Good Bye to Floyd..
by ginny Brancato
It has been a very sad night and day. We have all lost a very special guy. At 12:15 am Tues. morning, Feb. 8th 2000 Floyd, "Flip the Booty" Named Floyd after the band "Pink Floyd" by my son, Dom, went to the Bridge.
Floyd was a cat that thought he was human. He knew no difference. We have such wonderful and funny memories of Floyd. I will miss him forever! 
I will never forget last night, Lisa, Dave and I on the floor crying beside Floyd, wrapped in a soft blanket. Lisa woke David, to say good-bye. Little seven year old David said, "Oh no, Floyd, I am so sorry I teased you" and bent over to hug the fat furry gray cat, who had just taken his last breath.The "human" cat who spent endless hours playing hide and seek with David. My heart pained.
We all cried together in a sorrow I have not felt within my heart since my Fifi girl. 
Floyd will be very missed. All three kitties are buried together. Fifi, Precious and "The Floyd" mayor of his terrirtory.Lisa asked and I said I would have it no other way. They all played together as kittens and lived together for such a long time, they belong in the ground together, for I know with all my heart they are all at the Bridge, meowing together.
Good-bye Floyd, we will miss you..
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