Let it be Me. We are all flying free waiting for Mommy!!"

Games at the Bridge

Conversations from the Bridge

by Ginny Brancato
Maxie shook her long black mane, scattering sprays of Rainbow Bridge water on Pooh, and all the others. "Oh, look Fifi giggled, I am pink, and BO is red! " Bo shook his furry body and sprayed the red colored water on everyone near him again. Fifi giggled as, Casey Bear and Brandi Bear said together, " Look at us We're green and April is yellow! " Tails wagged playfully and Everyone ran towards the magic water of the Rainbow Bridge Lakes and Maxie sighed in perfect contentment. Her black shiny coat was once again visible, the golden colors fading slowly, cast a soft shimmering hue around the very tips of her pointy furry ears.

Pooh jumped high way above the clouds and down again right on top of Maxies head. "Pooh, you are so silly Maxie laughed, you are always jumping up so high. 
"Pooh, I love you, Maxie purred." 
Pooh hugged his fury paws around his sister Maxie and grabbed her shiny soft paw within his. "Come on,Maxie, come fly with me"!
Fifi giggled again, rolled over in the green velvet grass and rubbed BO's tummy. "Oh, no.....Pooh is going to take Maxie for a ride again"!! 
Everyone ran in circles around Maxie, in glee, laughing happily, chanting together "Let it be me next !! Let it be me Pooh! 

Mr. Beauregarde, grouchy no more danced with the Waltzing Matilda. Katie Katester stepped lightly to the melody of love that surrounded them all. TippleToes danced ever so elegantly a game of hide and seek with the sweetheart Autumn Serenade and Booker T Bars neighed to the Rainbow Tunes that floated in the air.

Boz and Butter chanted, "Let it be us".Pooh! We want a turn after Maxie! 
"Butter stifled a giggle and turned to Boz. "Boz can you call me Buttterball, that's what my mommy always called me? " Boz wagged his tiny perfect tail, rolled over on his belly and laughingly replied, "Sure Butter, I will, but then can you call me Bozzie Doodles. That's what my mommy called me!" Everyone giggled again this time even louder. 

The green blades of grass swayed gently to the tinkling merry tunes of fun and laughter, and all the furry and feathered animals at the Bridge tap danced to the delightful melody of love as they all played games at the Bridge.
Barney The Orange Cat, sent kisses to the red-haired fox she was riding and Nickie Phoenix Aurora sat atop his sister Berserko's head, lovingly chewing her ears, flapping his wings, ever so proudly, chirping " Maxie tell Pooh I want a ride too!"
Billy the goat gently nudged the elegant foe Nikita to take a ride with Pooh and Bugs Bunny's cotton tail, twirled round and round to the joyful sounds throughout the Bridge. Vinnie and Baby Tammi flapped their wings together too, creating a whoosh, whooshing sound, in harmony as both sat atop Maxie's furry head. "Go for a ride with Pooh Maxie! Go for a ride with the Pooh." 

Maxie laughed and shook her long silky mane. "Go fly high Mr. Pooh, Ti, Angus and Macgregor too" "See how perfect I can balance. I can jump up high too just like the Pooh. I can jump up high like all of you do." 

At that very moment, Pooh swept down and took Maxie's furry paw and off they went high above the white billowy clouds, out of sight for just a moment and then down again with one swoop.
Cries of delight could be heard throughout the Bridge. "My turn, my turn," Remi, Annie, and Sebastian shouted.
One by one Maxie watched and laughed as each and every creature the Lord created, climbed atop pooh and off they went, way up high!

Buckwheat excitedly jumped up and down beside the huge acorn tree. His long black silky ears shined brilliantly against the glow of the blue skies, the collar he wore on earth and the little red heart attached gone from around his neck.
" I love to play games and fly high with Pooh! My turn, OK, Maxie" ? 

Fifi too watched in glee. Her autumn colors of orange, brown black and red shimmered in the Rainbow beyond. The Golden glow of the Bridge cast the color of peace and love. Minnows frolicked in the streams turning each yet again another magical whimsical color. Floyd, Precious and Rusty too, swam, playing with the ducks and fish as each turned yet a different color. Blue was bluer than blue and green so vividly vibrant, the many shades of gold and pinks cascading a golden merry go round of rainbow colors that entwined the kitties whiskers. Dusty, Boots, Sistina and the little "Alpha Face kitty" cried out, "My turn, 'Let it be me next! Let it be me Pooh!"

Fifi purred to Maxie. "Maxie, you can fly all by yourself you can. You can jump way up high too just as the Pooh. Just as all of us can do but isn't a ride so much fun with the Pooh? " Fifi turned to see Rosie, the spider with her eight hairy legs climb atop Pooh's head and giggled again ever so loudly!
"Oh Fifi ,"Maxie said. "Games at the Bridge are so much fun and we all are free, you and me, Aren't we?"
"Yes, Fifi purred, Games at the Bridge are so much fun, we are all flying free..waiting, waiting for our Mommy's, Maxie." 

Suddenly everyone stopped hearing those words, but just for a tiny little moment did they stop and then began to run in circles again and again around Maxie, chanting happily, "We are all flying free waiting for Mommy"!!

Fifi watched as Maxie purred and basked in the warmth of the sunshine, shaking her furry silky mane dry, splashing colorful waterdrops on everyone..
Fifi rolled over in the velvet green grass, and rubbed BO's tummy once more, just like his Mommy used to do. 
"Oh, no.. Fifi giggled and whispered ever so quietly. Pooh is going to take Maxie for a ride again!! Games at the Bridge are so much fun, we are all flying free..waiting, waiting for our Mommy's." 
Everyone chanted back happily, "yes, games at the Bridge are so much fun. We are all flying free.... waiting for Mommy! 
Your turn Maxie"!!!

Conversations from the Bridge "Let it be Me. We are all flying free waiting for Mommy!!
"Sequel to "Will My Mommy Remember Me?"
Games at the Bridge
-Ginny Brancato (Fificat) 11/15/00 fificat@aol.com 
"Written for Laurie Kris Thomson's beloved "Maxie" and all the other furbabies gone on ahead to Rainbow Bridge. . 

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Ginny Brancat