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Memories of Rottie Mercier

Our sweet and precious angel Rottie left us Oct. 5, at 5:15pm after 1 year and 3mos, he didn't even have a chance to be a 'big boy dog' yet. We held him as his momma brought him into this world, and his daddy held him when he left us. He was our bestest pal, and was never without one of us. He had to struggle throughout his short life, had good days and bad just like we all do, but he managed to do what the vet thought he wouldn't, HE LIVED to the best of his ability. He may not have seen as much or done as much as many furbabies do, but he was loved as if we'd had him forever instead of just one short year. We're glad he is among friends here at Rainbow Bridge, in his final resting place, he is no longer struggling. One of our biggest regrets is there aren't enough pictures of him as a 'big boy dog.' He's watching over his baby sister now that left us 2/20/2011 and now his fur momma is watching over them both, she joined them 2/24/11... You're ALL precious angels and always in our hearts.

It's so hard to imagine our lives now without him. He went everywhere with us because his fur daddy was territorial and we didn't trust him enough to leave Rottie at home. We traveled with him, we searched for deer with him, took him to the stores with us, took him to the river to stand in the water even though he wasn't sure what it was, he was always always with us. When Rottie was born in July of '09 he was a fine and healthy, albeit the runt of the liter, but suddenly at 9weeks old he became ill. He wouldn't run and play, he wouldn't eat, and so on, so we took him to the vet. At the time, the doctor wasn't even sure what had happened to him, but diagnosed him with distemper. She said, he may or may not make it. We refused to let him go, since he was so young we wanted to give him life instead of cutting it that short. I'm glad we did, because he got better after a few weeks but I'm not sure if he was ever completely cured. He did have some lung problems, but we think those were from his fur momma dropping him onto a plastic bowl as a baby.

He started to be a 'normal' puppy in some ways, but he was never the way he used to be, but we didn't care he was alive and with us and that was all that mattered. There is sooo much more to share, but I will do that sometime later.

Sleep in peace our sweet boy, you are loved, and missed terribly. Mommy, Daddy, and your Sissy Shellie miss you very much!

10/6/10-Goodnight Boo, see you in the morning.

10/7/10-Thinking of you doing your potty dance, Mommy and Daddy and Sissy miss you so much!

10/7/10-Good Morning Boo! The stars in the sky are shining for you.

10/7/10- hey rottie its dad good morning its so hard right now not having you here with us right now running arounde doing your poopy dance I even tryed to go out hunting this morning like I told you I would do but I couldn't handle it because all I could do is think of you buddy the whole 10 minutes I was in the stand im at a loss of words right now I just really wish you were still with us running around and you will always have my heart buddy we all love you and want you back here with us rottie you were more then just a pet to me rottie you were my best friend and the best pal I ever had you are loved and always will be rottie. baby and brandy loves you to. love dad mom and sissy shellie .

10/7/10-Hey SnotBoy. Just saying hello. I love you and miss you! NightNight, Buddy. Love Always, Sissy.

10/7/10-Goodnight Boo Boo, see you in the morning.

10/8/10-Goodmorning Boo-Butt! We love you.

10/8/10-morning rottie its dad just sitting and having a cup of coffee waiting for you to come running out of the bedroom and do potty dance like you did every morning when I was sitting here before mom got up I hope you are with the good Lord and all your friends again and feeling better now Bud we all love you and always will see you soon and love you

10/8/10- Hey rottie me and mommy went to church yesterday and sat down to say a prayer for you. When we walked in all the fans in there were off and as soon as we sat down to say the prayer the middle one started to move really slow like u were moving it for us and when we got done with the prayers it stopped moving I have a good feeling it was you giving us a sign letting us know your are happy and running around feeling better now. Bud I love you and holding you always dad.mommy.and your sissy shellie

10/8/10-Good night Boo, I have to go to work. Love you.

10/8/10- Hey bud it's dad I'm going to work with mom. It's another clear night and the stars are shining bright for u again love u always rottie good night sweet dreams

10/9/10-Good Morning boy! I can't believe it's been almost 4 days since you left me, daddy, and sissy alone. We hear you each night, and pray that you are happy and loved as much as you deserve to be. I Love and Miss you buddy, Mom

10/9/10-hey bud it's dad. Morning Rottie, it's a nice day out again. I see u shining bright down on us again today we all love you its so dang hard u not being here with us hope you are happy and running around with your new friends up their buddy. love dad

10/9/10-Night Boo, I'll dream of you all night. Sleep in peace my precious boy. Mom

10/10/10-morning rottie we whent to church this morning just wanted to say hi and let u know we all still miss you and love you we have to pick your ashes up in a week so u can be back home with us whear you belong love dad

10/10/10- hay rottie im setting here at work with mom and thinking of you its still so hard not having you here, holding you, petting you, and feeding you and giving you water from the syringe because you never could drink on your own. love you rottie and always will bud be at peace and have fun love dad

10/10/10-Hey little Boo, didn't have a chance to say hi to you this morning. But I will make sure I say goodnight after I get home from work. Still missing you bunches like daddy says, but you'll be back with us soon, even if your body is gone, your spirit is forever here at home, I even swore I heard you bark once last night. Love you much my precious baby boy, and I will talk to you later tonight. Mom

10/10/10-Time to say goodnight my darling boy, daddy and I are going to bed to dream of you some more. Goodnight sweetie, talk to you in the morning. Mom and Dad

10/11/10-Good Morning sweetheart! Just waking Sissy up for school, Daddy will be on later too, but just in case, he says good morning also! Mom

10/11/10-hay rottie good morning its dad i just woke and im having having my cup of coffe setting hear on this computer thinking aboute you wishing you was still hear soy i could still hold you and love on like we all did all the time love you rottie love dad

10/11/10-Night Buddy, see you tomorrow.love mom and dad

10/12/10-Good Morning Sweetheart! Miss you sooo much, think of you all the time. Have fun today with all of your furfriends. Love Mom and Dad

10/12/10-It has been 7 days baby boy since you left and walked across the bridge taking our hearts with you. You just don't worry about our hearts, you've always had a BIG piece of them and we want you to keep them with you at all times because you are in our hearts and souls all the time. We love you more everyday, and will continue to until we take our walks across the bridge to you. With all our Love, Mom and Dad.

10/12/10-Goodnight Big Guy, it's time for some dream-filled sleep after a long day. Love you, Mom and Dad

10/13/10-Good Morning precious boy! And Happy 1year and 3month birthday! Mommy and Daddy are taking sissy to school. Time for you to get up and play in the meadows. We love you Mom and Dad

10/13/10-Hi Boo, just wanted to say hi before I head to work. I was holding your momma and started to cry a little for you. I miss you so much, I hope you really are happy where you are now. Goodnight buddy, I'll talk with you later. Love Mom

10/14/10-Good Morning Boo. It's a nice fall day out, you'd be running thru the leaves if you were here. I hope you will run thru them at the bridge too. Love you buddy, Mom.

10/14/10-Hiya Buddy! It's that time of night, hoping you had a wonderful day romping around with all your furfriends. I'm gonna say goodnight my boy, I will talk with you tomorrow. Just picture me hugging you to me as we fall alseep. Love you Boo, Mom

10/15/10-Good Morning my Boo! It's rainy out today, so I know you're crying cuz you miss us. We miss you whole lots too, and we're crying too. Be good my boy, momma and daddy will talk to you later today! Love ya, Mom

10/15/10-Hiya buddy...its been 10 days, and still missing you real bad. But we know you're much better now, it just hurts still. We have to go pick sissy up at the football game, so we're going to say goodnight to you now. Sleep tight my boy, wrap yourself in our love. Good night precious..Love Mommy and Daddy

10/16/10-Good Morning Boo-Butt! It's a beautiful day out today, but a little chilly. Daddy wants to try and go do some hunting for a couple of hours for you because it's soo pretty out. We might try, I might even go. It's time for you to wake up and enjoy the weather, not too many sunny days left I don't think. Have a good day my boy....Mommy and Daddy

10/16/10-Hiya baby boy! It's time for bed, I wanted to come say Goodnight to you like I do every night. Sleep tight Rottie, Momma and Daddy's arms are wrapped tight around you as you sleep. I'll talk to you again in the morning. Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy

10/17/10-Good Morning my boy! I hope you have a wonderful day today. We still miss you like something awful, but we know you're safe in His arms now. We'll talk to you later sweetie, Love Mommy and Daddy.

10/17/10-Goodnight my boy! It's time for you to rest until tomorrow when you can romp and play with all of your new friends. Mommy and Daddy love you very much, and think of you almost every minute of the day. We miss you so much! We'll talk to you tomorrow precious. Love Mommy and Daddy

10/18/10-Goodmorning baby boy. Mommy and daddy wont be able to say hi every morning or every night for a few days, our phone is off. I'm sorry buddy, just remember we love you very much and will get back on here as much as possible okay? So wake up for the day, I love you sweetheart...mommy and daddy

10/18/10-Hiya buddy! It's about time for you to go night night. So mommy and daddy will say goodnight for now, and we'll talk with you tomorrow. Sleep tight my little guy...Love you, Mommy and Daddy

10/19/10-Hiya Buddy! Good Morning baby, hope you have a good day today. Mommy Daddy and Sissy are going to the vet today to bring your ashes home, so you won't be lonely anymore. We'll also say goodnight right now since we won't be near the computer later. We're going hope to work on your memorial box. Love you whole bunches and miss you even more...Mommy and Daddy

10/20/10-Good Morning boy! Hope you're having fun up there still with all of your friends. We have you at home on our dresser watching over us now. It's hard, but we feel better having you near us again. We'll also say goodnight boo since we won't be near a computer until tomorrow. So Sleep tight sweetie, and dream of us as we dream of you. Love you always, Mommy and Daddy

10/21/10-Good Afternoon baby boy! Hope you're having a great day! It's kinda cloudy and yucky outside, and it was raining last night so we know you were crying and missing us. Mommy and Daddy wanted to say Goodnight again, hopefully soon we can do this on our computer. We love you Boo! Mommy and Daddy

10/22/10-Hiya Boo Butt! Hope you're up enjoying yourself, and not sleeping all day! I have to work tonight, so I will wait until later to say goodnight to you. Mommy and Daddy are at the library to do a few things. So, of course, we wanted to say Hello to you. Love you more everyday baby boy! Mommy and Daddy

10/22/10-Hi there boo. I'm at work and wanted to say goodnight to you, hopefully you're already fast asleep dreaming of us holding you just as we do nightly. Started to miss you really bad again today, I was holding your momma and she was laying the way you always did when you cuddled with me. Well, goodnight my boy, I'll talk to you again tomorrow. Love you buddy, Mommy and Daddy and Sissy

10/23/10-Hello Boo-butt! It's been raining all day, it was you wasn't it? I understand completely, I've cried some today myself. Sissy's birthday was today, so I'll wish her a happy birthday for you okay? We love you very very much, and miss you on all the days that end in Y. Goodnight my darling boy, we will talk with you tomorrow. Love you always, Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy.

10/24/10-Good morning Boo! Hope you enjoyed your day today with all of your new friends. I finally wrote a poem for you, I'm going to post it on the message board and in the stories and poems section of the Bridge. I'm at work now buddy, so I'll say goodnight to you now and let you get some rest. I will talk to you again tomorrow. My arms are wrapped around you in a warm embrace, and together we will dream. Love you baby boy, Mommy.

10/25/10-Good Morning Boo! I hope you slept well, it was storming a little here last night. Now it's just raining some more. I'm sorry that you're sad, but know that we are even sadder without you here. I wrote you a couple of more poems but haven't put them up yet, I will soon. Sissy just got out of school, we're at the library. Goodnight for now buddy! We'll talk with you tomorrow. Love always, Mommy and Daddy

10/26/10-Hi buddy! Are you having fun with your friends? Good for you. There are double rainbows outside, I hope you can see them they are so pretty. Just wanted to make sure we said hello again today. Be good, Goodnight baby boy, we'll talk to you tomorrow. Love, Mommy and Daddy

10/27/10-Hi there little one. We're having us a windy day here in northern michigan. There are trees fallen over, there are leaves blowing everywhere, but the temperature is nice it would be just right for you. Not too cold. We are heading down state buddy tonight or tomorrow morning, so I might miss a day talking to you. In that case, you enjoy your day and don't fret because we'll be thinking about you a lot on the way down since you used to ride with us all the time. So goodmorning and goodnight my boy, mommy and daddy love you with all their hearts.

10/28/10-Good Morning baby! Rise and Shine and have a wonderful day, we'll miss you all day and all night. Love you, Mommy and Daddy

10/28/2010-Hi there my boy! It's getting late and I wanted to say Good Night since we don't have power at home yet. I hope you had a wonderful day. Wrap yourself in our warmth while you sleep tonight. We will talk with you tomorrow. All Our Love, Mommy and Daddy

10/29/10-Hiya buddy! Hope you're up running around and keeping warm. We're trying to, but we still have no power. Your momma and daddy kept us warm last night, I bet they'll do it tonight also. Be good my precious one, and Good Night until we talk to you tomorrow. All our love, Mommy and Daddy

10/30/10-Good Morning precious! Time to rise and shine and go join all of your friends. Mommy and Daddy rec'd a card from you vet dr today, and everyone signed it. They all loved you too buddy. Now we have to head back home to check and see if our power is back up again, so we'll probably be back here later to talk to you okay? Til then, Don't forget to mind your manners and help any of the new furbabies out up there that are lost. We love more and more baby boy, Mommy and

11/1/10-Hiya Boo, Happy Halloween a day late! We've got our power back, so we're warm again thank goodness. Hope you're staying warm up there, we know how you hated to be cold. Daddy and Mommy are heading out to get Sissy in a little while. We miss you whole bunches, and wish you could be here with us. Love you buddy, we'll try to talk to you again later today. If not, we'll say Good night for now and sleep tight! All our love, Mommy and Daddy

11/2/10-Hi there buddy! Wakey Wakey, it's time to get up and romp with all of your new friends. It's a beautiful day outside, sunny with blue skies. Have a good day and remember Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy love and miss you very much! We'll also say goodnight just in case. Love you buddy, Mommy and Daddy

11/3/10-Hello precious boy, wanted to say hello for the day. You behave like you always do, and have a peaceful nights sleep knowing that we hold you close to our hearts. Love you, Mommy and

11/4/10-Good Morning Boo! We're up taking care of some stuff today, and wanted to stop by and say Good Morning...I'll stop by later on at work to say Good Night! You be good today as you usually are, Love you whole bunches and miss you a whole lot! Love Mommy and Daddy and Sissy

11/4/10-Hello my darling boy! Just wanted to say Goodnight buddy, and sleep tight with our arms wrapped around you. Love you forever, Mommy and Daddy

11/5/10-Good Morning buddy! Can you believe you left us exactly one month ago today? We can't either, we miss you more everyday. Please take care of yourself and your friends. But above all else, don't forget us as we hold you in our hearts daily and nightly.We love you Boo, Mommy and Daddy

11/5/10-Hey Buddy! It's time to bid you a good night and sweet dreams, sleep tight my boy. We'll tak to you again tomorrow. Love you always, Mommy and Daddy

11/6/10`Hello there sweetheart! Hope you had a wonderful day today, Good night my boy, sleep tight. Love you Mommy and Daddy

11/7/10-Good Evening baby boy. Momma misses you soo much, just wanted to say hello and goodnight before I have to get to work. Sleep well precious one, love you forever. Mommy

11/8/10-Hi honey, how are you up there? Missing you like crazy here, getting ready to go home and help sissy with her homework. Love you buddy!! Mommy

11/10/10-Hiya buddy, sorry I didn't get to say hello yesterday. You have a wonderful day and a goodnight and we'll talk with you later. Mommy and Daddy love you whole bunches!

11/12/10-Good Afternoon Boo! Momma here, just wanted to say hello and give you big hugs. I have to work tonight, so I will wait until then to tell you goodnight. Love you, Mommy

11/12/10- Good night for now buddy, you sleep tight and remember that we are holding you close. Love you bunches, Mommy and Daddy

11/13/10-Happy 16mo Birthday baby boy! We all miss cuddling and holding you close my boy. We all miss you whole bunches, and hope you enjoy your bday up there with your friends. Love you baby boy, Mommy and Daddy

11/14/10-Hello sweetie. I'm at work and wanted to say hello and tell you how much we love you, of course I'm sure you already know since we write to you everyday. Goodnight my boy, sweet dreams as we hold you tight. Love you whole bunches, Mommy and Daddy

11/15-11/17/10-Hey there sweetie. Missed a couple of days so decided to pop in today and make up for it...Sissy had a dream about you the other night and you were running around playing and you were very happy. Thank you for showing her that, because we still worry about you almost as much as we miss you. We'll be out in the woods hunting again this week, so if you don't hear every day that is why. We have to go for now, Love you buddy, we're holding you close and petting you. Good Night my sweetie. Mommy and Daddy

11/18/10-Hi there Boo! Are ya staying warm up there? It's been cold and snowy here, you'd probably not like it much. Just wanted to say hello and let you know we love you and still miss ya. Goodnight sweetie, we'll talk to you tomorrow. Love, Mommy and Daddy and Sissy

11/19/10-Good Morning and Good Afternoon pretty boy! Wanted to stop in and say hello since I don't work tonight, so I won't be online later. Big Hugs and kisses to you baby boy, we love and miss you much. Goodnight also sweetheart, Love Mommy and Daddy

11/20/10-Good Morning my boy! Good Afternoon too! I'll be talking to you again later at work. Love you, Mommy

11/20/10-Hiya baby boy. It's time for bed isn't it? Well GoodNight precious one, we love you very much. Love Mommy and Daddy

11/21-11/22/10-Hi ya boy. It's coooooold down here...brrrr, hope you're enjoying yourself where it's nice and warm. Still thinkin of ya everyday, several times, I don't think that will ever stop. You have a great day and Good Night my boy. You're wrapped in our arms to sleep..Love you, Mommy and daddy

11/23-11/25/10-Happy Thanksgiving buddy. Wish you were here to enjoy some dinner. We miss you soooo much. Good Morning, Good Night, and Sweet dreams boy. Oh, we have internet at home again, so we can talk with you every day. We'll wrap you in warm loving arms for the night, and talk with you tomorrow. Love you very much, Mommy and Daddy

11/26/10-Happy Turkey Day, Boo. Miss you bunches. I hope you ate alot, just don't get a belly ache:). Sorry I don't stop by more often, I have alot of homework...I still love you, SnotBoy. Love Always, Sissy<3.

11/26/10-Hiya Boo! Hope you are warm and cozy, it's snowy down here. Goodnight my boy, I'm at work and wanted to say night night to you. Holding you in our warm arms...Love you, Mommy and Daddy

11/27/10-Hey there Boo. It's that time of night where I give you a goodnight message and hold you close in my arms keeping you warm. I'm at work, and figured I'd say goodnight before it gets too late. Love you buddy, Mommy and Daddy

11/28-29/2010-Goodnight sweetie, mommy is really tired but I wanted to talk to you firt. I love you whole lots...

11/30/10-Goodnight Boy! Momma will talk to you tomorrow. Love you forever, Mommy

12/1/10-Good Morning baby boy! Rise and shine, time for you to go play with all of your friends. I'll talk to you tonight! Love Mommy

12/1/10-GoodNight sweetheart, sleep tight, mommy will talk to you tomorrow. Love you always, Mommy

12/2/10-Good Morning and Good Night my boy. You'd be playing in a bunch of snow if you were here with us. Maybe you are anyway. Sleep tight Rottie, we love you. Mommy and Daddy

12/3/10-Good Morning and Good Evening sweetie. Hope you are well, miss you whole lots. Sleep tight baby boy, we'll be dreaming of you. Love you always, Mommy and Daddy

12/4/10-Hi baby boy. Hope you're staying warm and cozy. You cuddle up in your bed and dream of mommy and daddy like we'll be dreaming of you. Goodnight precious. Love Mommy and Daddy

12/4/10-Good Morning, Good Afternoon buddy! It's been exactly 2 months since you left us sweetie, and we still miss you all the time. Goodness it's snowing here again...it's neverending, but it's really pretty. I'll talk with you again tonight at work, so for now, you have a great day playing over the bridge. Mommy and Daddy love you with all their hearts.

12/5/10-Well, it's that time of night baby boy, time for you to lay your head down and go to sleep. Sweet dreams our precious boy, we love you with all of our hearts. Love forever, Mommy and Daddy

12/6/10-Hi sweetie pie. How are you? I hope you're well. It's that time of night again, after 9pm and it's time for bed. Sleep tight precious one, we love you very much. Mommy and Daddy

12/7/10-Good Morning pretty boy! Time to get up and get going for the day. Have a beautiful day baby, and I'll talk to you later on. Love you, Mommy

12/7/10-Good Night Buddy, its time to lay down and relax with fun-filled dreams. Mommy will be doing the same thing shortly. Love you very much baby boy Boo, Mommy and Daddy

12/8/10-Good Morning precious, have a wonderful day! Mommy and Daddy

12/8/10-Hey there buddy. It's that time of night again, time to rest you pretty little head on the soft pillow that you have. So you go Good Night and dream some wonderful dreams. Love you very much, Mommy and Daddy

12/9/10-Good Morning big guy! Rise and Shine, we love you and will talk to you later!! Mommy and Daddy

12/9/10-Hiya buddy! Guess what, it's time for Goodnight time. Sweet dreams sweetie. Love you, Mommy and Daddy

12/10/10-Good Morning Boo! Rise and Shine! We love you soooo much, Mommy and Daddy

12/10/10-Good Night boo-butt! It's late and time for you to get your beauty sleep, not that you need it though because you already are. Love you very much, Mommy and Daddy

12/11/10-Good Morning precious, I hope you have a good day today. I will talk to you tonight while I am at work. Love you Boo butt,

12/11/10-Well, it's that time of night buddy, Good Night to you and sweet dreams til tomorrow. Love you whole bunches, Mommy

12/12/10-Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night my beautiful little boy. It's cold down here, so I hope you're toasty warm up there. Sweet dreams boo, until tomorrow. Love you, Mommy and Daddy

12/13/10-Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night again. It's that time of night, and it's still cold, so stay warm boo. Talk to you tomorrow. Love Mommy

12/14/10-Good Morning, Good Afternoon Boo, how are you today? It's cold down here for darn sure, but thinking of you keeps it warm. Love you buddy, talk to you later! Mommy and Daddy

12/14/10-It's that time of night buddy, get some sleep, and we will talk to you tomorrow. Dreaming of you and loving you, Mommy and Daddy

12/15/10-Hiya boo!!! Missing ya like crazy. Have a wonderful night filled with sweet dreams. Love you, Mommy and Daddy

12/16/10-Good Morning precious boy! Have a great day. Love you, Mommy

12/16/10-Good Night sweet boy, it's that time of night again, and I"m headed to dreamland pretty soon myself. Love you buddy, Mommy and Daddy

12/17/10-Hi ya boy. Sorry, didn't get to talk to you earlier, the computer at home was acting up. So here I am at work, and wanted to day Good Night to you boy. You have a good sleep, and sweet dreams. Love you, Mommy

12/18/10-Hiya buddy. Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good night my boy. Mommy is working her long shift tonight, so I slept most of the day. Tomorrow is a new day, be a good boy and sleep well my sweetie. Have wonderful dreams. Love you, Mommy

12/19/10-Hello precious. Good night baby, sweet dreams, sleep tight in God's arms. Love Mommy and Daddy

12/20/10-Happy Winter Solstice lil Boo. Just wanted to say hello and goodnight to you my boy. Love you Mommy

12/21/10-12/23/10 Hi buddy. How are you up there? Staying warm I hope. It's pretty cold down here, with a lot of snow. Well, it's off to eat some dinner and everyone says hi and love you. Talk to you tonight. Love Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy

12/24-12/25/10-Merry Christmas sweetie! I wish you could be here with us, but we'll keep you in our thoughts like we always do. Love you very much, Mommy and Daddy

12/26/10-Hiya buddy! Just sitting here missing you. Good night boo, I'll talk to you again tomorrow. Love you very much, Mommy

12/27/10-Good Morning Boo! The sunrise is beautiful, that doesn't even describe it. It's orange-red, orange, blue, pink, purple, it's soooo pretty I had to tell you about it. Have a great day buddy, talk to you tonight. Love you, Mommy

12/28-12/29/10-Hi there momma's boy. Well, you're fur mommy is pregnant, maybe we'll get another one like you but not ill. You're going to have some bros and sis's. Love you whole bunches, talk to you tomorrow. Love, Mommy and Daddy

12/31/10-Well lil guy, Happy New Year's eve, daddy and I really miss you and wish you were here to ring in the new year with us. We brought your urn out into the living room tonight, instead of the bedroom because it was too cold in there for you and we always promised you we'd keep you warm. I'm at work buddy, but will say goodnight for now. Happy New Year precious one, we love you whole bunches. Mommy and Daddy

1/1/11-Well Boo, it's the new year. We wish you could share it with us, but at least we have our memories and peace of mind knowing that you are happy and healthy and among friends. We miss you everyday, more and more, and love you very very much so please don't ever forget that. Good Night my sweet boy, Mommy and Daddy

1/2/11-Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night precious one, we love and miss you very much...Mommy and Daddy

1/3-1/4/11-Hiya boy! I read one of your poems in writing group today, wasn't easy, but I did it. Made me sad, but that's okay. Gonna go to bed Boo, you have a good night and sweet dreams. Love you, Mommy

1/4-1/6/11-Hey buddy! Your fur momma's should be having babies soon, they're going to be so cute just like you. Goodnight my beautiful boy, Love you whole bunches, Mommy and Daddy

1/6-1/8/11-Hi baby boy. You have five new sisters and two new brothers that your fur mommy had today. They're very cute and you'd be proud of them also. So you are still their big brother even if you aren't there to be with them. Good night my precious one, love you very much Mommy.

1/9/11-Hey there Boo. I'm at work and wanted to say hello like I usually do. Hope you had a great day today and have an even better one tomorrow. Love you my sweet boy, and Goodnight, Mommy and Daddy

1/10-1/12/11-Hi there Boo! Your bros and sisters are doing good, and one looks just like you. They're are soo cute. We miss you a whole bunch sweetie, and hope that you're having a good time with your friends. Good night and love you ...Mommy and Daddy

1/13-1/14/11-Good Evening sport. I wanted to say hello and goodnight like normal to you. Still missing you a whole bunch, but we certainly have our hands full with your 7 bros and sis's. You'd love them, they're so cute. One looks just like you as a baby, we hope he ends up being your twin, or really close. Take care and sleep tight precious. Love you Mommy and Daddy

1/15-1/18-Hey there buddy! Been cold and snowy here for the last couple of days, hope you're staying warm. Getting ready to wake sissy up for school, and wanted to tell you Good Morning! I'll be back tonight to tuck you in...Love you very much, Mommy and Daddy

1/19-1/22/11-Hi Boo. I would've talked to you earlier, but I didn't go to work tonight because the car didn't want to run. Your bro's and sis's are 2wks old today, and doing well. I'll let you go and talk to you in a few days, Love you buddy, Mommy and Daddy

1/23-1/25/11-Hello there my handsome boy! It's been really cold here, hope you're staying warm! Your bros and sis's eyes are open, their ears are opening, and they know how to growl, play and bark. Wish you were here to play with them, and be with us. We still miss you a lot boo, you're in our thoughts every day. Good night precious, I'll talk to you again real soon! Love you, Mommy and

1/26-1/30/11-Hi there buddy! Just wanted to say hello and wish you a goodnight. It's been cold here, but you're warm in our hearts. Be good, and I'll talk to you again soon. Love You, Mommy

1/31-2/12/11-Hey there boo! We still miss you a whole lot. Although, taking care of 7 of your bros and sis's is enough to keep us busy that's for sure. You've been gone a little more than 5months, and we still think of you all the time. Hope you're staying warm where you're at boo. I have to go for now, We love you very much! Mommy and Daddy

2/13-2/20 Hi sweetie. It's a sad day here at home, we lost one of your sisters to your furdaddy. He got a hold of her and she didn't make it. We're probably gonna see about giving him away, it's gonna be hard but we can't have anymore accidents. I posted some pics of your baby sister in your album. Otherwise, we miss you a whole lot lil guy and wish you were here. Please take care of your baby sister she was only 6wks old and she's just learning everything. Her name is Tippy. Love you buddy, Mommy and Daddy

2/24/11-It's been a few days buddy...but I have some very sad news for you: We had to put Brandy, your fur momma to sleep because she got sick, and the doc's said she had hardly any chance of surviving surgery. She was getting up there in age, so now I hope you will show her around and make her welcome boo. We miss and love you all so much! I'll talk to you soon buddy...Love Mommy and Daddy

3/4/11-Hello boy! Are you and your sis and your momma staying warm and happy? I sure hope so. Your fur momma has been gone for a week now, and I miss her every day. I even dreamed she was in my lap the other night, it was so real it actually woke me up. I"m sooo heartbroken without you guys, and miss you all soo bad. I know the pain will fade, but it still hurts to not have you guys with me and daddy. Please take care of Brandy and Tippy, like I know you will. Goodnight sweetheart and tell your momma and sis we miss them and love them very much too. Love, Mommy and Daddy

3/5-3/18-Hi there Boo...How are you and your Momma and sissy doing? We really miss you guys a whole bunch. If Brandygirl wouldn't have gotten ill, she'd still be with us and so would you. I hope all three of you are sticking together. We think of you all the time, be good and we'll talk to you again soon....Love you whole bunches, Mommy and Daddy
6-30-11 hay bud its dad o at work ow sorry i havent bin on in awile i got a new job but i still thik of u and talk to your ashes ad your pics every day ad bradys our o ever day ad your sis tippy every day bud ad i still wish u all wear still ere with us its still soy hard not have u all hear wit us still its still hard thinking and talking aboute u still for me u whear so verry close and spachole to me and close to my haert and moms and sises to i still criy every time i think u bud i had a dream aboute u the athur day it was soy real it woke me up and i thout your brathure was u and called him your name im sorry for that rottie tell bradie and tippy we all love them and miss them to bud we all love u all so muchh buddy and miss u so darn much each and every day i still ask the good lord why he had to take u so soon we will talk soon and see u again soon love dad mom and sis love u rottie take care of of brandy and tippy for us sunny day hear so we know its a good day and a happy one for u their and u are happy today for u love u rottie we will talk later and see u soon bud love u mom dad sis

7/29/11 Hey there big guy! Momma's sorry she hasn't been on in a while, I feel bad but life got in the way but I NEVER stop thinking of you and missing you...July 13 was your 2 year birthday buddy, I wished you happy birthday and hoped that you heard me..We all miss you very much still...Your daddy, and brothers and sisters are doing good...I wish you were here to watch how silly your siblings are, they are hilarious..I'm sure your watching them, and so is Brandygirl..let her know we miss her soooo much and wish you were both still here with us. I have to go buddy, so I can get home to the others..I still miss and love you and your momma with all my heart and you guys will never be replaced, just remember that....Love you whole bunches, and I hope to talk to you again soon. With all my love, Mom

10/5/2011 Hi there lil buddy!! Been a few months since I spoke to you, I'm sorry for that. Today is the anniversary of the day you left us for the bridge. We're renewing our membership for you tonight so that you can stay there with all of the friends you've made in the last year. I'm getting ready to head to work and I'll renew your membership then. Love you so much boo!! Love Mom and Dad

4/10/2012 Hey there boo butt! Hope you're having fun with everyone over the bridge. It's been a few months since I've written, so daddy asked me to come in and say hello to you from both of us. Your bros and sisters are doing well, so is your fur daddy. They're all grown up now, and Lil Guy acts just like ya sometimes, even though he looks like your furmamma Brandy. We miss you all very much, and wish you were still with us to enjoy your life and receive all of the love we have to share with you and your momma and sister. I'm at work, taking care of some business so I'll let you get back to playing for now. Never forget how much me and daddy miss you everyday, and we're always thinking of you guys. Love you very very much, good night buddy, and we'll talk again soon. With much love, Mommy and Daddy.

9/27/2012 Hiya Boo!!! It's just mommy checking in on ya. I know it's been awhile, and we're sorry for that. I'll bet you're a big boy now...and we miss you terribly still. Sure your brothers and sisters keep us busy, but we still love you forever. Tell your fur momma and sissy we said we think of them all the time. It's coming up on 2 years since we've lost you, and sure it's a little easier, but you are in our hearts forever no matter how long...we'll be renewing your membership at the bridge in a few days so you can still play with your friends..so don't worry...mommy's gotta go for now, and fix up your memorial some..Love you whole bunches buddy...and so does daddy!!

10/6/2013 Hi baby boy ! Been a while since we've chatted, but rest assured,we still think of you everyday, because you'll always be in our hearts...your brothers and sisters are almost 3 years old now, and you've been gone from us for 3 years too. We still miss you and wish you were here. Tell your momma Brandy girl the same thing and your lil sis. You're memorial will continue to live on for another year as I just renewed so that you can stay with your friends and family there. Take care my lil buddy, and I'll come back again soon..Love you always, mommy and daddy.

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