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Memories of Bandit
I will never forget how you always woke me up for school. Mom's alarm would go off and you would run down the hall, jump on my bed and start licking the insides of my ears until I sat up or got off the bed. If I tried covering my head with the blanket you would dig at it until you got it off and then start licking again.

Our best times together was your love of chasing a ball. If I would be willing and capable of standing there and throwing the ball repeatedly for 8 straight hours you would continue to fetch it and bring it back. There was no stopping you.
By the way, with your love of ice cream I put two ice cream sundaes on your headstone.

I'll never forget all the vacations Dad and Mom took us on and you were always so inquisitive. The funny part was your dislike for water. I remember all of us going caving and Grandma Katie was with us on a 90 degree day. We were all so hot and found this crystal clear stream of water. Mom tried everything to get you to come in there. Finally she succeeded and when she turned around to call me to look at you, you ran back to shore and pulled Mom down into the water. Oh how you made us laugh, not just that time but numerous times in your life. There seem to be a lot of fur buddies up there that you can run and play with now that you're out of pain so for me, go have a wonderful time.
Quentin is waiting at the gate for you and will take good care of you until I get there. I'll always love you.
09/01/2010: Hi Bandit, it's Mom. Its a week ago today that you left us and I hope you've made all kinds of new friends. It's Quentin's birthday today so would you give him a lick for us? Remington is really missing you. You know the 11 lbs the vet wants him to loose? Well, he's only eaten 3 times since you've been gone. He searches the house, yard and our lot at the campground all the time for you. Maybe you can let him know how much better you feel and all the fun you're having. Koltyn is hanging in there. On Wednesday we get to go pick up your ashes so I'm imagining that's going to be a really hard day for him. Could you give him a puppy lick that day? Remember, Dad,Koltyn, Remington and I miss you very much.

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