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Memories of Andy
Andy loved lying in the sun, eating Friskies cat treats, chasing crumpled up paper, prancing into the room all cheery with his tail up, eating chicken, the silent meow, sleeping on Amy, guarding Robin while she slept, wanting Charles to hold him and carry him around, being in open spaces, and he blessed the house with his loving presence. He always answered Robin when she talked to him either with a meow or a silent meow. He would jump up to meet her hand when she put it down to pet him. He liked to keep the white part of his mane pristine and fluffy. He would head butt Robin's hand and rub his head and face on her hand. When Mom went to pet his cheek he would turn his head so she could pet both cheeks. His favorite toy was "The Kicker." He would look out the window when it was time for Robin to come home from school. He would also wait for her on her bed. He would go out to the entryway to greet Dad when he came home from work. He would meow at Robin's bedroom door for her to ket him in. Leading us to the water or food bowl when they were empty. He was the sweetest, most affectionate kitty.

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