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Memories of Rubyslipper Precious
5/13/11 - I lost you so suddenly, it took me some time to think about what I would write, my Precious. I want you to know how grateful I am to have had that last special weekend with you sleeping curled up behind my knees. Were Tabitha and Claude there to meet you when you crossed over? Tell them I miss them, too. I see Amirah looking around for you sometimes, I think she misses you too.
5/15/11 - All this week, I have been thinking back to the day you were born. A tiny singlet kitten, I cradled you in my arms the day you were born, as I did every single day until you had to leave me. Looking at you, I knew you were a little girl, and your white coat bespoke of the colored points which would start to emerge in the next few weeks, and I knew you would have the deepest beautiful blue eyes just as your sweet mother had. As I held you gently, I whispered your name in your tiny ear, though you could not yet see or hear me. "Precious.. Precious..." Some adopt their furchildren, but you were born to me, and I knew you from the first hour of your too-short life. You grew quickly, and each day I loved you more. Then came that awful day. It was supposed to be a routine spay operation and I said "everything will be ok, my sweetheart, and I will see you this afternoon." Then came the phone call telling me that they had you open and there was a large abdominal mass that had all but choked off the blood supply to your intestines. It was inoperable, and there was no hope. I couldn't believe it! I would lose you, and I wouldn't even get the chance to hold you in my arms as the end came. Of course, not wanting you to suffer, I gave the order to let you go. I will never again (in this life) to hold you in my arms, stroke your soft fur or pet your head. In spite of all the good memories I have of the unconditional love you gave me, the tears still fall every time I think of you. You gave me the sweetest gift I can never repay. Soon they will call me to come pick up your ashes. While I dread this, I will be relieved that you will be back home with me at least in some form.
My darling one, please do me a favor. I want you to find all those angels at the bridge who have never known the love you knew from the first day of your life, those who were abused and abandoned and mistreated. Let them know when I come to meet you at last, I shall not forget them either and we will all cross over together.
6/1/11 - Sweet baby, every day I come here to visit you. Finally I can do it without crying, (usually.) Healing is the point where the good memories start to outnumber the tears. It's almost summer now, baby... I made it summer in your residency. Please know I miss you and love you. The other furbabies miss you too, and they make it possible for me to go on.
9/1/11 - Sorry I haven't visited you since June, Precious. The whole summer passed by in a blur of grief since we lost my brother to a motorcycle accident in July. I know somehow you found his two golden retrievers who were waiting there at the bridge for him. I hope you all had fun playing until he came to fetch them :) I'm not strong enough to say much more about that, Precious. I just wanted you to know that dad and I miss you, and so do your fur brothers and sisters that are still with us.
11/20/11 - The holidays are almost here, Precious. Kelly and Chris will be here with us, John and Steve are out at sea. I left a holiday tree there with you to remind you I still think of you every day.

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