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Memories of Rocky
It's now November 9th, four months have gone by now. I constantly think of you, espically mornings on my way to work,when I'am driving alone in my car, the last place I had you beside me. I still have many tears to cry, and much sorrow inside over losing you. What I wouldn't give just to hold you again one more time. Your Dad said to tell you Hi, I know he misses you very much too. This is going to be a long cold lonely winter without you here snuggled up beside me. There have been several of us now this year who have lost our precious pets. So much pain and sorrow has touched so many of our lives. I hope where ever you are you can always see us when you want, that you can always see how much love is still here for you, how very much your missed. I love you beyond words my precious little man, I will be with you again someday, and until that day I hope you know you will never leave my thoughts and prayers. Please never give up waiting for me, I will be with you again one day and we will never be parted again. I will always continue speaking to you and thinking of you, I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday Rocky, today March 10th you would have been 8 yrs old. There's no love like the love you have for your first puppy, no replacement for the years spent growing together. The years may continue to go by but nothing will ever take away the hurt and sorrow I will always continue to carry inside from the day we lost you. I pray that you will be waiting there for me when I pass from this life. I pray that all our companion's which we lose in our life time will all be there waiting. I can never forget your precious little face, your loving hugs when we held you close, I miss you still so very much. We have gotten a new puppy named Joey. I know we can never replace the place you filled in our heart or lives but I just hope and wish I can find even a small part of you in Joey. He very much reminds me of how tiny you were when we first brought you home. It would be wonderful if you could be his little angel and help dad and I watch over him and always keep him safe since he's going to be so small. The years go by so very fast, too fast to really stop and enjoy our lives anymore and no way to ever turn back the time weve lost. Always know my precious baby chub, you never leave my thoughts, there's never a day that goes by that I don't think of you and how much I miss you, I love you and wanted you to know I will never forget your birthday and one of these times I'll be there with you. Till I write again, please never forget how much we love you, how much we miss yoo. Happy Birthday my precious little man. No time can ever heal the hurt & pain that remains from losing you a year ago, and I can't believe its been a year now. The love of a pet is like no other, and can never be replace with another. Still today there's not a day that goes by that your not in my thoughts, I still miss you beyond words and wish every day I could hold you again and tell you how much I loved you. Iam counting on the day that you will be with me again and never be seperated ever again. I only hope your ok not and that you know how much you will always be loved and remain in our hearts until were together again. I will write you again soon, until then you will always remain my little man. August 11,2005 I had to slow down on my writing or run out of space, but there's not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of you, I can't believe its been two years now that you passed from us. We have moved,hopefully never again either. Cody is not doing well these days, he's having trouble with his legs and now we found out he has skin cancer, he's almost 10 now so were not sure how much longer we'll have hime with us, but hopefully when he leaves us he will then be with you, I hope you know how much your dad and I miss you, I wish you could have moved with us into our new home were in now you would have loved it outside with all the trees and its so peaceful. I love you Roc your always in my thoughts, you always will be May 29,2007 Please forgive me for not writing for so very long, Iam just afraid of using all my space and having to erase some of it again as I had to in the past. Life is so very busy with our shop and four dogs, three which are getting pretty old now and have health problems. I wish I could just know in my heart somehow that everytime that I have thought about you that you knew it and that you felt it. This past weekend for the first time in since you've been gone I removed the blanket which you layed on when I took you to the vet, a trip which I never realized that I would not be bringing you back home again, I removed your lesh and collar, and the pictures I've always kept on my dash, only because Iam getting ready to sell the car now, but it brought back many memories and it was very hard to remove those things. I can't believe its almost 4 years now since you have passed, but the feeling is still so much there, I just hope your safe and well and know we still love you so much and will never forget about you. I'll write again as time passes, I love you. It now May of 2008, we just lost Cody on April 28th of this year and I am hoping so much that you are both together now and no longer alone, I hope you both will always know in your souls that your dad and I will be with you both once again someday and that you'll be waiting there for us, we love you both, now you don't have to be alone anymore, I love you both. Its hard to believe that you have been gone eight years now, the pain may have eased but the longing to hold you and love you again will never leave until I am with you once again. I so hope that it is true that we will be together once again someday, that would be wonderful! I love you Roc and I hope you feel that, I hope you have always felt it, I love you.

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