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Its been a month today since we lost our great friend and companion Rowdy.Hope he is without pain and suffering now .He was my mothers dachshund who we lost just a little over a year ago but they both lived with me the last years of there lives and I will miss them both forever and will never forget the great times we had and all the memories I have in my heart for both of them.Rowdy lived a full life but it still seems so short the time he spent here with us.The vet said she thought he had a brain tumor and that's what was causing the cushing disease and later bad seizures that started the last five days of his life .I couldn't stand to see him suffer any longer so I had to make that choice to put him to sleep and he died in my arms that day and was the worst thing I have ever done and will never forget that day.I still cry everyday cause I miss him so much.When I look around in this big empty house now and don't see his cute little face no more it just breaks my heart or when I wake up in the morning and hes not there beside me and ready to get up also.Well Rowdy hope mom has already been to Rainbow Bridge and picked you up and when its my time to go I will see you again Rowdy so you and mom take care until that day bye buddy I will always love and miss you so much

hi buddy its been over 4 months now since i lost you.My life means nothing anymore and i wish i was gone from this cruel world.I have nothing to live for and nothing to look forward to anymore.This hell hole i live in i hate so much but don't want to leave you and mom behind so i guess its a good place for me to die also.Wish i could believe that you are in a special place now but not sure if any of that is true so i just have to pray that it is and your not just outside in that hole i put you in after you died.I wish i would have known i could have had you cremated also so i could have put your ashes under the apple tree with mom and dad so you wouldn't be all alone now. I want to see you again so much when i leave this world so please i need to believe.I miss not seeing you in your chair or laying on my bed like you always did.Well bye now Rowdy and tell mom and dad i miss them so much also bye now and take care

HI my special friend just wondering how things are going (wish i knew for sure rowdy how you are) but that's not possible so just have to hope and pray.I'm not a real religious person so in my heart i guess i have to think positive and hope i will join you and the rest of the family that have had to leave us.Ive never been so lonely as i am right now and that's the worst feeling ever.Days go by and i don't here or see anyone so i have nothing to look forward to in the future so i might just as well be gone now too. They tell me i should get another puppy but someday's i think yes and then two hours later i think no so maybe just keep your memories in my heart.Well maybe that's all for now and see you at the monday night candlelight service Ive been going to and its helped me so much.There are so many people on here just like me that have lost there special friends also well bye now rowdy and say hi to mom and dad for me and come see me again someday.

Hi sweetheart the winter has been so bad this year in every way.Been trying to kill myself outside shoveling snow and maybe someday it will happen i hope.That's what got dad so hope it takes me too.So many times i wish i was gone from this crazy world now cause i have nothing left to live for now after they took you away from me.Hope your warm and safe now rowdy but come and look in on me now and then please.In a few days now it will be 5 months since you left me and everyday has been so hard especially in the evening when its so quite and dark in this house.All i do is think about you and mom when you were here with me and I miss that so much .I have said this so many times i didn't know how good i had it when you both were here and it took loosing both of you for it to sink in well just wanted to say hi and let you know i still miss so much and i thank you for the time we did have together and thank you for the unconditional love you gave me over your 12 years bye Rowdy my forever friend and have a great Christmas with mom this year cause she was gone from you last year and now your gone from me. hope to see you soon Rowdy

MERRY CHRISTMAS ROWDY AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR hope your Christmas was better then mine bud.I have never been more lonely and sad on Christmas then i was this year.Hope your back with mom now cause she was gone last year and i thought that was bad but this year was even worse for me.I still feel so guilty rowdy for what i done and I don't know if it will ever go away.It will be 5 months on monday that I lost you now and it still hurts so bad but I've been going to the candlelight services now on monday nights here at Rainbow bridge and there are so many people suffering through the same things that i am going through with you.I pray that you are really in heaven Rowdy and your not just outside in that hole where i put you 5 months ago god i pray.I'm not a real religious person but i have to believe now so someday soon i will see my little buddy again well like i said MERRY CHRISTMAS LOVE YOU SO MUCH BYE P.S stop and see me again someday or just look in on me please i think you have been here before there was a couple of things i noticed hope that was you bye now and take care say hi to mom and dad for me too

HAPPY NEW YEAR SWEETHEART hope your where's its warm cause its so cold here now Rowdy.Every time i look at your grave now it just breaks my heart to see you there and still can't believe your gone now but you suffered so much them last five days and i never want to see you go through that again so hope you will forgive me and someday i will hold you again.The days are so long and lonely now in this empty house and i would love to have another dog but don't know if that will ever happen.The tears still come but maybe not as frequent but believe me i still think of every minute of the day well that's all for now hope you can hear me cause I'm always talking to you and mom and dad so if you can give me a little sign again that your still with me bye now and hope your new year is a happy and safe one take care Rowdy LOVE YOU SO MUCH

HI ROWDY its another lonely Sunday for me and still so cold here.Hope your where its always warm and the sun is always shining with lots of green grass.I still feel so bad for taking your life away cause i know you were not ready to die.You loved life even though you were sick and failing and it hurts me every time i think of that.You were so sick and suffered so much that last night after you had 3 or 4 seizures and i held you all night and we talked about how i was going to send you to be with mom where there would be no more suffering for you.I wish i could have kept you for awhile longer Rowdy but that would have been so selfish of me but i still wish i could have. This all happened so soon after losing mom just a year and a month ago and dad 5 or 6 years before that.Well your back in moms arms again now and i know she will take great care of you and love you so much as she did when she was here.Well bye now bud and come see me soon so i know your okay {I WISH I KNEW THAT FOR SURE ROWDY I WOULD FEEL SO MUCH BETTER} bye now and take care LOVE YOU ALWAYS

HI SWEETHEART its been 6 months today since you left me and i remember that day so well.Lot of times when i go to bed i will start thinking of that and it makes just start sweating and i have to throw off the covers. Still having so much trouble with it and would love to have another puppy and i know you would want me to but just don't know if i can cause I'm still angry about them taking you away.I have nothing to look forward to anymore and the days are so long and lonely.I know you are without pain and suffering now and your once again with mom as she left this world a little over a year before you did and i know in my heart that she missed you very much and she was so proud of you when she brought you home and you were such a good little puppy with everyone that came close to you.But when you got older you got a little grouchy heehheeheh but never hurt anyone.I guess i spoiled you so bad when you and mom moved in here with me and we had a great time bud and i will never forget all the things we did together and i can count on my one hand the times i didn't take you with me cause we were together always and i guess that why its so hard now not having you here with me well bye Rowdy love you so much and will never forget you

Hi Rowdy hows things going and still miss you so much.The days are still so long sitting here in this house but looks like i made it through another winter but there were so many times i wish i wouldn't have.Been doing some things here it the house to help make time go by a little easier and to keep my mind off things.Its been so long since I've lived alone and now i remember how loneliness is once again and i don't like it but hopefully i wont be on this earth much longer and that's the way i feel anymore.there's a few things i want to do before i leave this cruel world but if i didn't then now it would be okay too.Well bud that's all for now take care and someday i want to hug you and hold you once again bye now and please come see me sometime soon in my dreams or maybe your here with me all the time i hope LOVE YOU ROWDY

To call him a dog hardly seems to do him justice, though in as much as he had four legs, a tail, and barked, I admit he was, to all outward appearances. But to those who knew him well, he was a perfect gentleman. Bye Rowdy and please stop by some time soon again I MISS YOU MORE THEN ANYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD
I read this on critter's memorials and just wanted to share it with you ROWDY cause I believe in every word of it LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH I am not dead, yet I feel like some part of me has died.
I am still breathing, although I don't know how to anymore since you left.
Life doesn't hold the same excitement that it did when you were walking with me.
Home used to be the safe, comfortable place, and now it is merely a place I sleep.
Work was better knowing that I had you to come home to.
Eating brought me joy, because I could share the good stuff with you.
I can never look at stuffed animals the same way that I used to with you not here to give them a total workout.
My friends can't look at me the same way because they are only seeing half now. It was you that made me complete.
Thinking will never be the same anymore for me because no matter what else I try to think of, you will somehow be present in that thought.
There will be no more joy rides for me. You were the joy in my ride.
The only upside that I see to all of this is that Heaven is more real to me now.
I will see you again one day, but, until that day, know that you will fill my heart and my mind with the memories of having known you completely.

Hi bud hope things are fine.Spring is finally here i think and it makes me feel so bad cause i know you would have loved it so much after the long winter.You and me couldn't hardly wait to go for walks and rides in my old pickup when the snow was finally gone.Been doing lots of crying again lately so hope you are looking down and seeing what this has done to me and don't worry bud i'm not blaming you that i feel so bad its just that i have to get over it in my own way i guess and its been the hardest thing in my whole life and will take a lot of time if i ever do get over it.I never felt so lonely in my whole life as i do now that both you and mom are gone now.I still think of mom a lot also and i know now i never knew how great i had it back then when both of you lived here with me and i wish i could have that back again well i'm crying again Rowdy so better go now so love you so much and stop by any time or just check up on me now and then okay see ya soon i hope

HI BUD ITS APRIL FIRST TODAY and its kinda nice outside.Been a bad winter in more ways then one this year.Hope someday i can explain to you why i did what i did Rowdy and i did it for you bud you were so sick bye now and love you forever
HI SWEETHEART haven't been on here much and I'm so sorry but have couple other memorials going for so please forgive me and don't worry cause I still think of you every minute of every day.Hope you and mom and dad are together now and you didn't have any problems finding them there in that beautiful place you are in now.I never got another dog and probably never will cause i get so attached and never want to let go.When you left me I thought it was the end of my life also for the first six months Rowdy it was so very hard and it has gotten easier now cause I know a few things I didn't before.I know that you young and free to run and back with mom again cause you were her puppy and she missed you so much when she left here just a year and one month before you did well I guess that's all for now bye Rowdy and please remember you will always be my best friend and I want to see you again so bad so until then I MISS & LOVE YOU AND MOM AND DAD SO MUCH BYE NOW

Just come by to say Hi so sorry i dont come here much cause i dont think there is room to write much anymore but i really thing by now everyone that reads this knows how much i loved you and miss you well bye now bud i have a memorial on Critters.com and theres no limit that you can write so bye Rowdy LOVE U AND MISS U SO MUCH

Hi sweetheart just wanted to come wish you the happiest of new years and i still miss you like crazy and now with the holidays so keep watch over me bud cause i am always thinking of you and mom,dad not only in voice but through my heart also bye now take care you will always be my best friend and alot of the time my only friend
Love you from the bottom of my heart

Hi Rowdy just came to say hi again and sorry i dont come here much anymore but you are on my mind every minute of every day still so please remember that.Its your birthday tomorrow You would have been 14 years old rowdy and now you are up in heaven with mom and i know she missed you very much cause you were her pride and joy when she first got you i remember when she would sit on the couch you would lay on her shoulders and now i wish i would have gotten a picture of that cause that would be framed now for everyone to see well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROWDY and sorry im a day early but i had someone else i came here to see so i thought i would stop in and see you.I have another memorial set up on critter.com also that i keep up for you so im always thinking of you bye now sweetheart and take care stop by and see me anytime could always use a friend and you were my best LOVE YOU

Hi sweetheart i dont come here much anymore and im sorry and you know why. I have a memorial on critters.com/Rowdy set up now and i write lots of things in there for you and there are so many beautiful people there and here also that are feeling the way i do.The days dont go by fast enough for me no more cause i want to leave this crazy world and join you,mom and dad there at that beautiful place in the sky so much now.I think of you guys every minute of the day and i hate being so lonely now.I guess i have no one to blame for that but myself but it still hurts so much so put in a good word for me with Jesus or someone that can help me get there with u sooner bye now and remember you will always be my best friend ALWAYS say HI to mom and dad for me ROWDY BYE

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