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Memories of Abby
She came to me at 6 weeks old and from the very beginning was my constant friend and companion with me through the best of times and the worst of times. She waited for me patiently in absences and never gave up on me. We went on frequent trips to McDonalds for ice cream and hamburgers. She loved to go to Pet Smart and take trips in the car. She was a protector and we shared intimate conversations throughout her life. She was a fighter from the beginning when at 6 weeks old she almost died from an allergic reaction to her parvo shot. She miraculously pulled through only to overcome many other obstacle in her life. Abby never gave up on fighting for her own life or on me. She seemed to understand everything I said to her and listened intently, snuggling up against me and calming me with her presence and special licking. She followed me wherever I went and wherever I could take her. When we moved to Michigan, she learned to love walking along the lake, and after much encouragement enjoyed getting her feet wet. Even people who didn't like dogs, loved Abby.

Since she grew up with cats, she thought of herself as a cat for a very long time, trying to climb the in house cat trees where I would often have to rescue her. She would protect the cats. I remember one time in the bitter cold of winter coming home and finding the patio doors wide open with the bitter wind and snow blowing outside. She had my 5 cats all lined up barking and protecting them from leaving the house! She was an amazing dog in every way. Someone painted a picture of her in her mid years that is hanging in my hallway that says "Friends Forever" and that is what we are. It is very hard facing each day without her. In her last year her health was declining rapidly. She was blind and deaf but was still stubborn enough to fight until she could fight no more. Even in the midst of the Corona Virus I was able to lay beside her and hold her close as she was quietly relieved of her pain and agony and drifted into sleep. My arms ache to hold her and talk to her one more time, to sing to her the song I often sang to her when she was anxious, "You Are my Sunshine" Now my song to her is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and I know she is waiting for me when I enter into Heaven to join her.

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