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Memories of Augustus
Jan 3rd, 2019
Hello Sweet Gussy
We miss you so much, and hope you are having fun with Sherry and Facy, and all your friends. We have a new puppy to take the place
of all of you. Her name is Buttercup, and we rescued her from a Tri County Shelter. She is 3 months old, and very sweet. She started training
Yesterday, at the same place as you did when you were a baby.
Miss you always Gussy
Lots of Love
Mum, Lori, David, Hannah & Buttercup

Gussy we all miss you so much.

We are so sorry you had to go through all the suffering. We know you are having fun now at the Rainbow Bridge with all your friends. We

will all be visiting you, and your sisters will come
and play again with
you one day. FRangelico misses you very much indeed.
Lots of Love

Mom, David, Lori & Christoper
"Brandy Bear' Frangelico & "Sherry Berry"

January 17th

Gussy it's "your" Christopher's birthday today. I know he misses you terribly, and he can't look at your Rainbow's Bridge site right now. He will be able to eventually, but right now he can't.
We hope you are having a fun time with all your new friends. Frangelico is very unhappy since you
left her, and we just hope that she gets better with time.
Love you Lots Gus
Mom, David, Lori & the birthday boy Christopher

Hi Gus
Christopher had a very quiet birthday yesterday. We stayed in, he didn't want to go out to dinner.
We lit a candle for you by your urn, but Christopher still can't visit you at Rainbows Bridge. He is too upset to come and visit at the moment. He misses you coming to meet him when he comes in from school. You always use to go and lie on his bed when he came home, and now he doesn't have you. I took Frangelico for a nice walk today, because she is very miserable without you. Don't know how long it's going to take her to feel better. She can't understand where you have gone, and she is being difficult eating her food. Sometimes she doesn't eat at all until the evening.
Enjoy your new friends Guss, and I'll be back to send you a message again soon.
Miss you lots, and it seems like a long 2 weeks since you left us.
Lots of Love
Mom, David, Lori & Christopher Brandy, Sherry & Frangelico xxxxx

October 20th 2014
Hello Gussy.
We are sending you our love, and look out for Tiga coming home today please.
She has left everyone and coming to join you and Brandy.
Everyone misses you very much, and Vanda and family are here right now, saying
how they miss you.
Sherry and Facey send their love and so do we all.
Lots of Love
Mom, Christopher, David and Lori and Hannah, Facey and Sherry
January 3rd,2014

Hi Gus.
It's the anniversary of you leaving us today. We still love you so much and miss you terribly.
Your flag is outside in the garden and we think of you a lot.
I hope you are looking after Brandy Bear, and she is a happy girl being with you.
Sherry and Franglico send their love to you, they are both doing ok, but miss you.
We miss you lots.
Love Mom, Lori & David, Christopher & Hannah xxxxx

Hello Gus
We all still think about you, and talk about you all the time. I hope you are having fun with all your
friends, and look after Brandy Bear because we miss her very much too.
Sherry and Facey are still missing you, and send their love.
Lots of Love Gus from us all.
Mom, Lori and David, Christopher & little Hannah xxxx

January 19th.

Hi Guss.
I have sent you a bone today because I thought you might be hungry. We have a Rottie flag coming
that we are going to put outside the front door, so that you will be there always.
Oscar sends his love and says he misses you, so do Harley and Tiggy.
There will be another friend there to see you soon. Bambi left our world the other day, and Bertie
is going to visit Rainbows Bridge soon.
Miss you Guss.
Lots of Love
Mom, Lori, David & Christopher xxxx

Brandy, Sherry & Frangelico xxx

January 24th

Hi Guss.
We have a flag with your picture on it, outside the front door for everyone to see. We all miss
you terribly, and your sis Frangelico is no better this week. She keeps looking for you to play.
Sherry is allowed to play again now. David and Lori took her to the vet Saturday, and her leg is doing well. She wants to play now, but no one wants to play with her. She needs you here.
Hope all your new friends are nice to you, and you are having fun running around
Miss you terribly Guss. Will light a candle for you tonight with all your other friends there.
Lots of Love
Mom, David, Lori & Christopher
Brandy, Sherry and Frangelico xxxxx

January 28th

Hi Guss.
Just want to say "hello" to you and tell you how we miss you.
The girlies miss you, and Frangelico is still being strange. She has no one to play with.
Just going to get tea now for your sisters and me. It's weird not having you here to have it
I have sent a letter to the CEO of Pfizer, telling him what happened to you. He needs to know
that drug needs safety regulations sent home. This should never have happened to you, it's a
Well, it's the weekend now and we light a candle every night for you. We have it next to Caesar
and you.
Have fun Gus, and go and meet all the new friends that have come this week.
Lots of love,c
Mom, Lori, David & "your Christopher"
Brandy, Sherry and Franglico XXXXXX

February 9th 2011

Hi Guss.
Just checking in to make sure everything is alright. Just came back from walking your sis
Franglico. She is still strange, and misses you a lot.
On Saturday Lori and I are taking Sherry and Face on a charity walk at John Prince Park.
It is in aid of all the orphan pets that are out there, and we wish you were here to go with
us. We asked Oscar also but he can't come.
Hope you are still having fun there, with all your new friends.
Miss you lots Gus.
Lots of Love,
Mom, David, Lori and Christopher
Sherry, Brandy and Frengelico XXXXX

February 12th, 2011

Hi Guss.
Just been with Lori and David to John Prince Park, to walk for Peggy Adams Rescue League.
We took your sisters' Brandy, Sherry and Frangelico in the pouring rain, but we made the
1 mile walk. We missed having you with us, because we met lots of lovely dogs there.
Hope you are having fun still, with all your new friends.
We miss you lots, and wish you had been with us today.
Lots of Love from
Mom, David, Lori & Christopher
Sherry, Brandy and Frangelico XXXXX

Feb 17th

Hi Gus
I hope you have found Bailey now. She is a lovely Rottie, and we have talking to her Mom and Dad.
Take care of her, because you are probably much bigger than her. Have fun there running and playing.
The Rottie at the Westminster dog show, was not nearly as nice as you. Wish you were here,
we miss you lots, and Frangelico is still "strange". She is still looking for you.
Lots of Love
Mom, David, Lori & Christopher
Brandy, Sherry and Franglico xxx


Hi Gus.
We haven't spoken for a little while. I hope you are having fun with your friends. Go and find Angel, she just arrived in her new home, and needs some friends. I know you love to play, and she
would love to meet a lovely boy like you.
Frangelico has never got over you "leaving" us all. She still won't eat her breakfast without you, and sometimes doesn't have it until the evening.
Happy Easter Gus, and go find some Easter Eggs out there.
We love you lots and miss you terribly.
I have sent you an Easter Lily have a fun Sunday.
Lots of Love from
Mom, David, Lori and Christopher
Brandy, Sherry and Frangelico

May 31st, 2011

Hi Gus
Everyone misses you so much still. Aunty Vanda and Maxine have come to stay, and miss you too.
Sherry Berry is following Maxine everywhere, she loves her.
Frangelico, your buddy is still strange. She hasn't changed since you left her, she is not the same girl. You have some new friends there now, Lobo arrived and Sparkey also, go and look for them, because they will be new friends for you.
Love you lots Gus, hope you are happy.
Lots of love from
Mom, Lori, David & Christopher
Sherry, Brandy and Frangelico XXXX

August 9th, 2011

Hello Gus
I haven't been by to say "hello" to you recently.
I hope you have made lots of friends there, and are having a good time.
All the girls are missing you very much. The weather has been very bad, so
Frangelico is being really strange. You know how she hates the thunder.
Brandy went to Dr Greg last week for her shots, it's the first time Lori has
taken any of them to see him, since you "left us".
We miss you tons Gus, I wish we could bring you back.
Lots of love
Mom, Lori, David & Christopherxxx
Brandy, Facey and Sherry xxxx

October 6th 2011

Hi Gus
We were thinking about you today. I got a new cell phone and David had to put your
picture in there for me. You were such a lovely boy.
I hope you are enjoying your friends there, and enjoying everyone.
We miss you lots, you know that. We will never forget you, you lovely boy.
Lots of Love
Mom, Lori, David, Christopher and the girlies XXXXX

December 8th, 2011

Hello Gus
I was thinking about you today. Your Christopher graduates from FAU tomorrow and I know
you would be so proud of him to finish. We all miss you so much, and can't believe it's
almost a year since you left us. I hope you are having fun there with all your new friends.
Woodson recently joined you there, so go and find him and say "hello". We are trying to get
ready for Christmas, but this time last year you were so ill, and we just wanted to make you
better. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. You left us all, and it's just miserable without you.
Frangelico has never been the same since you went, she still comes looking for you in my bedroom.
Have fun there Gus, and we all love you lots.
Lots of Love
Mom, Lori, David & Christopher
Brandy, Frangelico & Sherry XXXXX

December 27th, 2011

Hello Gus
Hope you had a Happy Christmas with all your new friends. It's been almost a year since you
left us, and we all missed you so much on Christmas Day. Last year, you were so sick, and Joyce
brought more toys to the "girls" this year. Just like you were here with them.
I hope you are happy were you are, because it seems like you left us yesterday.
Brandy, Sherry and Frangelico send lots of love.
It's 12 years today since Dad died, and I think you are both together up there somewhere.
I am sure you are looking after one another.
Lots of love from us all Gus.
Mom, Lori & David and your boy Christopher xxx

January 3rd, 2012

Hello Gus.
It's one year today that you left us, and it seems like yesterday. None of us have
forgotton you, and the girls miss you very much.
We hope you are having a a happy time with all the friends you have made over the last
year. Send our love to your friends, and we just wish you were still here with us.
Lots of love
Mom, Lori and David, & Christopher
Sherry, Brandy & Frangelico xxxxx

Hello Gus.
Tomorrow we have a new member of the Stenson family. Your David and Lori are having a
baby girl in the morning.
We love you lots, and miss you so much. The girlies all miss you, and are wondering what
is happening around the house. Tomorrow, they will have another person here.
Hope you are having fun, with all your friends.
Love you.
Lots of love
Mom, David, Lori and Christopher
Sherry, Brandy and Frangelico

January 2nd 2013

Hello Gus
Tomorrow is 2 years since you left us. We still miss you everyday, and hope you are having fun
there at Rainbows Bridge with all your friends.
We have baby Hannah here now, and she would love you. All the girls miss you still very much, and
Franglico is being very naughty now, looking for the Cats in the yard. She keeps going missing in
the garden looking for them.
Have fun Gus and we all love you lots.
Love from
Mom, Lori & David, Baby Hannah and Christopher
Frangelico, Sherry and Brandy xxx

Hello Gussy
It's a while since I visited you, but your sister will be there with you today.
Poor Brandy Bear has left this world this morning. She became very sick over the last
week,and we can't watch her suffer anymore. Look out for her later, and take care of her.
I know you will you lovely boy. I just bought a new Gussy flag for the garden and it is
outside the front door to remind us all of you.
Frangelico and Sherry are very unhappy today again, they miss you.
Take care of Brandy Bear.
Lots of Love from
Mom, Lori & David, Hannah & Christopher
January 2nd 2015
Hello Gussy
It's 4 years since you left us all. We will always miss you and think about you a lot.
I hope you are looking after Brandy Bear as well because we all miss her terribly too.
Frangelico and Sherry are in their new house with your Lori David and Hannah. She loves her doggies.
I am going to get u new toys today, share them with Brandy and your other friends.
Take care Gus.
Lots of love
Mom, Lori,, David, Hannah & Christopher xxxxx

January 2nd, 2016

Hello Gussy
It is 5 years today since you left us all. We all think about you a lot.
Today you have a new friend coming to see you, so please look after Goldie. She left Bev & Craig today
after being very sick like you. Please look after her and don't forget Brandy Bear too, you have 2 girlfriends now
and hope you all have fun together.
Sherry and Facey still miss you lots, and Facey has never really been the same since you left us.
Have fun there with the new toys I have left you.
Lots of Love
Mom, Lori & David, Hannah & Christopher

November 18th, 2017
Hello Gussy
Please go and find your best friend Frangelica, she left us last week and came to Rainbow Bridge.
It was all so sad, and I know you will both be together again now. Look after her Gus, and we will
seeyou both again one day.
Lots of love
Mom, Lori, David & Hannah 💜💕💙🌈

January 3rd
Hello Gussy
I hope you are well and looking after little Facey. We miss you both very much, and Sherry misses Facey very much.
I expect you have lots of new friends now, hope you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge.
Lots of Love
Mom, Lori & David, Hannah & Facey💙💙💙🌈

April 1st
Hello Gussy.
I hope you are looking after Facey, and now you have to look for Sherry Berry. She left us yesterday, and it was
all very sudden. Please go and find here, because she needs to be with you, Facey and Brandy.
We love you and miss you all lots.
Lots of Love
Mom, Lori & David & Hannah 💙🌈💙🌈💙

October 19th, 2018
Hello Gussy
Hope you are well sweetheart, and are looking after Facey, Sherry and Brandy. We miss you all terribly and wish
you were still with us.
No doubt you all have lots of new friends now, and having fun.
Love you all,
Lots of love
Nanny, Lori, David & Hannah XXXXXX

Jan 3rd 2020

We think and talk about you all the time. Today is a sad day, because you left us in 2016.
It seems like yesterday.
Hope you are having fun there, and looking after, Brandy, Facey and Sherry.
We all miss you terribly.
Lots of Love
Mom, Lori, David & Hannah 🐾XXXX🐾

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