company there. Life is not the same anymore dear baby, missing you more n more with each passing day.I have also kept an orange tree, have the sweet oranges dear one, i know you dote on them.Please share your goodies with Julie and Pressy also.Kissing you with all my love dear one, good night dear girl.Am closing my eyes and caressing your soft little forehead my baby Reine.
2nd aug 2007
Baby Reine,
Am writing after a long time. Its still hurting badly dear baby not having you around.Cant believe 5 months have passed since you left me.Am glad for you that you are in a better place ,but am selfish for i need you to feel complete dear girl.Am unable to be normal.Will never find people who can just accept me for what i am ;why cant they be without expectations and just give love the way you did? Reine fox,i talk to many parents at RB;all this eases my pain temporarily, but is this what i really need ?I long to hold you tight my baby once more;just this time , never will i let you leave again.Reine it's very painful, am all alone in this world without my dear girl. Play with Julie,Pressy and Chucky.I am waiting to join you soon.Take care of yourself my angel,eat well and rest a lot after playing with your buddies.Jump onto God's lap at night as He sings your bed-time lullaby and dream of everything nice and sweet, like you dear one.Sleepy good girl, good night.
5th sep 2007
Reine fox,
I am writing to you after a long time .Today i went to CUPA and
fed the shelter babies along with uncle. There were so many of them baby and many were hurt and longing for love and attention.My heart bled when i saw that sight.All i can tell myself is i am glad you were never left alone even for a few hours , i made sure i did not go anywhere if you could not come along.My baby Reine, thinking of you , i also donated 40 feeding bowls to these angels at the shelter.This is the best way i will be doing justice to my birthday; God sent me to this world with a mission:if i can help put a smile on the faces of these adorable furbabies , my life is worthwhile.Afterall, this is what you taught me in your short life.You always gave love and expected nothing baby.I am so alone without you. Noone understands what i am going through.Just by you being there, i used to feel so important and loved. Reine, i will miss you kissing me first thing in the morning on my birthday. I will try to remember how you used to run to my bed when i called out"good morning good girl,how r u good girl?" every morning.Reine fox, life has never been the same for me ever since you left me.I am glad that with each year going by , i am closer to the reunion with you my baby forever. Reine, i never thought i depended so much on you for just being happy, i have forgotten to smile genuinely .You have taken away with you my wish to live.Please be safe and i have found new friends for you at the bridge: Goldie,Petroushka,Maxie, Bandit,Chucky,Pepper,Oliver,Missy,Chulita and ofcourse Pressy kitty is always there as your best buddy.How's uncle's Julie doing ?You take care of yourself Reine fox and please come to me in my dreams soon.I long to see you and hold you in my arms and caress your fur.........I am missing you baby Reine.
Lots of love and kisses and hugs to my baby daughter.
27th nov 2007
Baby Reine,
Today its 9 mths since you left me .How time flies!Have been thinking a lot about you since this morning and can't stop my tears.Baby, why this much pain ? I never knew losing you would cripple my life, am so lost without you Reine.Am so helpless at the same time. Why were you born in India? Am sure you would have lived much longer if you were born abroad.These vets did not treat you well enough baby. I don't have support from the family to adopt one of Julie's daughter's puppies that were born on nov 7th. Not that i lack the presence of a puppy in life.it's just that i wished to give atleast one pup a good home and ofcourse lots of love. I know no other puppy will take your place Reine, you are my daughter, my most precious puppy. You alone could put a smile on my face and my life was worthwhile. Its awful to live with people who simply don't understand the bond we both shared.Uncle is getting a baby girl home on dec 7th and i wish to go along with him to help out with the pup.I need you to bless me in this venture, atleast i could help someone out if not adopt one myself. Baby Reine, how have you been ? I shudder to think of the moment we laid you to rest;all alone under that bridge. I know you hate to be alone but i had to leave you there that day.Please come in my dreams, am missing you terribly, it's been a while since i saw or felt your warmth dear baby.It's only because you are gone that i am begging people at home to let me take another puppy.I lacked nothing when you were there, felt like the richest person in the world,and the happiest.Have never been able to smile whole-heartedly since the day you left me Reine. Winter is approaching.Please ask Pressy, Julie or some other friend to help you wear the winter coat. Don't play around much in the open.It could snow too,remain in your cozy bed dear baby and have plenty of carrots, its the season now.I remember buying 2 nice coats for you from Windsor petshop in Delhi last november.Each winter i bought you one or two.Nine months without you and the grief is much more pronounced baby Reine.I could give anything to have you back in my arms.Miss smelling your fur, pinching you lovingly and kissing you on the head baby Reine.Kissy kissy baby.Send me a sign please that you are thinking about me too.Play with Pressy and Julie.I am waiting to see you again and be with you forever.Take good care baby Reine and sleep well. Miss putting my arm on you as we slept together on the bed, you gave so much warmth and a feeling of security. Have never felt that sense of contentment ever since.Lots of love and kisses and warm hugs to my baby daughter Reine.Missing you very much baby.
Last year you were with me this time of year. I miss you so very much.Little did i know you were travelling for the last time with me when we both came to visit our parents on dec 31st 2007.I am happy only because i am now closer to meeting you by the bridge.Hope you had a great Christmas and i wish for God's love to shine on you forever for you are a very special child. There's noone quite like you. You were an angel, as gentle as a lamb and a store-house of love and affection.Thank you baby Reine for all the love you showered on me during your time on earth.Continue to protect and guide me through this life. Am so alone without you.May you be blessed with great health,good friends and lots of goodies that you like to eat forever dear baby fox.Baby Julie is too cute and is barely 2 months old.I can never feel for another furbaby the way i felt for you, it's strange.Even when i am with her,I know i miss you and long only to have you in my arms.Be happy and smile a lot Reine fox.I love you more and more with each passing day.

27 feb 2008
Baby Reine,
Been a year since you left; missing you as much as ever.
What did you do at the meadow whole day ?
Sending you lots of love and kisses baby Reine, my angel doggie, life has never been the same for me ever since you left.
Love you lots n lots Cheeku mamma.

23 july 2008
Reine fox,
How are you doing, baby Reine? I miss you each day just the way i did when i lost you last year.For the past few months, a special stray baby has entered my life; not that she can ever take your place but this one looks so much like you: those sweet and caring eyes,with a smile on your lips always, the tenderness in the way you lovingly gazed at me; all this made me develop a strong liking for her and i named her "Furry". She even has fur that resembles yours.All i do is feed her one good meal at night and she enjoys her treat of biscuits ofcourse.I have put your yellow "doggie paw" collar around her neck ,so everyone knows someone cares about her and that she's no longer a stray.
I sure miss you a great deal because each time i am with her, i am constantly reminded of you ,baby Reine.
How have you been all these days?I have placed a bowl of "milky" for you , be sure to lap it up. You came in my dream a couple of months back.I long to hold you in my arms again and caress your soft fur;it used to make me feel so good and protected.
How's Pressy? And Pepper? Play carefully with all your friends at the meadow and drink a lot of water, dear baby.Just send me a sign in the breeze if you could that all's well with you.I ache for you every moment.Do take your deworming tablets ok.
Take care of yourself baby, i miss you sooooooooooo very much.Hugs and kisses to my sweet little baby, Cheeku mamma, baby Reine.Just hold on to the faith that we'll be together someday for sure.Sleep soft Reine fox.
27th FEB 2009
Baby Reine,
It's been 2 yrs exactly since you left me. Tears have dried up in my eyes, i know; it still hurts badly not to have you around mamma. You came in my dream just 4 days earlier; were you telling me your date of crossing over was nearing? I can never forget that day baby Reine. As i placed flowers for you,tears rolled down my face and i just couldn't stop them. Miss cuddling you and smelling your soft baby fur.Went to CUPA and gave a few dog treats to the babies there. Many a puppy tugged at my heartstrings but even as i was holding one close to my chest, i could sense i was missing you afterall.Noone can take your place mamma.I long to hold you tight once again.Take care of yourself baby Reine. It's summer now , drink lots of water and sleep in the afternoons.Baby , i will miss you till my last breath.Reine fox, you are always on my mind.You'd have been 12 yrs old on 16th march 2009. Miss you baby Reine.Love you more than ever.
16th March 2009
Baby Reine,
Wish you a very happy birthday dear cheeku mama.You'd have been 12 yrs old today and we would have cut your birthday cake this evening.Would have loved to get you your birthday gift as always and treated you to boiled carrots, your favourite.I saw Julie yesterday and missed you so very much baby Reine.Am sure God would bless you on your special day;you are so very special and precious to me dear Reine.Hope you have a birthday bash at the meadow.God bless your sweet soul dear baby Reine Lots of love and kisses to you Cheeku mama.

17th april 2009
Reine fox,
How is my baby Reine doing? Missing you a lot today.You remember Jasmin, you loved playing with her?I spoke to her after so many years today. She did not know you had crossed over the bridge.It still seems like yesterday, Reine.I could feel your presence in the bathroom this morning, i remembered giving you a nice bath there for the last time;little did i know it would be the last time.It's summer, pls take care and don't go out and play in the afternoons.Drink lots of water and if God gives you ice-creams, have fun and enjoy them.Baby Reine, i miss you every moment of the day.Be a good girl, i'll be there with you soon. Kisses and hugs to my baby, my Cheeku mama.

29th july 2010
Reine fox, Giresh came home yesterday. I showed him your beautiful picture that adorns our drawing room wall. Missed you so very much, baby Reine. I still don't believe you're far away......never too far from my heart, baby girl.I so much want to hold you and feel that warmth all over again. Where are you Reine? Come to me in my dreams please.....i need to see you girl. Take care of yourself,cheeku mama, we'll go for long tatas soon.One kissy on your sweet smelling little head, baby Reine.Poochie mama, good girl, baby Reine, love you lots and miss you so very much.

24th feb 2011
Mumma Reine, have been seeing you in my dreams! So lovely to be able to see my pretty little girl again.I miss you so very much baby. It'll be summer very soon,don't play out in the sun all afternoon; you'll fall ill Reinefox. Drink lots of water and stay cuddled with our Julie. I am so empty without you; 4 years soon to go by;tears in my eyes don't seem to be drying up.
Longing to be with you.........kissy on your little furry forehead.Cheeku mama, i love you lots.

27th Feb 2011
Cheeku mumma, Baby Reine, today,it's 4 years since you reached Rainbow Bridge. I wrote something last night about the wonderful life we spent together and have submitted it in your honour, dearest baby Reine.Please read it; i miss you so very much. Have placed flowers for you today; they don't smell as fragrant as my sweet angel girl, do they ? Have so very much missed smelling your head and kissing it. Baby Reine, you are always on my mind and i love you more and more each day.
Please continue to watch over me as my Guardian Angel; i know you are there to protect me from all unpleasant people and events. Miss cuddling you.
I know God loves you so very much for you are such a pure soul;i can only visualize you sitting on His lap and smiling down on us. My baby, please know that i am so incomplete without you; longing to have you in my arms forever. Am spending a quiet day, fondly remembering you each and every moment.
Hold on,Reine fox,i will be there soon. Don't be afraid; sleep soft baby Reine.
Kisses and hugs to my sweet baby Reine. Who says time heals all wounds? It still hurts so very much to not have you around, Reine. Four years have gone by and it still seems like it was just yesterday.
I love you lots baby Reine and i miss you terribly. Please send me kisses in the wind; i need to know you are thinking of me today.Love you forever.

16th March 2011
Mumma Reine, many happy returns of the day,baby. Love you lots, my baby girl.
Hope you have a great day with friends at the Paradise Meadow. May God bless my sweetie,my cheeku mumma.
I love you so very much and miss you.
11 Jan 2012
Mumma Reine,
Am writing to you after so long, i know. Somehow, my trials and tribulations in life have only increased after you left;have not been keeping well; so many health complications that are so uncommon.Makes me want to join you soon; in a world free from pain and full of only endless love and good times with you, my darling cheeku mumma.
As i was having dinner tonight,couldn't stop gazing at your beautiful picture in the living room,wanted to say so much to you.I visualized you on the couch, right beside me and felt a lot better.I know that just resting my head on your soft fur would have eased all my pains to quite an extent.I truly miss your touch,warmth and cuddles.Many a times, i kiss Julie on her forehead and remind myself of how i used to request you if i could give you a kiss on your forehead and you used to gladly oblige.I could give anything in the world to have you back in my arms forever;i truly want you back.
There are so many people i met after you left this earthly abode; some with pets and some without them.I realize that however i try to find happiness in communicating with them and thinking of their pets as mine too,it's just not the same.You were MINE and that matters most.
How are you keeping?Is your water bowl being cleaned and filled atleast 4 times in a day?
I realized you are not supposed to have cocoa and chocolate; it's really bad for the nervous system. So, please stay away from them.Went to "Paws" and picked up some stuff for Ginger; all the while, i was thinking what all i would have bought for you had you been here !Baby Reine,why did you shower so much love on me that it's practically impossible for me to be normal, though it's been almost 4 years since you crossed over.I know time doesn't matter;it's the feeling and it's here to stay forever. Whoever said,time heals all wounds;it does help decrease the intensity of pain but never removes the scars of the wound...like someone tore us apart.To tell you the truth, it's been a while since i even smiled happily.I think of you every moment of the day;such love was unprecedented.
I just hope you are doing ok and are having warm sunny days and friends to play with.Just be safe and don't forget to cuddle up beside God each night and thank Him for taking such good care of my little precious one while i am not around.He will pick you up and sing a lullaby for you,Reine.You have the capacity to win over anyone's heart; you are made that way,baby Reine.
Please send me a kiss in the wind to let me know you are doing fine and also,send me good wishes to heal soon.I know that telling you about my problems will definitely help alleviate the pain.You sense my pain, you always did!I have nowhere else to go,noone else to share,i need you,baby Reine.
Be safe and know that you are so very much loved and missed by me.Lots of kisses and cuddles,Cheeku mumma.

27 Feb 2013
Reine, six years since you crossed over and memories still flood my mind;happy and sad ! I am thinking of you so very much today and i still miss you every moment; you are and will always remain the most important person in my life. My guardian angel, i ache to hold you and kiss your forehead and smell that fur all over again. Love you so very much,baby Reine. Time doesn't heal most wounds.....the pain i feel because of your absence in my life is there to last. Please wish me well;i need you to always protect me from Heaven ! You were such a pure soul;i know God listens to you, my baby girl.Reine, please know that we will be together once my time on earth is done.
Till then, stay safe and play happily in those sunny meadows; drink water and eat juicy carrots. I love you every moment of my life and you're always on my mind and in my heart,Cheeku mumma. Planting a soft kiss; no; many many kisses on your soft forehead......good girl ! Hugs and cuddles to you, baby Reine.

27 feb 2014
Baby Reine,
seven years today since you left for your Heavenly abode. My tears haven't dried up yet ! Made a video today with your pics....it has come out so well. I miss you so very much my darling baby girl.

27 Feb 2015
Baby Reine,
Eight long years without the warmth of your cuddle, the sound of your pitter patter feet, the welcome hug when I return home and not to forget, your inimitable and incessant barking...........sweet cheeku mumma ; how have I survived without you ? You truly took away a part of me I really prided in : just being my shepherd girl's mom.
How have you been ? I listened to the song that plays when I visit your residency; and the tears would not stop. My baby Reine, I miss you so very much. I can see myself deliberately refraining from getting close to others' pet puppies; it only gets tougher for me to cope with your loss. Baby Reine, you were mine and the sweet little daughter I never had.
Is Clancy boy a good friend of yours ? Summer is approaching and I want you to drink a lot of water and stay in the shade. Evening playtime is allowed 😊.
Have placed an orange tree for you in Paradise Meadows. Eat the oranges; they'll help you cool off the heat.
Let me know you've got my message, it'll keep me reassured of your love and care from wherever you are, darling baby.
Shield me from bad people; you know I am so vulnerable without you by my side. Your love alone keeps me going.
Stay safe and know that I am missing you terribly today....life has never been the same since you crossed over.
Kissy on my Cheeku mumma's forehead. Thank you so much for being in my life.
Hugs and belly rubs, kisses and cuddles , baby Reine. Love you more and more as the days go by.
Sleep soft mumma Reine. Miss you !

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