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Memories of Bandit
I remember the night I went and picked Bandit up. A friend had been fostering him and needed to find him a home. He'd been returned to the pound twice, hit by a car, and declared "unadoptable" I was told. It was a good drive home from Palm Harbor. I remember telling him, I know it's April Fools day but is that tail for real!?!! What are we going to do with that fluffy tail of yours. Got him home and he was FULL of energy. Decided, I'll take him for a walk, that'll wear him down. Nope, it only fueled him up. A couple friends were over one night shortly after I got him, and he was full of energy that night too. I remember telling them, I got SO lucky when I got this dog. They both raised their eyebrows and looked at each other, and knew it best to just agree with me. LOL

I woke up on 4/24/19 to him throwing up and then he desperately wanted outside. He was scheduled for knee surgery that day. He was very lethargic. He'd seen 2 vets in the previous weeks, after hurting his knee while we were playing frisbee. Vet said it's not an emergency, come back in two weeks, see if it heals on it's own. Got a 2nd opinion from an ortho who said he could do the surgery and it was not an emergency. He was supposed to have the knee surgery that day. Got him to the vet that morning. I was sure he wasn't strong enough for the surgery, but after calling them, they kept saying bring him in anyway. He died right in front of me and the ortho vet team. The vet said he feels certain he was bleeding internally. (He also had cushings disease, but it was being managed for years.) I just miss him so much. This little dog waited til we got to the vet for his knee surgery before he passed. He must not have wanted me to be alone. And he didn't want me to spend the money on his knee. The vet said he truly believes he knew it was his time. The moment after the vet said he's passed, his front paws started running free, not kidding! He saw the rainbow bridge, I know he did! Run free, my little hippie dog!

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