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Memories of Ryleigh Lynne Coogan

Ryleigh, we miss you so much. I never knew a heart could break this much. Rascal is heartbroken and so lonely. Your "docs" were devestated to hear that you were gone. You were such a special girl. Your breeder wanted you put down when you were only a few weeks old. Your "doc" said no and took good care of you and your siblings. We were so fortunate that she chose us to be your forever family. We named you after your doc. The breeder was such a bad breeder, you had so many things go wrong but you never let it show. We took you to Va. Tech's vet school and had your hip replaced before you were a year old. Then the "docs" thought you had Lupus but it was only Ventiligo, thank God. You were prone to urinary tract infections and you developed a muscle wasting disease that scared us to death. I think all of these things made you even more special to us. You loved to go on "long bye-byes. with your family, especially to the mountains. You loved the snow, which was strange because you hated wet grass! You were such a character, you would go out in the yard to potty and had to be coaxed back across the wet grass.
Ry, there are 9 wonderful years of memories of you (not nearly long enough). You were loved more than I could ever put into words. Some people don't like Rottweilers, baby they just didn't know you. We lost you to a lung tumor in one day with no warning. I thank God for not letting you suffer any longer but it was so unexpected. We had a beautiful funeral for you at Garden of the Pines Pet Cemetery. I've had so many pets in my life but you were the first we had a real funeral for. May God bless and keep you my Punkin Noodle until we meet again baby.
We love and miss you,
Mommy, Daddy, Michael & Kryssy (and Rascal and Cody)

12/16/09 Hello my beautiful angel. Mommy and Daddy decorated a little Christmas tree for you and took it to the pet cemetery last weekend. We wish with all of our hearts that we were buying you toys and your favorite treats for Christmas. You were always so excited on Christmas morning, so anxious to open your presents. Your eyes would almost pop out of your adorable little head. It's going to be so hard without you this Christmas Ry. You will be in our hearts Christmas Day and every day my sweet little Rottie. Rascal misses you so much. When I say your name he closes his eyes and puts his head down. Mommy takes him for more walks now and I take him to Petsmart and anywhere else that I can take him with me. Mommy is crying too hard to write anything else right now sweetheart. I wish I could just snuggle with you one more time and what I'd give to hear that "WOOO WOOO WOOO WOOO WOOO!!!" Mommy loves and misses you Ryleigh Lynne. Bye for now baby girl.

2/01/10 Hello my Punkin Noodle. Mommy just wanted to say that we love and miss you more everyday. Mommy and Daddy share memories of you every single day. It still hurts Michael, Krysten and Daddy so much that they can't bring themselves to write anything to you yet but they do love and miss you so very much baby. We had a big snowstorm here 2 days ago. Rascal is loving playing in it but I know he misses having you to play in it with. I know you would have loved it. We didn't even have to go on the "long bye bye to Pennsylvania" to see snow. It actually snowed here in Chesapeake, VA!
Mommy and Daddy went to the pet cemetery last Friday to get your Christmas tree. We're not allowed to decorate anymore until mowing season is over in the fall. I really wanted to decorate for you for Valentine's Day and Easter. I really wish you were here to see you excited about your treats and presents for Valentine's Day and Easter. You loved hunting for Easter eggs and playing "hide and seek" with treats. The Monday Night Candle light ceremony will begin in 8 minutes so Mommy will say goodbye for now my little Rottie. I love and Miss you Ry, Mommy

2/22/10 Hey Punkin Noodle. Mommy just wanted to say that she loves and misses you more every single day. Cody now barks and chases everyone when they try to go out the front door. We always joke about how well you trained him. Rascal sleeps on top of my legs every night as if he is afraid that I will leave him too. I know he misses you so much baby. You two were together for 9 years and you went everywhere together. You'll be together again one day at Rainbow Bridge sweetheart. Until that day enjoy playing with Chase, Terra, Gizmo, Strudel, Leo, Fireball and all of your new friends. Try not to be too bossy with them, okay? :) Your family misses you terribly my little Rottie. Love you girl, Mommy.

4/04/10 Happy Easter Ryleigh Lynne. We miss you so much today baby. Rascal and Cody hunted for treats today and it was not the same without you. We took Rascal for a walk today, he saw 2 dogs running and playing together. I know he wishes that it were you two wrestling and being silly like you used to. Daddy and I took Rascal to a park called, Oak Grove Lake Park yesterday. Rascal had fun seeing the other dogs and swimming to fetch a stick. Daddy and I couldn't get our minds off of you. We shared sweet, funny memories of you all day. It seems like Rascal is suddenly doing some of the things you used to do. Daddy says that he is channeling you. If he is I hope that you can feel our love through him!!! You are loved and missed so much Punkin Noodle. I know that you are enjoying Easter at Rainbow Bridge with all of your new friends but I still can't help but be selfish and wish you were here. Love you Baby Girl, Your Mommy.

9/27/10 My dearest Ry,
I am so sorry that I have not written to you in so long. Mom had neck surgery and can't spend much time on the computer. My thoughts and love are with you every day my little Rottie. I talk to your picture on the computer screen. Mommy and Daddy talk about you every day. You are missed so much my Punkin Noodle. It is just Rascal, Cody and the silly bird now. Jazz joined you at Rainbow Bridge almost 2 weeks ago. I hope you welcomed her and introduced her to all of your new friends. More realistically you are chasing her and she is hissing at you.:) We sure do miss both of you. It will be a year Oct. 2nd that we lost you baby. One of the saddest and most difficult days of our lives. Jazz was buried with you at the Garden of the Pines Pet Cemetery so it made that day even harder for us. Watch out for Jazzy for us until we are all together again. I've got to get up the strength to give Jazzy a residency here. With all the love in my heart Ry,
Your Mommy

10/02/10 My Ryleigh Lynne,
It's been 1 year today since we lost you and our world almost stopped turning. I can't believe it's been a whole year since we have seen you, smelled you, and touched you. Jazzy is with you now. I hope you are being good to her and not chasing her too much. Please take care of her until the joyful day when we are all together again. Your family (especially Rascal) loves and misses you so so very much baby, With all my love forever, your Mommy.

12/15/10 Hi My Punkin Noodle,
It's almost Christmas and you are missed more than ever baby. I can't believe that this is our 2nd Christmas without you. Mommy and Michael put your decorated Christmas tree at your cemetery spot along with lots of poinsettas. I bought you a cute penquin toy to put out there but the weather has been so cold (and snowy, you would have loved it!) that I haven't gotten it out there yet. Well Miss Ry your Mom went and did it, she brought home a Rottweiler puppy. I know you would be so jealous but it's because you were so special that we adopted another one. She will never be you sweetheart, noone ever could be but she has her own little special qualities. She does do some of the things you did and it reminds me of you, like shake with her southpaw. She started shaking with her right paw but she has switched. It must be a girl Rottie thing huh? I don't remember you ever being so aggressive but it has been 11 years since you were her age. I miss you so much little girl. So does Rascal. He was ready to pack his bags when we first brought "Sophie Noel" home but he has become a little more patient with her now. He has let her know what he will and won't put up with though. Cody just tries to hide from her. He's 13 years old and the last thing he wants to deal with is a playful puppy. Cody had eye surgery and he can see again. We are so blessed to have the specialists to do such things. Well punkin I need to write to Jazzy. I hope you two are looking out for each other and not fighting. Mommy loves and misses you baby girl, love Mom.

Oct/28/11 Ryleigh my sweet baby girl, I did not realize that it had been so long since I've written to you. I talk about you every day and miss you more every day. Mommy, Daddy, Rascal and Sophie went on our annual anniversary trip to the mountains last weekend. We missed having with you so much. Everything was, remember when Ryleigh did this and did that. You are always on our minds and in our hearts baby. I'm sure that you know by now that we lost Cody too. It was so hard. We did all we could to save him but it wasn't God's will. He is buried right behind you and Jazz at the pet cemetery. It's almost Halloween so you guys have fall flowers and painted pumpkins at your buriel sight. I have scarecrows that I'm going to take out there for you guys tomorrow. Rascal is sick and needs 2 surgeries. He's going on 12 years old so I'm afraid to put him through it. He might not be able to breathe without one of them, but there could be complications if he does. Punkin Noodle you should be here to play hide and seek for treats and get a new halloween toy. We just miss you so so much that our hearts still break for you. We not only have the new puppy (she turned a year old on Oct. 20th) Sophie, but Kryssy rescued a Pittbull mix puppy that's family dropped her off at a boarding kennel and abandoned her there. Michael and Amber (Amber lives with us now, she and Michael are going to be married. You would love being here with her. She misses you too) rescued a kitten that looks like jazz from the SPCA. His name is Tux. Sophie resembles you and Tux resembles Jazz, I can't even imagine what Rascal must be thinking. Sophie resembles you because you both are Rotties and are both mahogany and black but her personality is totally different. (of course it is because there could only be one Ryleigh Lynne Coogan, Ever!) She whines and talks all of the time. She's a big goofball. She doesn't run the house like you did, she lets the new puppy who is younger take her bones and toys. You wouldn't have stood for that. She is a big baby but we love her. You would have too. You would have let her know where her place was but you would have loved her. Rascal grumbled at her at first but now they love each other. I'm sure that's how it would have been for you. I wish I could have had you with me for the rest of my life girl but for some reason God made doggies lives shorter than most humans. I hope you know that I would go through everything with you again girl if I could do it all over again. All of my babies are special in my heart but you sure took a huge part of it with you when you left Ry. Mommy had better get ready to go ni-night. I love you forever my sweet Rottie, Goodnight, I know your in a much better place than we are baby. Have fun with your new friends at Rainbow Bridge and keep an eye on Jazz and Cody for us. God Bless and Keep You Baby Girl until next time, with all my love always, Your Mommy

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