15 years was not enough
by Laurel srqt
Shoogee was found after she wandered up to a no-pets condo in 1990 and when no one claimed her, we became hers. She appeared to less than a year old at the time. Shoogee had a cognitive intelligence level that rivaled humans. She communicated effectively, verbally and demonstratively. Oh, she could be ornery by peering in the trash, hopping on counters, begging scraps for dinner, or trying to slip outdoors; but she also was a love who would comfort you when you felt down or ill. Shoogee would lull you to sleep with a Kenworth loud purr and sometimes barely touch you with her paw as she sat near you on the back of the couch. Anyone who spent even a small amount of time with Shoogee, was amazed at her intelligent nature. She greeted all with a verbal meow. Shoogee gave kisses when asked and also came running when you whistled. She obviously was part Siamese or Tonkinese due to her blue eyes and chatty nature. She also was polydactil with front paws like mitts. She was adept at giving you a playful swat as you passed by. She would always give you a little verbal message as you passed a doorway or jumped up on the bed as to say, Im here. Shoogee often wrestled with her adopted brother, Asti; a much more entertaining show than the WWF! At 15, Shoogee began losing a little weight, but when the weight loss suddenly accelerated, her vet gave us the news we never wanted to hear and were totally unprepared for. Within a week, we were forced to say goodbye. The grief we feel is very profound but we know we were fortunate to have been adopted by such a wonderful, bright creature as Shoogee.
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