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Memories of Archie
Archie was the twinkle in my eye, the joy in my day, the love in my life. He pawed me to wake, he "goosed" me to get my robe, he raced me downstairs for coffee, he prompted me for hikes, he barked at me to play, he cuddled with me for naps, he stayed with me through every tutoring session, he snuggled between my husband and me at bedtime. He was my wiggle wumpus, my snuggle buggle. He found me when I was distracted and drew me in love. He found me in tears and licked my face. He was always with me. He made me feel I was lovable. He taught me to stop, sit and kiss. He flopped off his bean bag, he wiggled all over the bed, he fluttered the end of his tail, we waggled his whole body, and he paced up and down the stairs when we came home. He laid with crossed legs, so dignified; then he'd roll on his back for his belly to be rubbed, with no dignity. He just wanted me to love him, to hug him, to pet him. His eyes were so deep, so soulful, so sad at times. He wouldn't break a stare. He watched me where ever I went. His favorite thing was to have excursions ... to the mountains, to the beach, to the park ... where ever to run, run and run. His agility was amazing. He also LOVED his bones. Archie carried a bone in his mouth for security most all of the time. He sat with a bone, he laid down with a bone, he walked with a bone, he peed with a bone, slept with a bone. He licked and he licked and he licked. He'd lick my husband's bald spot, he'd lick my hands whenever I put on lotion, he'd lick my face, and lick my nostrils, and lick my neck, he'd lick the air. We'd pretend to be Archie, the Lickoholic. We'd make up 12 step saying's he'd make. "My name is Archie, and I'm a Lickoholic. I can't hold my licker." He loved long luscious grass, he'd roll and roll. He loved climbing, jumping and running on narrow paths. He was our Silver Bullet. He was our "Little Guy." He was my "Pumpkin Pie, Little Guy." He was Buster Brown, Archie Boy, Archie Man, Archie Barchie. Lately, he'd become "Archie Bear." I miss this dog more than my words can express. It's only been 6 days, and it feels so long since I've seen his face. His absence in each day is huge. It's quiet. It's calm. Days lack the joy, the spark, the warmth, the cuddles. I know I will be okay, and I have my beautiful Old English Sheepdog, Lulu. But there will never be another like Archie. I miss you, buddy!

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