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Memories of ROWDY BOY

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there,
I did not die...
8/05/2006 Hi!
To My Sweet Rowdy Boy!
It has been one month today 7/05/2006 since I had to go to Dr.Boyd's office and get my last Nudges And Licks from you and Kiss and Hug you Goodbye.On 7/06/2006 we had a little family Funeral at Pets At Peace Cemetery.I covered you with a little Blue Blanket with a Teddy Bear attached and added 3 Red Roses and put your new Red Collar on you.Then we walked out and watched as they put your tiny little casket in the grave.Then we couldn't watch anymore.Jensen,Breeana,and Presley stayed til the end.
It was really hard on me and everyone.We all loved you so much and miss you.Sassy Girl is still sad,because you were her lifetime friend and the Best Daddy to the Sweetest little puppies.Remember you washed and loved on them more than she did.
She still goes thur the house looking for you.Scooter was sad too,but he is getting better and boy is he taking over your job as my Guardian.You had to have told him he would have to take over as man of the house,because he is getting more and more like you,but will never be you.Even old T Cat misses giving you your morning face and ear washing that you dearly loved.
You were just a one of a kind friend that melted our hearts,just about 3 weeks after Meredith bought you.She was gone all day so you chose me as your person and Daddy as second best.I sure do miss the soft ball of fur at my feet constantly and I miss your back not being against my back all night.And I miss the way you always wanted to play hide and seek under the pillows right before the lights were turned off.I am so sorry I couldn't take care of you after you got so sick.We knew that day would come,but I didn't expect to break my ankle and be
laid up in bed when the time came.I'm so glad that you got to come home 3 days after my surgery and give me some Nudges and Big old Licks and that I got to Love on you for a short while,before you had to go back to Dr.Boyd's office.I WILL TRULY TREASURE THAT HOUR!By the way I know that you had to have looked down from the Bridge 10 Days later and knew that there was a little White Schnauzer Girl that needed us.There it was as soon as I read the newspaper and turned to the classified section.Free AKC White Mini Schnauzer,One Yr. Old,So you know the rest.Her name is Angel.She had not been treated too good and did need a new home.She is so sweet and all she wants is loving.She didn't even know what being in the house was all about.She does not sleep on the bed with everyone else.(me,daddy,sassy girl & scooter)She is totally happy in the dog bed.But I guess you thought we needed more than one Angel,because she and Scooter are more than likely going to have babies in about 60 days.Thank You for the Surprise!
Until Later,We Love You Rowdy Boy!Momma & Daddy
8/09/2006 Hi Baby Boy,
We are going to visit your grave today,so we can take pictures of your little tombstone.It is so cute,it has paw prints all over one side and the other side reads:ROWDY 1993-2006
"You Left Your Pawprints All Over Our Hearts"You really did you know!Love You,Momma
9/8/2006 Good Morning Rowdy Boy,
We still miss you so much it hurts,but I'm sure you have met alot of friends and I know you are having fun and you're not suffering anymore.I know you get to eat all the good stuff now and you don't have to get those old insulin shots twice a day anymore.I wanted to let you know that Angel is for sure going to have Scooter's babies.She is beginning to get big.They will be here by the end of this month.I hope he is as good of a Daddy as you were when Sassy Girl had your babies.(that is if she lets him be with them)remember Saydee would not let you near ya'lls babies.They will be so much fun,but of course I will want to keep them all and I know I can't.Your Daddy Max and your Brother Ben are getting very old and I have promised your Grandma Enid that she can have one and I promised Donna one because Bonnie is getting on in age also.I hope I can give them all to people that I know really love,understand and appreciate Schnauzers.
I'm still trying to learn to walk on my right foot.It still hurts when I put weight on it.Boy broken ankles are not fun.That's why I have missed you even more,because you would have been right in the bed with me those first few weeks.Maybe before long I will see the Light at the end of the tunnel.I have to stop now and get ready to go to therapy.I LOVE YOU!Momma
10/2/2006 Hello My Sweet Rowdy Boy!,I hope you are having fun running and playing at the Bridge.I still miss you so much.I am walking with a cane now and things seem to be alittle better now.I still go to therapy 3 days a week.
I could hardly wait to tell you about the babies.Angel had 4 little boy Schnauzers yesterday.They are so cute and look alot like yours and Sassy Girls puppies.She is so proud of them and she is a very very good little Mother.She won't let Scooter around them yet,maybe she will in a few more days.Poor thing,he just wants to know what all the excitement is all about.Sassy Girl does not seem to care much,you know she still misses you and she is getting old too.We try to give her special attention to make her feel good.She is Special,like you are Rowdy Boy.Ya'll are the ones that started this Love For Schnauzers that we all have.I still think you made it possible for us to get Angel and be Blessed with these Sweet Puppies so soon after you were gone from our lifes,but not from our hearts.She needed us and we had a hole in our hearts.I believe in God and I believe he made it possible,even tho he took you from us.He knew you were so tired and needed to rest and be well again.
I am starting to cry now just thinking about it.We got the pictures of your funeral Sat.and you look so sweet and beautiful.You look like you just went to sleep in a little box and you look so peaceful.May you have fun and enjoy your new life Sweet Boy! Til Later,I LOVE YOU!Momma
11/2/2006 Good Morning My Sweet Boy! I have to tell you what's going on around here.The baby boys are nearly 5 weeks old now and so adorable.I just cannot leave my hands off them.I have them spoiled already.They are playing,growling,& biting on each other and trying to get out of their pen.They start crying for attention as soon as they see me.It will be so hard to see them leave,but they are all going to very good homes right here where I can see them anytime.I think the one we have been calling Roger will look like you.He is going to live with Donna,Tex & Bonnie
I know you are having so much fun you would not want to come back to this life,but we still miss you so much and talk about you alot.Old T Cat will more than likely join you before long.He is so sick and frail and so matter what we do he just never gets better.
I can walk some without my cane now and my ankle seems to be getting better everyday.It's been almost 5 mos.now and I thought this day would never come.It's been a long hard road.I know you understand even tho some humans don't.
I have to go for now.Have Fun and Shake alot of hands YOU SWEET BOY!I LOVE YOU,Momma
11/18/2006 Good Morning Little Boy,I know you are so happy today!
T CAT joined you at the bridge yesterday and your daddy MAX joined you Thursday.What a good time ya'll must be having!
I bet T CAT has already given you a good bath and I'm sure you have smelled him over real good too.How great it must be to be back with your good ole Dad.I know T Boy loves him too.
The puppies will be 7 weeks old tomorrow and going to their new homes.Enid named hers Alex and Donna & Tex are taking two,their names will be Rowdy and Clyde.George took one last week,his name is J.J.I will truly miss them,but will have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.They are yelling to get out of their pen now and be fed so I will stop now.You,T Cat and Max have fun today and always.I LOVE YOU!Momma
12/16/2006 Happy Holidays You Sweet Thing!
I had to get you a Christmas Tree on here to PEE ON!We never had a Christmas without you doing that.
Things have changed since I wrote you last,Donna could not keep two of the puppies so we got one back.We are going to keep him,his name is Rufus.He is sweet like you!He is 11 weeks old and already shakes hands and rolls over for a treat.We also have a new cat that Meredith got us at Petsmart.His name is Sweetboy,he is 6 mos.old and had been there all of his life waiting to be adopted.He loves all the dogs and they love him and they all play together.They are all so much fun.Wish you could be here too,but your new home at RBB is much better!!We still miss you alot and LOVE YOU! MERRY CHRISTMAS! LOVE Momma
7/05/2007 To Our Sweet Rowdy Boy:It has been one year today since we made the decision to let you go on to RBB.It was so hard,but you were ready and we know you have been so much better since that awful day.We still miss you very,very much and always will but,we know you are running and playing everyday with your cat TJ and your daddy Max and all your other friends at RBB.
It's been a long year,but my ankle is much better and I am getting around good now.
Scooter,Sassy Girl,Angel and of course the Baby(Rufus) are all great.The new kitty (Sweetboy)is fine and gets along great with all of them.They all try to get the Squirrels every morning and have so much fun.
None will ever replace you Rowdy Boy but,life is not dull around here.We think of you often and Love You!Til next time you be Sweet and Shake Alot of Hands.Luv Ya!Momma
8/01/2007 Hello Rowdy Boy,I know you & T Cat welcomed our Sassy Girl when she arrived at RBB today.It was a shock,because she just got sick over the weekend,but she had liver cancer and we didn't know.She left this world about 5:00 this afternoon for a much better place.You and T Cat take care of her and show her around.OK We will miss her as much as we miss ya'll,but I have peace knowing that none of you are suffering now.Ya'll were all together for about 13 yrs.and will now be together forever in a beautiful place.Ya'll run and play to your hearts content now!
Til Later,We Love You!Momma & Daddy
12/08/2007 MERRY CHRISTMAS! Oh My Sweet Boy,I almost forgot your Christmas Tree!You always had to pee on the tree and a few gifts.Guess it was your way of saying Christmas was just bologna!Ha...
We still miss you and talk about you often.I know you are having so much fun tho at RBB.You,Sassy Girl & T Cat can all be together for Christmas this year.My how fun it will be!
We'll let Scooter,Angel,Rufus & Sweetboy have ya'lls part of the turkey.Be Good As Always and Remember We Love You!Momma & Daddy
7/14/2008 Hi,my Sweet Boy!I can't believe you have been gone from us 2 years now.It seems like only yesterday that I had to say goodbye and you gave me those big old nudges on my chin with your nose and licked me.I still cry everytime I think about it.We still talk about you and tell Scooter he gets more like you each day,but he's not as protective over me as you always were.I guess he knows I have 3 Guardian Angels watching over me.This little white Angel we have because of losing you is the most protective one now.She even has her bluff in on old Saydee Girl.It's funny because she is alot smaller than Saydee.She's the smallest Schnauzer we have had,but she can get rough and sound so mean!We tell Rufus about his Uncle Rowdy all the time.He's turned all white like his Mama,but taller than her.It is fun having Mama,Daddy and Son all together.
We will always have you in our hearts Sweet Baby Boy.You,Sassy Girl & T Cat are loving being at the Bridge I know and I know you are all well and pain free now and that makes me feel better.
Run,Play and Be Happy and give Sassy Girl and T Cat a Big Old Lick from me.ok! Love Forever & Ever! Momma
7/17/2008 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY! You would be 15 ys.old today.I put a cake here for you and all your friends to enjoy.Have a great day and play Birthday games too! XXX&OOO Love,Momma
11/19/2008 Good Morning Sweet Boy!Well Rowdy Boy the Little White Angel you sent us when you left us has come back home.She entered RBB 11/17/2008,exactly 2 yrs.after T Cat entered.
I know you and the gang will care for her now.At least she is not suffering anymore.She brought us over 2 yrs.of good times and very fond memories and had the sweetest 4 little boys that have given as much joy and happiness to us and 3 other people as she did.Daddy is really sad,because she became his Baby Girl after Sassy Girl left us.Scooter & Rufus miss her too.We will always keep her in our hearts just like all of you.She is buried at Pets at Peace beside Sassy Girl.
I got your tree on here early this year so you can have more time to get your marks on it as usual.Ha,Ha!I put snow on too,you always like to play in the snow.The holidays will be sader again this year because we lost Angel,but we will be ok.Happy Thanksgiving to you!I Love You,Momma
2/14/2009 Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Thing!My how time flys,I can't believe its been so long since you left us.We talk about you often.We only have 2 pets of our own now,but we get to babysit the GrandDogs.Meredith has a new Schnauzer named Gracie and Shane has a German Shepard pup named Jack.Old Saydee girl is still around,but she is feeling her age now.Watch for our kitty Sweetboy at RBB.He disappeared a month ago,don't know what happened to him.
You be a Good Boy as usual and run,play,chase birds and send us some good old doggy hugs & kisses.
WE LOVE YOU! Momma & Daddy
12/9/2009 Good Morning Sweet Boy!I can't believe Christmas is almost here again.I wanted to stop by and say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" to my Furry Angels and get your tree and present on here.We still miss you and talk about you alot.I call Scooter Rowdy half of the time because he gets more like you all the time.We only have two schnauzers now and a new black and white kitty named Oreo.He loves the dogs and acts like one,ha!Still babysitting Jack,he is grown now and pretty big,but Scooter still bosses him around.the kitty plays with him too,quite a sight to see!
I have to stop,but you have a great day and send some doggy kisses!We Love You! Momma & Daddy

12/8/2013 Hello Sweet Baby Boy,my how I have missed you! It just does not seem like 7 yrs.since you left us. We still Love You so much! MERRY CHRISTMAS SWEET BOY FROM ALL OF US AND THE FURBABIES HERE.

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