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Memories of Riley

Good old Riley boy, our oldest and first Dachshund. You've been through so many strange things in your 17 years but you always managed to survive! You had those silly ears that wouldn't lay flat like they were supposed to. You reminded us of "The Flying Nun"!!
You were the funniest little pup. Kelly's coach called you a little "rat" when he first saw you. You were supposed to be Erik's dog, but when he got older and moved out, it was Mommy who continued to care for you (as always).
You scared us all the day you picked up the extension cord in your mouth. We thought you were a goner, but luckily Erik yanked it out of the wall in time. You were a bit hurt but it didn't stop you from eating your favorite cheese right away. That's when we knew you were ok. You were only 1 year old.
You tolerated each new sister as she arrived. You were 3 years old when Utah showed up. For 3 days you sat with your back to her, that tiny peanut of a Dachshund, but after the initial shock wore off, you were so good to her, playing gently as not to hurt her.
Then there was the time when that crazed neighbor's Lab ran into our yard and grabbed you by the back, picked you up in the air and shook you like a rag doll. We thought we had lost you that time too, but you were a trooper and survived the punctured arteries and broken ribs. You were 5 years old.
Then came Molly, but you were kind to her right away. You were eight years old by then. She was never a pesty puppy so that made it easier on you. She loved you and you loved her. Molly was your seeing-eye dog when your sight went away. She helped you into the house and bumped you in the right direction when you needed that help. She did that out of instinct and I know she loved you.
You were Daddy's & Grampy's buddy. We laughed when we watched your front feet leave the ground every time you barked. You loved to go boating - as long as Daddy went SLOW. It took you 14 years to get used to riding in the car. All it took was the right car seat to finally make you feel safe.

You always chased the ducks off our dock, but then there was the time you couldn't stop in time and ended up in the lake with them.
Then came another sister, Jenny, the rescue adoptee. You were ten years old. Lately she had been a little bossy to you and you grumbled your disapproval but put up with her anyway.

Then came 3/20/09, the first day of Spring and Molly's little heart suddenly gave out. She was so much younger than the rest of you and it was such a shock. I don't think you could adjust to life without her. We all miss her so, and it was even harder to watch you suddenly fail. You slept on her blankets and got lost in your own yard, because you couldn't see. You sniffed every where she used to nap. I could tell you were looking for her. You looked so depressed and life wasn't the same for you anymore. I guess you took Molly's loss as hard as we did. Your legs started giving out and you seemed dazed and confused. You failed more and more each day and it was hard to watch. We loved you enough to let you go, to give you your dignity.
God bless you my old boy. Find Molly Bee and she will play with you forever. I know she will again be by your side! Molly is there at Rainbows Bridge waiting for you.
We love you Riley! We love you Molly! It was so hard to lose both of you in such a short time. Til we meet again my sweet babies......
Mommy, Daddy, Utah & Jenny

April 20, 2009

It's been one week Riley Boy and we still feel so badly that you had to go. Daddy can't even talk about it without crying but we know you left without being afraid, without shaking and without pain. I hope the sun is shining on your little face and that you once again can see to run free and without pain. It was so hard to watch you fail so. We felt good knowing that Daddy was with you til the very end and that you left us so peacefully. Sleep well, my little man. Be happy and have fun with your sister until we all meet again someday.
Mommy & Daddy

May 1, 2009

We lost Jenny today, Riley Boy. She was SO sick. She is on her way to meet up with you and Molly to run happy and free again and have no more pain. It's been so hard on us. Poor Utah is the only one left. How weird that the one we expected to go first is the last one left! She isn't feeling too well and has her days but she's hanging in there like a trooper. Her poor little heart is weak and she sleeps alot. She doesn't seem to be in pain, but is always very tired. We are spoiling her as much as we can because she misses her big brother and two sisters terribly - just as we do. Get Molly and meet up with Jenny. She will be happy to see the both of you. She missed both of you something awful.
Good bye for now sweet boy!
We miss you, Rile-meister!
Mommy & Daddy

May 19, 2009

Hello Sweet Boy! Happy 17th Birthday! We miss you every day Riley Boy. We were so sad to see you go. You have two new sisters now. The house was just too lonely without you three. Your poor sister Utah misses all of you and I think she needed the new pups as much as we did.
After all those years of living with the 4 of you, it was so empty here with just Utah!
Layla & Shelby are sweet little girls. Someday we will all see each other again and you will get to
meet your new sisters. Utah sends her love and kisses to you on your birthday. She isn't feeling too well these days either, but she's hanging in there.
Run free and happy, sweet little boy. Get all your birthday kisses from Molly & Jenny. Have fun on your birthday.
We miss you Riley!!
Mommy, Daddy & Utah

October 17, 2009

Hello Riley Boy!

We have moved to New York. I know we moved so many times in your life and dragged you to so many houses and you were always such a sport. You would love it here...lots of birds to chase and lots of room to run. I hope you are happy and at peace. We think of you every day little one. I miss you so much!
I hope you are running happy and free with your sisters! I love you Riley.
Love Mommy

December 7, 2009
I miss you Riley Boy!!!

April 6, 2010

Miss you lots old Riley Boy! It's almost a year since you've gone and it still feels like yesterday. I wish it still didn't hurt so much.
Happy Spring old boy, and wherever you are, I hope you are happy. Til we meet again,

Please also visit Jenny, Molly and Utah.

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