Pet Urn Sizing

Pet Urn Sizing

Cubic Inches = 88 c.i. or 0-88 pounds (approx.)
Inside Measurements = 5"(L) X 3-1/2"(W) X 5"(H)
Outside Measurements = 7-5/8"(L) X 6-1/8"(W) X 6-1/2"(H)

Cubic Inches = 119 c.i. or 0-119 pounds (approx.)
Inside Measurements = 5"(L) X 3-7/16"(W) X 6-15/16"(H)
Outside Measurements = 7-1/8"(L) X 5-11/16"(W) X 8-5/8"(H)

Cubic Inches = 182.5 c.i. or 0-182 pounds (approx.)
Inside Measurements = 5-7/8"(L) X 4-7/16"(W) X 7"(H)
Outside Measurements = 8"(L) X 6-9/16"(W) X 8-5/8"(H)

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