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Memories of Rylee

You have given us so much in your lifetime,,,You can never be forgotten,,,You will live forever in our hearts
Dec 25,2008 We came home and found you in the backyard. You had already passed and your sister Raven was beside you, protecting you I'm sure. I know your legs were weak, and I think you may have been sick. I pray that you weren't in much pain. I know you went peacefully, while you were waiting for us to come home from Christmas stuff. You were never alone, not for a minute. There was never a time we couldn't wait to come home so you could show us that you missed us. You were always so happy to see us. You made our house a home, and seemed to complete our family. I could not bear to let you stay there and brought you to the doctor. A small part of you will return, but your Soul will live forever in our hearts. You will have many new friends to play with and you will protect them as you did us. Grandma Gorman will like to see you, so give her some lovin for me will ya?
Dec 29, 2008 We miss you so much. Your vet's office sent a card with the RainbowsBridge poem. Somehow I found this place for you. We remembered you in the Candle Ceremony. There hasn't been a sound, or a place at home that I think your still here. I found your collar, the one you hated. We went through our photos and you are in almost every one of the them, especially the ones with Stephanie, Hailey and Ryan. They miss you too. Raven and Angel are also remembering you it seems. Mommy and I are heartbroken. We hope that God's gift to you was the RainbowBridge. Your candles are lit and the light is soft. I remember you as you always were, looking to bring smiles and fun to me when I needed them the most. Thank You for being a part of our family.
Jan 1, 2009, Happy New Year,,Can you hear the neighbor's fireworks from Heaven? They can't scare you anymore.Still tryin buddy,,,still tryin...It's never going to the same without you, but we will rely on your memories and trust your spirit to guide us.
Dec 25, 2009 We came home and couldn't stop thinking of you all day. Knowing that you wouldn't be here when we came home was very difficult. This last year was very hard. The pain eased and faith in God saw us through and we realized that every time we thought of you, it was your spirit visiting us and telling us you were in a nice place and that you are only a thought away. Raven is doin well and your nephew Myles, is a good boy. He is so much like you in many ways. He was at the door waiting to greet us, just like you did. We all miss you very much.
Dec 25,2010 Hey buddy, There isn't a day that goes by that I don't see a little of your spirit in Myles. He is a good boy, and he and Raven are each others keeper and partners in crime. I miss you, and will never forget you. When we went to the place where you were born, Faraway Farms to be chosen by Myles, I brought your ashes and sprinkled them on a near a group of trees in the meadow. I wanted you to be close to home. Your always in our hearts, Merry Christmas. Stephanie, Hailey Ryan and Mommy also miss you.
Dec 25,2013 Sitting here at home, With a new soul for you to protect, Stephanie Had a baby boy, Hunter James. I am sure you would be all over protecting him like you did Hailey and Ryan. Still missing you and Mom terribly. I will never forget you and what you meant to me. Love You,,,Merry Christmas.

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