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Memories of Rocky

Rocky entered our lives in August 1991 at a Petland store in Polo Park. He picked me and made sure that I knew that he belonged with me. He had a fellow roomate, Scotty, that was our original intended purchase, but Rocky made the decision to get him as our puppy very easy. He was so excited and happy to be with us, I knew immediately that he belonged to me. I saw that his name in the pet store was "Drumstick" and thought that he deserved something better than a chickenleg name! When we got him home he sniffed everywhere, wagging his tail and making little barking sounds to tell us how happy he was. We all chose a name for him that we liked and put them in a hat. I had picked Rocky because Cairn means a pile of rocks on the side of the road, and that was the name that was chosen. He just suited it too. His ears were so big for his little body and I wondered if he'd ever grow into them. He had a stocky little body, like a little fighter, although, he was far from a fighter! He was great with the kids and he trained pretty quickly. He was a smart little guy that was perpetually happy.

Rocky was also a great doorbell. Everyone that came to the house would have to say hello to Rocky before they actually were able to enter or talk to anyone else. Rocky loved his Nana and Grandad Davies and all his Davies aunts and uncles too. If they were coming up the driveway, he would start talking and be so excited. Rocky loved to chew things when he was a puppy. Leather purse straps, leather shoes, leather jackets, buttons off shirts, and watches were a few of his favourite dishes. I found out early on that Rocky + Food = True Love! He loved his food and other dogs food too if he could muzzle his way in there.

As we got to know Rocky there were some things that made Rocky very scared. He was terrified of the toaster for a long time. He really didn't like pagers and grooming clippers. The buzzing sound really didn't go over well. He'd be panting and crying and I'd have to hold him or cuddle him in a different room. He also didn't like to have his paws touched. I could rub them or pet him down his legs, but no one else could - he would pull away. The vet and the groomer were also feared entities. He didn't like going to the vet and we gave up on the groomer and bought our own clippers and nail clippers for him because the sound of the clippers sent him into such an anxiety attack that we figured we should do it, at least that way we could tell him it was OK and that we wouldn't hurt him. He still didn't like the vet even at the end. When we went to the vet for the last time he was very agitated, and was panting and whining. The vet asked me about giving him a sedative, and I agreed. I didn't want him to be afraid as he left me. I wanted him to be relaxed and know how much I loved him.

When my divorce happened Rocky, could sense my angst and he would sit with me. He would lick my toes or heels and rest his little head on my feet, or he would jump up beside me and cuddle in to my leg. Sometimes, at night, he would get on the bed and sleep between my feet. That Rock-dog loved his momma's feet!

Rocky loved the family room sunbeam too. When he was young he would lay flat out with his legs straight out behind him. If I ever wondered where he was, I would look just have to look in our family room to see him sprawled out in the sunbeam, basking away. He loved doing this until almost the end of his life. He loved to curl up on the ottoman and sleep between our feet and he loved to be outside for walks. In winter when we bought him some boots he was so happy to be able to go further than before. It was so funny to see him stop at the end of the driveway if he didn't have his boots on and remind us of his little legs and cold toes.

When Ed came into our lives, Rocky had an opportunity to become a sibling to Ed's little dog, Dicey. He took to her pretty well, and she didn't like him very much. For the most part he'd tackle her down and she'd try and bite him or gum him because as the case was she had no teeth. It was very funny to watch. Dicey died of heart failure in early fall of 98. Rocky seemed to be missing her. By early December, Ed had been scoping a pet shelter and because Rocky was used to having a friend at home while we were at work, we decided to get Oreo. Rocky and Oreo immediately got along well. Oreo was a little pup and Rocky would put her in her place if she tried to do anything. Later on it was funny to see a little terrier take down a med/large border collie-x on a regular basis, but they would play with each other and Rocky would always be on top! This continued until just a few months ago, when he would try to jump on her and it would hurt. A few times he'd yelp. Rocky's other sibling is Odie who came into the family the summer of 2000. On Rocky's last day, he came up to Odie and they rubbed noses. It was almost as if he was trying to say, good-bye my friend, take care of my mummy. Odie has been at my side all night.

When my dad passed away in March 99, Rocky was there for me. I would take him for a walk to the park and he'd just sit with me and let me cry and let me hold him. He knew that I was hurting. Anytime that I was upset, he'd be there for me. I am hurting now and wish he was here with me.

Rocky ended up having a lot of nicknames that he adapted well to. The neighbours called him the Rocket, because if he was outside... watch out, he would be gone like a shot! He was such a cool dog in the coolest sense of the word and that brought on the nickname of Rock-Dog. Rocks, Rocksie, Poopers, and my baby boy were also favourites that he would answer to.

Rocky slowed down the last two years a great deal. He had bad arthritis, he lost his sight and his hearing and generally was not as playful as he once was. He stopped being able to jump up beside me on the bed, or the couch and found it hard to get on his beloved ottoman. He would still lay with his head on my feet and did so even on this very sad day that I sit here and type up his story.

Ed and I had a baby girl in June 04 and she would sit on his back and pull at his ears or tail and he would be fine with that. He didn't flinch and it was only the last few months that if she did that I would step in and remove her, because I could tell that he was hurting, but being the stoic little dog he always has been, he never complained about her.

I'm going to miss my little furry guy. He loved me and I loved him.

It's now end of March 2007, and a year has passed since I've lost my little Rock-Dog. I can't even begin to describe how sad I still feel without his precious noises and cute furry face. We purchased a stone garden ornament that is a little puppy. Rocky was cremated and a special marked ern was placed in our back garden in an area that will not be disturbed. This little garden ornament marks the spot where Rocky will lie forever more. I have looked out the bedroom window and seen this little spot all winter. The cold and snow does not hide the love I feel in my heart still for my baby boy.

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