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Memories of Auggie
Auggie came to us in 1997, at the age of 6 months. We had just moved to our new home, and had lost our first fur baby just a few months before. I had grown up with a dachshund, and had wanted another so badly, when I saw the ad.
On the first call, the family had decided they wanted to keep him. Three weeks later, a call from the family came, to tell me they had to find him a home, and had remembered us as wanting him so badly, and felt that he'd be in a very good home with us.
I will always remember the evening he came to his new home. He sheepishly sat down the hallway, as his current parents were passing him on to his new family.
Our kids were just 7 and 10 when Auggie came to us. Our 10 year old took him on as his very own, they played together all the time, and Auggie would even sit on his back when he would lie on the floor watching tv. I will never forget our son's first night with Auggie, tucking him into his bed, with Auggie's paws outside the covers like a child.
I'll never forget the romping through the house all those years, and I'll never forget when our son drove off to college.
It was that very first night that I realized how routine oriented our Auggie had become.
For 9 years, those two would go off to bed just as the news was coming on. On this first night of our son being gone, and Auggie was on the couch with me, I wondered what he would think when bedtime came and there was no big brother to call him to bed. But then, just as the news came on, this sweet dog of ours, jumped down from the couch and trotted off to "his" room! And this became his room from that moment on. Every night, he knew the exact time for bed.

Throughout the years, our happy times were mixed with scary and sad moments, when we thought we were going to lose him.
At 7, he had hurt his back and we didn't know if he'd recover. There were times he escaped our yard and ran through our foothills, not returning for a couple of days. At 12, he got into a horrendous dog fight, and almost didn't make it.
Another back injury at about 15, even our vet thought this might be the end, but this boy of ours was a trooper.
He bounced back time and time again, and gave us so many more precious years.

Things that Auggie loved- watching for bunnies from a chair by the front window, and running out the door everytime someone yelled, "BUNNY!!!". He loved to tear up squeaky toys within seconds, to get to that squeaky thing and silence it.
He loved to roll in the grass, and he loved to roll in the dirt. He loved to chase a ball and NOT bring it back to us.
He loved to grab several pieces of his dry food in his mouth, toss them up into the air as he ran through the living room, and roll on them before eating them one by one.
He loved to snuggle on the couch at night, he loved to come down the hallway in the morning and whine for us to get up.
He liked to count heads, sitting on the arm of the couch, staring down the hall, not happy until each of his humans were up out of bed.
He loved to for walks in our hills, and frantically dig at the little gopher holes along the way.

As the years went on, and his eyesight dimmed, and his hearing diminished, he never lost his love and his sense of being with us. He kept his sense of smell until just a few months ago, and it was at that time, we knew he was probably not going to be with us for long.
His will to live and be with us, got him through for as long as his little heart would let him.

I had prayed as the months went on, that God would spare us having to make a decision for Auggie, and God did take him one early morning as he slept.

Auggie sweet boy, you will always be loved. It is too soon for us to realize that a time will come when we will just have nothing but good memories. At this very moment, I keep expecting to see you come around the corner, or hearing your feet on the kitchen floor. For one brief moment, I am happy, until you are not there, and I realize once more that this is how life will go from now on.
I don't like it, but I will pray for the rest of my own life, that I will see you one day again in heaven.

Rest In Peace, my precious baby boy. 19 years of you in my life, I will always always love you.

August 22, 2018. We lost you two years ago today, sweet boy. Though time has gone on, and our lives have continued on without you, we still miss you so much. We talk about you all the time, and we have your pictures, your paw print, your collar with name tag, and your urn, all up here on a shelf so that you can still be a part of the family.
Looking back at my first entry, I wrote about imagining the day we could just have nothing but good memories, and it makes me sad but also happy that we reached that point. We laugh over your antics, and we remember what a strong willed little guy you were, at 19, not ready to give up the fight.
I still am sorry I wasn't here the day you needed to go, but I know you must have known that I wouldn't have been able to bear finding you myself.
Baby boy, we just gave the gift of another year for you to stay here at Rainbow Bridge, where others can see your story, and your memory can live on. You were the best, and you deserve to never be forgotten.
We will always love you! RIP and I pray we meet again.

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