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Memories of Bailey
Bailey was a stray who waltzed into our lives on April 13, 2014. Walked into my mom's house with my sister and five nieces who had just arrived from Connecticut. My mom told her, Mabel, I didn't know you had gotten a dog. Ha! We tried everything to find his owners but couldn't find them. I took him to the vet, no chip so I kept him, took him home and Max became his big brother. He had such a special spunky spirit, so small but so very feisty! Bailey always loved kids, I think that's why he chose to walk into my mother's house with my nieces on that day. We always had trouble keeping him contained and if he was let out without a leash in the yard he would find any way he could to escape. He was a little terror that way. He ran away several times but we would always find him. As small as he was he was a dog's dog, and he thought himself to be ten feet tall. He was fearless. My fear always was that if he ran away he would be hit by a car or that bigger dogs would kill him.

His favorite thing in the world was to go on car rides and walks. After his big brother Max died suddenly on June 13, 2018 from an illness, I promised to help Bailey live the fullest life possible. So for a month before his tragic violent death, I made sure and took him on car rides as often as possible. I took him to the beach, took him shopping where ever they would allow dogs, took him to visit my mom and dad who absolutely adored him, he was my little co-pilot.

On July 12, 2013, one day shy of a month since my Max had passed, I got home from work with the low gas light on in my car and thought I would take Bailey with me to gas up but it was raining so I waited it out. I couldn't immediately take Bailey out for his walk because of the rain, but once the rain stopped I put the leash on him and headed outside. I should have looked out my blinds before going out and maybe I would have seen the other dog out there. As soon as I went down the front steps of my house the Rottweiler I had not seen came around the corner. I tried to pull Bailey up into my arms but the dog was quicker than me. He had Bailey in his mouth and I thought I would go insane hearing Bailey's cries. I punched him, kicked him, screamed as I never though I could scream and finally he let Bailey go. I ran inside screaming like a lunatic my mind racing 500 mph. I grabbed kitchen towels, wrapped them around Bailey, grabbed my keys, my phone, bag and ran outside. I was home alone and couldn't drive because I was trying to keep pressure on Bailey's wounds plus, I did't have enough gas to get anywhere. I live in the Redlands, Florida, a remote suburb near Miami and everything is at least an hour away. I jumped in my car and stopped in front of my neighbor's house and frantically sounded my horn until he came outside. He saw the panic in my face and he ran insde his house and told his wife to get the car keys. His wife came outside and I jumped in her car, that's when I realized I had no shoes on. We finally made it to the nearest clinic where they were able to stabilize Bailey but had me take him to another clinic better equipped to care for his injuries.

Before I left the clinic where Bailey was admitted, I kissed him and told him mommy loved him. I never thought that would be the last kiss he would feel from me. I really thought he would pull through. The next morning at 6 am I called to check in on him and the doctor told me he was still stable but he would have the surgeon call me after checking him. At 8:30 I received a call from the surgeon telling he Bailey's breathing was getting labored so he was now in critical care. My heart broke. It was July 13, exactly am month since I had lost Max. I asked God to please not take Bailey from me. I wanted to see Bailey so I drove to the clinic. Once I got there they told me it was best if he rested and not get excited, he had two broken ribs and his lungs were compromised from the injuries so I decided to let them show me him on the iPad. He was resting. I left to go home and as soon as I got home I got the dreaded call. Bailey coded and they could not bring him back. I was devastated.

All my attempts to keep him safe were fruitless. Yes, I am so very angry and the "why's" and "what ifs" are endless. The only comfort I feel is knowing that Bailey knew how much he was loved. We gave him the best life we could. I know how much he loved me too. He would lay in my lap gazing into my eyes and would fall asleep. God how I miss him! I am so sorry this is the way he had to go, no living creature should experience that kind of violence.

All I am left with are memories, pictures, videos and a broken heart twice over. I lost my Max and now my Bailey. How will my heart ever heal? The house feels so empty and quiet at times it is absolutely unbearable.

My beautiful Bailey, we all loved you so very much and will love you and miss you forever. You captured our hearts and you will never be forgotten my little giant! Your big brother Max and you will be together and I will see you both again.

Until I see you again my little baby, mommy loves you.

07/18/2018 - My sweet little baby Bailey. I miss you so so much. My heart is aching today. Luna ran out of the house and I am praying and hoping that you and Max will watch over her and bring her home to me somehow. I miss you so very much. Love you and miss you always, mommy.
07/19/2018 - My sweet little baby Bailey. Thank you for looking out for Luna, she's home safe and sound. It brought me so much happiness to have her back. My heart aches for you today. Love you forever my little baby. Love you so much, mommy.
07/20/2018 - My sweet little baby Bailey, I'm picking up your ashes today and just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. I will have you home with me once again. I love you and miss you so much. Love you, mommy.
07/22/2018 - Oh my little baby Bailey, how I miss you today. Your spunkiness is so missed in this house. It is just too quiet. I love you and will miss you forever, Love, mommy.
07/27/2018 - My precious little baby Bailey, it's been two weeks since you left me and my heart aches so much for you. Until I see you again my little angel. Love you always, mommy.
8/02/2018 - My little handsome boy, I have been thinking about you so much today. I think I about you everyday but more so today. Pictures of the day you walked into my life brought me so many memories. You and Max hit it off right from the beginning. As if you were always meant to be brothers. You never fought with each other and learned to share everything. The two of you were awesome babies and I was so lucky to have had you. Love you and miss you so much my little darling. Love you forever, mommy.

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