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Memories of Rowdy Sutphin
Rowdy was such a sweetheart. He never met a person or dog he didn't like. He especially liked puppies and took it upon himself to make them feel comfortable, safe, protected and loved. He made us smile and we were proud to be his people. The evil cancer took him away before his time, even though he was 12 years old, he still had the spark of a young pup. We could not bear to see him in such pain, so we had to make the very difficult decision to let him go to the Bridge. We will always hold him in our hearts and know that we will see him again one day. Our hearts ache for our "Rowdy Boy". Maybe one day we can remember him with a smile instead of tears. We love you sweet boy.....until we meet again.

5-8-2009 I want you to know that I saw the white dove in that unexpected place. Thank you for sending me this sign that you have arrived safely. We all miss you so much. I take Cody, Hayleigh and Gracie to your resting place under the trees where the birds are singing so sweetly and I feel your presence and breath on me. Dad called out your name when he was feeding the other babies. Cody was looking for you the night you left. We try to give him extra attention and took him on a long walk, forgetting that he is 10 yrs. old now. He got tired, but he enjoyed it. We stopped to let him rest often. We all miss you terribly but find comfort that you are no longer in pain and are happy and healthy again.

5-26-2009 Dad and I went to the mountains this weekend on the bike. As we rode on the Cherohola Skyway, I saw all the beauty of God's mountain masterpieces and it made me think of you. I tried to control the tears, but they came anyway. We stopped at a pull-off and I spilled it all out again to Dad and of course, he understood. The people at the motel had a 3 year old Golden named Maya. I enjoyed petting her, but I was thinking of you. Cody, Hayleigh and Gracie missed having you to watch over them when we were gone, but Scott came by to feed them and they were fine. I hold you in my heart all the time, sweet boy. Thank you for the rainbow you sent us and have fun with all our other furbabies that have passed to the Bridge over time.

11-13-2009 I still miss you so very much, Rowdy. It seems every pet item I see has a golden retriever on it. I always think of you and tell you, "Hey sweet boy!" I want you back so much, and I know that getting another golden won't replace you, so I guess I'll just wait for the time when I see you again. Have fun up there chasing rainbows and send me some signs that you are OK. Always loving you and holding you in my heart till I see you.

5-5-2010 Hi Sweet Rowdy. It has been a year now since you had to leave us and I still miss you so much! I know I always will, and no other one can ever replace you. You and I had a special relationship that can never be replaced in my heart. I love Cody, Hayleigh and Gracie, but they don't fill the void you left behind. The day I had to let you go will always be one of the saddest days of my life. I try to imagine you up there with all your new furbaby friends enjoying paradise and running a playing all day. I wonder who is there to throw a ball for you to run to get and then wag your tail so proudly bringing it back to me (and then, teasing me and not letting me have it back). Please wait on me and know that one of these days, I will come running to reunite with you and hold you so very close and all will we well again!!! I love you so much, sweet boy!

9-13-2013 It is with a heavy heart that we will soon have to let Cody come to you at Rainbow Bridge. He has a very large mass on his right hip that is that same inoperable cancer. All we can do is try to keep him out of pain. Good news, though, he is hanging in there and the pain meds seem to keep him out of pain somewhat. He still wags his tale, barks at anything that moves while guarding the front door and gets up and down the stairs slowly but surely. Like you, he is very loyal and always wants to be close to his people! Gracie and he still play their same old games. Gracie "dropping" her treats off the side of the bed so he can get them, then barks furiously at him like he's a thief or something. He pays her no mind and just munches on her "lost" treat! So funny! Also, they both stand outside my bathroom door and bark furiously, Cody baring his teeth, when I turn on my hair dryer. I point the hot air at him and he goes wild. We are not going to let him go until his pain is uncontrollable and we can see in his eyes that he is ready to go.

Even to this day, I still try to give every Golden I meet a big hug and wish so much it were you! Your memory is always with me and my love is always with you!

We have moved now, and sadly had to leave your burial site. Wished so much we had you cremated so we could bring you with us, but I still have the box with some of your fur and your collar and tags. They are on our fireplace mantel where we can always see them. Also I found a Christmas card with a Golden on the front that looks just like you! Thanks for "sending" it to us! He has a candy cane in his mouth and looks identical to you! I leave it out year round!

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