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Memories of Roxie
Roxie was one of a kind, she was sweet and lovable. She was my best friend, and went everywhere I went. She had her own unique way of communicating. For example, she would bark every night at 6 o'clock to let me know that she wanted to go onto my bed and watch TV. Then about 8 o'clock she would bark to get off the bed, slide my closet door and get inside where she would find warmth, privacy and comfort since the closet is where she preferred her bed to be. When I would ask her if she wanted to go outside, she would bark, if she didn't she'd shake her head no.

Each morning at 7:30 she would have to put on her leash and go 'bye bye car' which translates to sitting in the driver's seat of my Rav. Roxie would sit and just look straight ahead -- we'd count 1 minute and then we'd be home. That would be her ride for the day. While I was at work, she would keep her grandma company -- my elderly mother. They were the best of friends and adored each other. They would keep each other company all day until I got home. When my brother in law would come to have lunch with my mother he would take Roxie outside -- that was the highlight of both their days. She'd come in after doing her 'business', have a little cheese stick and then bark at the kitchen cabinet for a cookie -- the cookies weren't in that cabinet for 14 years! She was a creature of habit.

Roxie also adored my sister -- they were as close as pages in a book. My sister would come to the house each weekday at 7:20 -- Roxie would wait at the top of the stairs with her head between the spokes of the stairs -- when my sister arrived, it was outside for some sniffing and 'other business'. On the weekends Roxie would often wait the top of the stairs and would soon give up when the smell of scrambled eggs and turkey bacon would waft from the kitchen.

Roxie did so many things that made everyone laugh. She was gentle furry little soul with an overflowing amount of love which she bestowed on everyone who was in her life- she loved unconditionally. We miss her more each day and she will remain forever in our hearts. Roxie, thank you for coming into our lives and showing us what love truly means. Until we meet again -- love you Double D!

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