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Memories of A Royal Jewel
I have never had a dog like Jewels before. She seemed human. She could look into your eyes and read
what you were thinking.She loved to go camping with the Beagle girls. She loved to run fast fast,
but mostly, just loved being around her parents. She loved all the toys she had, and loved going to the farm and seeing Nana and Papa. She had some great tricks, you would tell her to go touch something and she would for a treat. She knew hand signs and loved to speak. She loved going for rides in the car. She loved going to her school and beauty parlor!!! (Petsmart!)She loved to have her nails painted. She loved taking showers! But I think running on the beach was her favorite thing to do. During the summer, her mom was home with her and we would hang out in the sun. She loved kids including Tyler....Her boyfriend was Mr. Brown. When my son and I went out to look at the puppies, there were about 10 of them and from afar, we picked her out and brought her home. I will never ever forget A Royal Jewel. Her passing is just to painfull to tell, maybe later, right now I cant.
I went to work today baby and the first thing I saw was your pictures all over my desk, and my screen saver. I miss you so much, My heart is just flat broken, but many great people have written such beautiful things on your site. Papa will be coming to see you soon. It breaks my heart that I have to lose you and my dad {whom you were named after}so close together. I never imagined that You would leave me before your papa.. I hope dear baby you are happy and pray we see each other again. I'm sleeping with your blanket everynight! I love you, MOM
Had a hard sleeping last night, I'm so sorry Jewel that mom had to put you to sleep. I didn't want you to hurt. I'm so sorry, but I loved you so much, I had to let you go. I so miss your snoring at night and your slobbery kisses and your tummy rubbing's. How I would give anything to hold you again. Love U, Mom
Well my dear baby, I brought your ashes home today, you are home with me. I miss you so much, I don't step on any pieces of your breakfast anymore, no more kisses, I'm still sleeping with your
blanket, I Love you! Mom
Dear moma's baby,Today its been 1 week since you past away! I miss you so much, but bringing you home last night gave me a little bit of peace. I miss you like crazy. People just don't understand!
Love you baby, Momma
My sweet baby, guess what? We ended up adopting 2 sweet little boxer girl puppies! I think you and
uncle Stan sent them. They will never ever take your place, I will tell them all the funny things you used to do! I love you baby!!Miss you like crazy!
My baby, Its been 3 weeks now, and the pain still does not go away..... I hung your necklace and
jewelry in the truck mirror. Every once in awhile, it jingles and I smile. I hold it tight!!!
I miss you my sweet sweet baby... Love you Mom
Hi my sweet sweet, guess what I found? A picture of you running fast fast at the ocean, with the biggest smile on your face, I hope that's what you are doing now!!!! We will be going to the ocean soon, and we will take you with us, and spread some of your ashes, so alittle of you will always be there.. love you and miss you so much, momma
Hi baby, well I did it! We went to the Ocean last weekend. I took you with us. It rained a lot. I took you down to the favorite part of the beach. I think the ocean grew by at least an inch from all the tears I shed. I just miss you so much. Your unconditional love. You were always there, ready to snuggle and slobber and snore and give mama the best kisses ever. Dad and Cheryl said that we should keep you in your urn. I wanted you to be at the beach as well as home, but I think they were right.
We are going fishing and camping at the end of the month, your other favorite thing. I don't know if I'm going to take you, it is just so hard!!!! I love you forever!!!!! Moma
My dear Jewels, I just miss you so much, I thought as the days go by, it would get a little easier, but no, I cry for you at night, I will never have someone love me as much as you have, I hope you are watchuhing over me baby girl... love you terribly momma
Happy Birthday Baby!! you would be 11 today! I miss you so much.... my heart is just plain broke...
I love you Mom.....
Hi my baby, I just want to say I love you and miss you so much, I want so much to know that you are okay...... love you momma
Hi sweet baby, it's my birthday today! I so wish you were here. I miss you like crazy!!! love you lots momma
Hi baby, I miss you so much. please come back to me.....
Hi my sweet baby,it's nana's birthday today! We are going to the ocean camping today.I have a great picture of you running on the beach, lips flying, smiling and slobbering! How you loved the beach... You will be in my heart as I step on that beach for the first time since loosing you. Miss you like crazy....... mom
Oh Jewels, I miss you sooooo much,I hope you are finally free of pain..... love you momma
Hi my dearest baby, I still miss you like crazy...... remember my girl I love you so much, my life will never be the same...
Hi Baby, well Papa should be with you now. I feel more at peace. I put your necklace and charms
in with him. So I know he will take care of you. It is almost one year and I still miss you like crazy.... love mom
Dear Jules, Mr Brown should be with you now. Kevin had to take him in 2 days before Christmas. I hope you guys are running fast fast.... It was the first Christmas with out you or Mr. Brown or papa. Miss you like crazy baby girl

1/21/12 My dearest baby, well one year ago today I lost you. They say it gets easier, they are wrong. My heart is still broken and haunted by having to let you go. I love you like crazy... love mom

2/14/12 Happy Valentine's Day Jewel. You still have my heart and always will. I just can't heal.
I'm struggling so..... momma
3/20/1 Hi baby, we will be going to the ocean soon. How you loved to run on the sand.You will be there in my heart. Momma
4/23/12 Hi baby,I miss you! Momma

My dearest baby,stared at your picture today,I miss you so much, they say it get's easier, no... love you

6/9/2012 Today you would have been 12 years old.... Oh baby, I love you and miss you every day..momma
8/1/12 Hi momma's girl, I still miss you like crazy, How i wish I could hold you again. Get one of your famous slobbery kisses.
love you baby!!!!

10/18/12 Hi momma's girl. I miss so so much. Please come see me. I love you and hope you an papa are together.
12/22/12 Hi Baby, its almost christmas, I thought that it would get easier, I have a void know one can fill. You are the smartest loyalest dog I have ever seen. I love you. Wish papa merry christmas from us.

1/21/2013 Well its been 2 years ago today that I lost you. My heart is still broken in a million pieces. They say that time heals, I dont know about that. I love you to pieces, and still feel guilty for havintg to put you to sleep. I know I had to, but it just plain broke my heart. A piece of me died with you. I love you baby. I hope you are free of pain.
love, momma.
3/18/13 Hi my baby, I'm soooo missing you.. I'm going to the ocean soon, You so loved the beach and running fast with the beagle girls...wish you would walk with me.. Love MOm

5/9/13 Hi Momma's girls, i'm sitting here looking at you picture and missing you so much. I will never have a friend like you again. Miss you like crazy...

11/6/2013 Hi my Baby, Really struggling with you not being here today. I love you so much. Thank you for the babies you sent me, but I will never ever love another like I loved you. Mr. Brown, Sadie should have joined you by now. Run fast fast my baby. Love momma

1/21/2014 Well momma's girls, it was 3 years ago today that I had to say goodbye. I asked God this morning if he would call you over and give you a hug and big kiss from me. I miss you sooo much, this doesn't get any easier! Love you! momma

7/28/14 Hi Julie, mom misses you. You should more buddies with you now. JoJO, Sadie, and now Maddy. I hope you are running fast fast with them. Is Papa still taking care of you!! I miss you!!! Love Momma

6/09/15 Happy Birthday Jewels!!! Momma loves you and misses you! There will never be another like you!
9/22/15 Meeka crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. Do you see her? Take care of her baby!! I love you sooo much and miss you everyday, love momma
1/15/2016 Well the anniversary is in the next few days. I still live it like it was yesterday. As Dr. Black said, you are my soul mate dog. I love you and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. till we meet again my love, love you momma
6/9/16 Happy birthday Jewels, you are in my heart forever, I miss you baby girll, love momma
1/18/18 My baby, I cant believe 7 years have gone by.I miss you still like crazy. I talk to sooo often. I hope you are watching over us!!! Love you! Momma
1/21/19 Hi my baby, it's been 8 years and my heart is still broken. I love you and miss you. Momma

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