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Memories of Roddy

Glenn's boy Joey was missing for 3 days...went to local pet shop to get another friend for Glenn's sad eyes. You chose me and I brought home this little bundle! Brought a smile to Glenn and after only with us for an hour or so.....JOEY CAME HOME!
The happiness and joy unbelievable ! Of course by then you stole our hearts and you remained there forever more. A friend to Joey and Rusty Lion and all other furbabies that came to live with us.
When Glenn was killed in accident you cried for the whole day even before we knew Glenn had died. You kept the thread with Glenn till the day you too crossed the Rainbow Bridge ...now with your Glenn ,Joey,and Lion till the day I can join you all.
Christmas coming soon( the first without the Roddy) I pray that you happy on the other side with Lion and Glenn and all others that crossed the bridge. Miss you everyday my sweet Rod....
Sometimes I think I see you walk across the room ...and then you gone....but only from this side...never from my heart.
Love you...
Christmas has passed without my Loves....Sad one....til we meet again....Love and kisses........
Spring has arrived with the promise of life renewed....my life will be renewed when I see my Glenn , Roddy , Lion and all my loves that have crossed the Bridge...
Till then I pray you are all together and well and happy........
Forever my loves ! Love Ever ! Love never dies.......
Another lonely time , missing my Rod. Forever in my heart , Forever in my prayers that we will meet again. Not a day goes by without my missing you. Keep an eye on the bridge for me . LOVE EVER..........

I pray you have met Casey(Sept.7,07) as she crossed the bridge....she sure loved her Glenn and I pray you all together. She never really got over Glenn's crossing , and she should be happy again to see her person that she loved so much ! Keep a watchful eye out for the Tess as she will be joining my loves on that side one day,too soon, I'm afraid. She is shy and you can meet her and take care of our special shy girl. My only comfort is that you all are together and once again young and pain free til I can join my "fur babies". All my love ever !
September another sad month Casey and Tessie(Sept.27,07) have crossed the bridge. My Fur Babies , My Loves ! Take care of each other and I pray we will be together again.
Always missing my love.....Aug. 08
July 31, 09...A SAD day my Rod, You are so missed, I pray you are happy over there and all my loves are together until I can join you all.Have adopted a feral girl named Minnie. She has become part of my fur baby family. we now number 5 again, though there is always an empty spot that will always be my Rod. LOVE EVER ! As a very sad day approaches you are ever in my mind..July 2010. 4 lonely years without my man Roddy! I pray you are keeping an eye on us over here and are with your loves over there. Have rescued a feral kitten named her Mia, she is turning 1 year old this month. Quite the girl...thinks she's a bulldozer and paper shredder to boot. She one of Fleck's babies , Minnie her half sister. Tell all over there they are missed and still awaiting our day together. I LOVE YOU MY ROD! Skeeter having some health problems and needs your watchful eye to help him stay well. BE HAPPY MY LOVE..... As winter approaches you are ever in my thoughts. Skeeter has gotten better, due to all his angels on the other side I'm sure. I pray he stays well. Have caught Fleck's and her new (6) babies. Now Fleck's baby factory shut down, good for her and us too as she has supplied us with about 25 little ones. Say a prayer for Lorrie as she having surgery soon. Keep all watchful eyes on her so she recovers well. My love to you and all my loves on "the Other Side" til we meet again....
July 31, 2011. Ever in my heart my Rod....Lorrie getting well thanks to all her Angels on the "other side" Keep the prayers coming. Trini crossed over the bridge. I know you never met her but she was a love of Lorrie. Try and add her to your family over there. Bad time of year here..so many left this side at this time.Glenn's anniversary on thursday. So many tears! Kisses and hugs to all. LOVE stays strong! Oct. 2011 Ever in my thoughts are my Angel Babies! Lorrie has finished her first year toward her wellness. I'm not feeling so good lately...actually going to doc tomorrow...Another Winter on it's way. Be happy my loves and stay together....Flecks still with me in your room...not social but cared for at least. Poor girl has had a tough time of it...LOVE EVER! July 30, 2013...Sad time ..still missin all my loves on other side...tears ever flow...Remember me and meet me all when I too cross that bridge...EVER MY LOVES!

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