The Earth Stopped Moving the Day you Left
by Ginny Brancato
The Earth Stopped Moving the Day you Left
Continuation from "There neverwas a day"
The earth stopped moving, my head was spinning, the birds were silent, no sound, cept for my anguished cry.
You left me today, my beloved friend. I held your limp little furry body, so I know it was real.
The sun was shining and still i had shivered,yet there never was a day..nor night. Was this fear,this feeling, my heart, pumping to a wild rhythmic tune..
Crazy, that's how I felt, this can't be happening.
I know the moon fell, I felt the heavy darkness.. Would there ever be light?
Things were never the same since you left, everything is still tipsy turvy, Upside down.
Could the earth please stop once again..I want to get off. Visit my Fifi's Rainbow Bridge Residency
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