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Memories of Rosie

The Heart Remembers what It loved the BEST!
God took you home to be with him, he only takes the best.

1:43am.. Oh Rosie Girl you have left us. It was so hard to let you go. Not being able to be with you was just so hard. I believe in my heart that you spared us the pain. We are on our way to the Emergency Vet Clinic now to say our goodbyes..

You were two years old when I adopted you and brought you home. For 11 wonderful years you were our friend and constant compaion.
We remember all the truck and car rides.Times we would come home from the park open the door and you would just sit in the truck until you felt ready to get out.Mark would drive up and down the driveway and you were happy.
All the places you have been.. Penn, New Hampshire,Maine All over Connecticut, New York State... You were happy just to be with your family..The rivers,the ponds,The trails and the gorges you swam in..Ithaca New York, your favorite place of all.The walks on Cornell's Campus all the sites we saw.
Pound Ridge Reservation was another one of your favorite places.. We hiked the trails all year round, even when the temps were below zero.. You loved that time of the year when it was cold.
I dont think there is any place that we would go without you. Believe me my precious angel there was nothing in the world we would not have done for you..

When Janna Ed's new girlfriend came over for the first few times.. You sat in his room at the foot of the bed and just stared at her. She said you made her feel uncomfortable. I know you were wondering what she was doing trying to take your "Bestest Friend" away..She never took Ed away! He misses you so very much too.

Remember after he learned to drive? Remember that Black car,the old clunker I would call it.I would never drive in it but YOU would! I always made fun of it and refused a ride but not you Rosie Girl you would jump in sit in the front seat proud as always and off you would go. Ed and you would be off to McDonalds and he would buy you a "Happy Meal".Plain Hamburger and French Fries and of course the gift. You loved those times and he loved you.
He always says you were the most beautiful lab.

Remember when Sadie came to live with us? A friend to keep you company..
You let her know from the start that you were "The Boss" and she was only a visitor in your home.You were willing to give it a try.
I thought she would keep you young. know she misses you so very much she's looking for you and wondering why you are not home yet..She is trying so hard to understand. Its so hard to see her this way.

Im so sorry we were not with you when you left this world. We will carry that guilt with us forever..
We did get the chance to say goodbye to you after... You were still warm and I remember bending down to kiss your soft face and saying goodbye. I know you forgive us and you understand. I just cant forgive myself.

We called John early that morning, to tell him you were gone.. I knew he was crying. I could hear Minnie in the background crying too when he told her the news.
We had you cremated that morning, we were all with you even Janna Rosie Girl. See She loved you too.
We bought you home that afternoon,as we had wanted it.
some of your ashes are in a heart shaped locket around my neck.. You will be with me forever..I know people think Im strange but I love you to much to ever let go...
Some of your ashes will be sprinked in the gorge in Ithaca the place you loved so much.
Your memories are so real in our lives and they always will be.
The way you would sleep in between Mark and me in bed.. Laying beside us like a thrid person streatched out head on the pillow and snoring so loud.
You would lean your chin on the side of the bed moan a little every few seconds to tell me it was time to eat and time to go out. I miss you so much.

You were our best friend.
There are no bad memories of you in our lives. You made our lives complete.
Everyone says they have the best dog in the world.. Rosie you were!

You touched so many lives in so many ways..

10/23/05 - Rosie Baby Girl.. I had to stop by today. I miss you so much. I know you sent me "Savannah Rose" she found us Rosie Girl a black Labrador Puppy! I need her so much Rosie. I know you see how much I hurt without you.
I know you sent her to me Rosie.I could feel you close beside me when we went to see her for the first time.It was as if you were telling me that you picked her out for me.
I Know in my heart that you were with us today when we picked Savannah Rose up to bring her home.
I named her "Savannah after the beautiful City in Georgia,a place I love so much and Rose after you my Baby girl.
Sadie Mae is not to sure of Savannah. She barks alot at her.
I just know your happy knowing that this little pup is driving your sister crazy.
Rosie Baby Girl its 5 days before Xmas.
This will be our first Xmas without you.
Its still so hard our hearts still ache.
Savannah Rose is growing,she keeps me busy everyday.
So calm and quiet not a typical Lab puppy. A couch potato at 6 months old, who would have believed it.
Sadie Mae is still not fond of her but they are getting along better.
Mark and I and Savannah Rose are off to Ithaca for the holiday. Off to see the family.
Sadie Mae cant go, you know how she hates the car! We will think of you when we are there, we know how much you loved it there.. This will be Savannah Rose's first trip and I know you will be there to show her the ways to go.
We love You Rosie Girl... Merry Christmas in heaven, I know you are with us in spirit.
12/25/05.. Xmas Morning...
Rosie Girl.. I awoke this morning its not snowing here in Ithaca, its actually very mild for this time of year.
Savannah Rose was sunggled up under the covers between Mark and me just like you used to do. We walked on Campus today and I cried when I remembered all the Xmas's we had with you.
Everyone misses you so much.
Minnie still cries when we talk about you.
Shes feeling better now Rosie, shes happy living with John.
1/2/06.. HAPPY NEW YEAR Rosie Girl!
I know you were with us in Ithaca as we walked around Cornell with "Savannah Rose" and showed her all the sites. She loved the grass field where she did her butt tucks and ran like crazy. We missed you so much this time Rosie but we know your spirit was with us.
I could feel you so close beside us.

Every now and then soft as breath upon my skin We feel you come back again and its like you haven't been gone a moment from our sides, like the tears were never cried, like the hands of time are holding us.. There are more than angels watching over us We Believe...
Now when you die your life goes on. It doesn't end here when you're gone Every soul is filled with light It never ends, and If Im right Our love can even reach across eternity.
The people who don't see the most say that we believe in ghosts if that makes us crazy then we are Because We Believe..

Rosie Girl today was my first Birthday without you.. I miss you so very much.. The day was nothing without you.. I remember all the parties before and how much cake you ate...I miss you still Baby Girl.
Rosie Girl I just wanted to stop by to say Hello. We miss you so much. We were in Ithaca the weekend.. It was cold very cold. We took Savannah Rose with us and walked at Cornell for miles and miles.. We thought of you so often. Often we would cry....Savannah had to wear your coat to keep warm, it is a bit big for her. We knew you would not mind.
Savannah is so much like you Rosie. She tilts her head when we talk to her like you did. She barks at us when we ignore her and she puts her chin on my knee and moans like you did..We know your here with us baby girl.
Rosie Girl, today I have taught Savannah Rose how to sit and jump for a stick, like you used to do...
She can sit, stay, lay down and give paw.. However she is not to good at the "Come" Command.:) Who does this remind you of?
I love you Rosie Girl, and I miss you so very much still.!
Rosie Girl, its mom.. I wanted to stop by to say hello.
I miss you so much today..
Ed and I took the dogs to Pound Ridge today.
We hiked that long long trail the one that hugs the river.. Oh I remember how much you loved that trail. Running off to the side to take a swim.
Savannah has not swam yet, it has been to cold. But oh I know she is going to be a good swimmer..
She carries a training dummy now! She is so proud.
Rosie Baby Girl.Its springtime your favorite time of the year...We think of you so much and we miss you so much.
Sadie is doing fine she sleeps alot more now.
Savannah Rose is full grown now and still learning.She is a very bossy little girl.
Happy Easter Rosie Girl..We love and Miss you Baby Girl.
Remember your Fluffy Pink Bunny?
Hello Rosie Girl.. I just wanted to tell you.. Sadie has a very bad case of Lyme Disease and its affecting her spine. She has
arthritis in her spine. Remember you had that too?
Savannah Rose is doing well, she's a little terror...:)
Hard to believe you have been gone 8 months today.. Its still so hard without you baby girl..xoxo
Hi Rosie.. Were thinking of you as we do everyday.
Sadie Mae sends kisses....
Hi Rosie Girl.Today is Savannah Roses First Birthday! We wish you were here to celebrate with us...We Miss you so much.
Ed and Janna bought her a kiddie pool for the deck.. She LOVES IT! jumps in and out of it while Sadie polices the area barking and running around like she always did...Remember we got you a pool and you hated it....But oh how you loved the rivers and ponds.....
Rosie Baby Girl. Happy Fourth of July.. We went to Ithaca this weekend to celebrate.Savannah got her first chance to swim in the lake, she did so well Rosie.
Were getting ready to sell the house to move To Ithaca Baby Girl but it wont be the same without you.We love and Miss you...
Hi Rosie.Just wanted to say WE LOVE YOU!
Guess, What?
We now have three Labs living with us. Lexie Ed and Janna's dog has come to join us. Lexie has seperation Anxity and is having a very hard time. She needs the company of other dogs.They were just beside themselves thinking they were going to have to send her back to the resuce where they got her from When Dad said "We will take her"
Our house is so full now, but as you know Its so Full of Love. She and Savannah are only 6 months apart in age..So here we are all in this small house so filled with love.The only thing missing is you My baby girl.

xox Thinking of you always baby girl.
Rosie Girl, Its hard to belive that you have been gone almost a year.. We miss you so very much! We remember all so clear the next two weeks. How could we ever forget..
Rosie..Happy First Anniversay At the Bridge Rosie Girl... Its hard to belive its been a year that you left us.
Things have changed so much.. However we still miss you so very much..We still cry when we speak of you.. Oh how we wish you were here with us..
Savannah Rose is doing well, she still does not listen to well. Sadie is getting on in years as you know she is all gray now in her face.. Lexie our newest addition is doing well her and Savannah are so bonded.
Ed is doing well and he misses you so much to..Things have changed so much for him, but he is happy now..He has his own place now Rosie Girl him and Janna.I saw your pictures on his night stand.....:) He misses you so much too.
Life has never been the same since you left us.It never will be again.
Were selling the house Rosie, were going to try to go to Ithaca to live. Oh how I wished you had lived long enough to go with us..I know how much you loved it there...
We all Love you Rosie Girl, and we all miss you!
We know we will see you again and we will cross the bridge together one sweet day.
9/9/06. Thinking of you always.xoxoxox
10/4/06.. Rosie Pray for Colin, his heart is giving out. Please help me to make the right decison for him. God Can I do this Again? He Is so very sick.
11:30am.. Rosie Please find Colin, He has come home to be with you.His heart gave out, I had to make that terrible decsion again. I Hugged him and told him to find you! Oh Rosie It was so hard and I was all alone to do it. He was my pal Rosie not just a cat.

10/7/06 Rosie.. I know Colin is with you Please protect him and keep him close with you Jerry, Norman and Joey.

10/23/06.. We Love You Rosie Girl xoxox

11/7/06.. Thinking of you always Rosie Girl.xoxox
11/22/06 Happy 2nd Thanksgiving in Heaven.. We Love and miss you
always.xoxox. Mom Dad Ed and Sadie Mae.
12/5/06. We Love you Rosie.xoxox
12/19/06. Again we are without you at Christmas. We love and
miss you so.
12/25/06.. Merry Christmas Rosie Girl.
You are the brightest star we see on Christmas Night.
We Love and miss you still...Our hearts have never
healed....Mom, Dad Ed and Sadie xoxo
1/1/07.. Another year comes to and end, Its still so hard without you Rosie girl..We miss you so very very much...
1/24/07. Another B-Day without you Rosie Girl my Milestone one.Im 50!
We love and miss you so much.xoxo Mom
2/8/07 Were moving to New York State Rosie, we have bought a new home. It will never be the same without you baby.
2/14/07 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Rosie Girl...
Your In Our Hearts Always.xoxox
2/26/07 Rosie I wish you could see the new house in Ithaca.
We hoped you would have been with us. I named my farm
"Rosie's Meadow" I know you can see it from heaven.xox The horses will be so happy there..
3/20/07 Happy Spring Rosie Girl
4/8/07 Happy 2nd Easter In Heaven Rosie Girl.Mom Dad and Ed and Sadie Too..xoxox
5/7/07 Rosie Goblin has come home to be with you and Colin. Find her and take care of her until we all meet again. Mom xoxo
6/9/07 Rosie Savannah is 2 years old today. We are having cake for her. So hard to believe that you have been gone two long long years. We Love you Rosie Girl.xoxo
7/6/07..XOXOX We Love You!
7/13/07 This weekend when we go to the new house in New York, I will sprinkle some of your ashes in the new dog area.. Then I will know that you too are playing in the yard.. You are always with us.. WE LOVE YOU ROSIE GIRL!xox.
8/22/07..Rosie today you have been gone 2 years. The longest years of our lives. We miss you so very much and always will.
Living in New York State is not the same without you Rosie Girl. Always in our Hearts and Thoughts...
9/10/07. Rosie Ed will be 30 this week.. Hard to believe that when you first came to live with us he was only 16! Wow how time has flown.We love you..
10/13/07..We love you Rosie..
Ed and Janna have a new puppy "Dakota" a Lab Puppy. I cried when I saw her last week when they came up to pick her out. She has the same mother as Savannah. I cry everytime I see a Labrador. I miss you still so very much...
10/22/07. Rosie please watch over Dakota. Show her how to be the best dog for Ed and Janna..xoxox Mom
11/16/07. Missing you always.
12/19/07. Another Xmas without you.Your still the brightest star we see on Xmas night.
12/26/07. Merry Xmas Rosie Girl. Ed Janna and Dakota are here with us this year in our new home..Its a very Merry Xmas for me, except that your not here with us..We all miss you so much..XOX
1/24/08.Another B-day without you baby girl. We Love you so much.xox
2/10/08. Its been a hard day Rosie Girl I miss you so much today I cant stop crying xox Im Homesick for Connecticut and the kids.
3/7/08. I know you come back to us every night Rosie through Savannah. She puts her head on my side of the bed and whines like you used to do, until we let her up and under the covers.I knew you would come back to us in spirit. Thank You! I makes life without you a little easier knowing I can go to bed at night and feel you come back to me.
3/23/08 Happy Eater Rosie Girl..Mom, Dad, and Ed.
4/18/08 XOXOXOX
5/21/08.. I have put the dried Rose Petels in jars and placed them in each of the rooms of the house. You are with us always.. MOM xoxoxox
7/4/08.. Rosie The Kids are here with Dakota.. We went to the flat rocks to swim. It was so hard for mom. I love you so much.xox
8/22/08. Rosie Three years in Heaven.. Three years of missing you always.
Happy Anniversary We love and miss you so much! Mom,Dad,Ed,and Sadie Mae.
Rosie Ed and Janna are getting Married next May in Ithaca. I can see you smiling..:)
Im running out of space here baby girl. I will come back as often as I can to write until then know that we LOVE AND MISS YOU EVERYDAY!!!!
11/01/08. Love you Rosie.XOXO
12/25/08.. Merry Christmas Rosie Girl...You are the brightest star in the sky...XOXOX
1/28/09. xoxo
3/23/09 xox
5/16/09. Bestest Friend & Janna got married today. Oh baby girl how we all wish you could have seen them. Ed looked so handsome. He let me walk him down the aisle I cried all the way. I wish so badly that you could still be here with us.....We miss you so very very much.
5/31/09. xox
8/22/09. Five Years Gone From us. Always remembered in our hearts. We Miss You So Much! XOXO
8/18/09 Kisses and hugs from us all Rosie Girl
12/12/09. Another Holiday Season without you Rosie Girl.We miss you everyday!
12/25/09 Merry Christmas in Heaven Rosie Girl.. We Miss You more than words can say xoxox Mom
4/10/10 Missing you and Loving you Always. xoxox Mom and Dad
8/22/10. Rosie Girl you have been gone 5 years today.. We still miss you so so very much. Your sister Sadie is 14 1/2 years old now and she misses you too...xoxox
12/25/2010. Merry Xmas My Rosie Girl.. We All Love And Miss You so Much!
8/22/2011. Five Years without You Baby Girl. You are still so very much missed.
12/25/2011.... Another Xmas without you.. Our First Xmas without Sadie... We miss you both so very very much...We know Sadie is with you and she is happy..Merry Xmas to you both.....
8/22/2012....Grief is they price we pay for love.....We miss you everyday so hard to believe it has been 7 years....Not a day goes by that I dont think of you and cry when I speak of you... WE LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH BABY GIRL....
12/25/12.. Yet another Christmas without you.. Things have changed so much since you have been gone.. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and wish you were still here with us....We miss and Love You so much Rosie Girl.....When I look to the heavens tonight to thank the lord for all I have I will know that you will be looking down on us, you will be the brightest star in the sky........xoxoxox
8/17/13....Oh Rosie it has been almost 8 years since you left us.....We still Miss you so very very much...With all that I am going through with my cancer and Chemo I wish I had you to hug....Im doing GOOD Rosie The Chemo is working for how long we dont know but for now its working......XOXOXOXOX...

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