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Memories of Baron Von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
August 26, 2020, Eight years ago, and now Roo has joined you,Fluffy, Bashful and the other furbabies. Roo, stopped eating. he had bad teeth, had his bad teeth removed. he wouldnt eat. I am heartbroken. So much saddness, the house is not the same. i miss you so very much my sweet prince. I asked Fluffy to take care of Roo, you do the same for mommy. Until we all meet again xxoxoxo mommy

July 17, 2019, Seven years today you left us. Broken hearts. so much has happened my sweet boy. Daddy no longer works he is disable. He stays homes with Levi and the cats. i still work 2 jobs. Everyday life is a struggle. When i come home from work i look towards Big Dipper and say hello. i miss you. love you mommy
September 27, 2015 Today would had been your 12th Birthday. Joseph posted a picture of your memorial box, so sad. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. Missing you so very much. Happy Birthday -- my dearest baby xoxxo love Mommy

July 21, 2015 Three years so much has happened to us. Daddy is not feeling well, in fact he no longer works. Daddy was let go from his job September 10, 2014. We all miss you so very much. love you Baron until we meet again xxoxox Mommy

July 17,2014 Time 227 PM. Two years ago today we recieved the most horrible of all news. There was nothing anyone could do. You had cancer and this horrible cancer was robbing you of your life. Dr. Willi said the humane thing to do was to let you go.. Our hearts were ripped from our chests, we all cried. We rushed out to the vet to say our goodbyes.. The tears still flow as if it was yesterday. We all miss you. we will forever love you Baron. Baron, i hope you hear me speaking with you, your scent is still in my car. This morning before i left for work, i kissed your collar and the box that holds your ashes. love you my baby, until we meet again. love you mommy.

April 8, 2014, Sitting here thinking of you. in fact not a day goes by that i don't think of you. My car still has your scent. i miss you so very much, i still cry for you my dear baby, lord how i miss you. xoxxo love you mommy

September 27, 2013. Happy Birthday you would had been 10 years old, but God needed a very strong puppy to help him guard the bridge. last night I was sitting outside and right above my eyes was the big dipper. Wished you and fluffy a very special day. this morning I kissed your aches I would had rather kissed or petted your nose. I love you my Baron. until we see each other again I love you xoxxo mommy

July 17, 2013. One year ago today God needed you to watch over the rainbow bridge. We miss you so very much. Always talking about our sweet prince Baron, shedding lots of tears of your loss. I will always love you Baron, will see you soon, give fluffy and the others lots of headbutts and kisses

April 17, 2013 - 9 months -of not being able to smell, hug and look into your very expressive eyes. I miss you so very much. my heart aches. i love you my sweet baron, no longer to have children, but God sent a furlegged baby, oh boy was you my baby. i miss you. love you mommy. xoxox
April 10, 2013 thinking of you. missing you, the pain is still here, the emptiness will never go away. its spring and a year ago you were here with us. a year of so many happenings. we are all doing well, joseph is coming along with college. meagan officially graduates from dccc. we are so very proud of her. she misses and cries for you. Levi is a mess. and a big baby. the cats dont get along with him but he tries to play. I say a pray for you everyday. tears are always falling down my face. please run and find fluffy, steilen and of course twinkles and gwenevere. miss you guys so very much. love you mommy

December 17, five months ago today you left to join fluffy. Our hearts are broken. We are getting ready for Christmas the tree is standing in the front room. present will be wrapped but not a day goes bye that we dont think of you. Joseph will be having surgery on the 28 of this month to repair the shoulder,praying that this time it heals. Meagan has done extremely well in college we are so very proud of her. Daddy is not feeling well,he goes to the dr's this wednesday and again on thursday. Levi is so funny. he has started to lay at the bottom of the steps, he wont go upstairs one of the cats really did a job on him, beat him up real bad. i feel so for him,perhaps you can whipser in his ears and tell him everything will be ok. Merry Christmas my sweet Baron, xoxxoxox i love you so very much mommy until we see again, dont forget us xoxox

November 22, 2012. Thanksgiving is here. How can our hearts be happy when you are not here with us to share this most grateful day. We miss you so very much,always thinking of you Baron. Ro is sitting next to me as i type this. The tears are freely flowing down my cheeks. I should say that im grateful for the 8 and half years we had you. I miss you and will always love you xoxoxox mommy,

October 17, 2012 Three months ago you left us. Our hearts still ache for you, our dear sweet baron. Tears are flowing down my face. Give fluffy lots of head butts. dont forget me my sweet prince. i will always love you. mommy xoxxox
September 27, 2012. Baron, today would have been your 9th birthday. Happy Birthday. We miss you so very much. tears still flow, hearts are broken. love you baron. It rained this morning,tears of missing you.

January 18, 2004 -Once upon a family. the leader of the family Richard was deployed in January 2003 and while Richard was deployed i (ann) was instructed to do things, the things were pay off the bills, purchase a house and get a german shepherd dog. Conversations took place back and forth regarding "the dog". Dog was to be named Baron ok Baron but we added a twist to his name. Sent Pics to Richard "whats wrong with his ears Baron had floppy ears. "look how big his paws are"
There is nothing wrong with his ears. and his bigs paws are that way to better hug you. so on that sunday Joseph, Meagan and myself traveled to NJ. we got lost and ended up at the state police. they escorted us to the breeders house and behold we meet one of the most beautiful and friendiest dogs. Baron, sweet mild mannered. We Spent time with the breeder and his family. It was time to leave. The Breeder put Baron in the car and we drove off. Drove along the garden state parkway. Baron played and cried and finally fell asleep in the middle seat. He woke up when we were crossing the walt whitman bridge. We arrived home and Baron darted for the street, he ran down the street and with the help of a friendly man we were able to get him in the house. fluffy was there and boy was she pissed. a stranger to my quiet house oh no. After a long day it was finally bed time. we all started to go upstairs and Baron followed us. Baron jumped on the bed and lay down on Richard's side. I was shocked and also laughed. Baron you can't go there that is where daddy's sleep. He jumped off the bed and from that moment on Baron was my dog -- boy he followed me everywhere. 8 years of having unconditional love - always being there always wanting to please.
July 16, 2012. After visitng vet after vet and being told you had some type of mass. We decided to have this thing checked out. Friday July, 13 2012 we took you to the vet located in West Chester Pa. The vet spent an hour with you examing and just paying attention. trying to figure this situation out. you ate, boy did you eat, chicken, we cried and thought perhaps this thing wasn't so bad. Took you home, fed you tuna fish, boy did you love it. again we had hope lots of hope, you had more energy and again our hopes were high. Friday night you did something you hadn't done in weeks, you picked from the garbage can and was licking up the chicken cutlet from olive garden :-)Baron, i didnt know whether to let you eat it,but i finally took it away from you. You continued to eat the tuna fish,with salomen :-)Your last weekend with us was wonderful. you barked, romped and chased Roo.Monday July 16,2012 You and i went to pick joseph up, he was over his friends house,boy did you enjoy the ride. we stopped for gas and you barked at the guy who was pumping the gas, than we stopped at wendy's joseph was hungry and you sit in the back, looking around and joseph gave you french fry. The drive out to West Chester you slept. We got to the vet's early and they started their exam. Dr.Willi rushed out and took us to an exam room and stated that he felt something and it was very large, however they was a possiblity that they could fix the problem. I signed the paperwork and paid for the surgery. We spent time with you, hugging kisses,and said that you would get better. We walked you back to the holding area, you wouldnt go into the pen, the dr took your leash and led you in. you were looking at us. joseph gave you another hug and kisses, i also gave you a pat on the head, told you to behave and that you will be home on thrusday. That was the last time we saw your bright eyes and beautiful face alive. That night i called around 11 and you were up watching the goings on and again i called at 3 and you were sleeping,and yets again i called around 8 in the morning. again you were ok. We recieved the call at 227 pm. Dr.Willi stated that there was nothing that we could do,that the cancer was so invasive, it was wrapped around your stomach, blocking and around the large and small intestines and it had started to go down and around your spine. We were broken, we felt like someone had stabbed us in the heart and in our very souls. the dr stated that it would be best to let you leave now. i said please don't do anything until we get there. I called daddy and broke the horrible news to him, daddy was upset. he called the dr and spoke regarding you and what this could be. The kids and i rushed out there to be with you. we were bought into an exam room and i signed the papers to have you let go of the pain of not eating of have diarrhea and all the suffering that would had come to you
The vet techs made four paw prints. Dr.Willi showed me pics of the tumors, unreal. We were finally allowed to see you, still on the table,still hooked up the iv's and still very much alive,but not able to see us. Joseph and i loved and hugged on you. we talked abouthow and when you came to live with us. I kept calling Daddy, didnt want daddy not being able to say good bye. Finally, it was that time to release you Joseph asked how long it would take "15 seconds" to end the most precious gift,most precious dog, most precious child any one could ask for, the most trusted loyal friend. Lord my baby -- joseph left the room, meagan hadn't come in - i watched at the dr prepared the syrine that held the liquid that would end you beautiful life, he inserted it into the port and with me hugging you,kisses your sweet nose,your right paw jerked and i knew you were gone. My sweet prince Baron, the dog with the mask has left us, but to be reunited with his beloved fluffy. Meagan came in and was crying. We asked if we could have some of your fur and they gave us some, we stayed for a bit, we didnt want to leave. We finally left the other vet techs were upset they didnt know how sick you were. they gave us they condolances. Before i left you i gave you nose one last kiss - said goodbye to my sweet prince. while leaving and walking downthe hall i turned around and looked at you one last time. the dr was starting to take the tube from you. the dr pronouced your death at 350 pm Tuseday July 17, 2012. 8 years 10 months of age.
July 27,2012. Baron you returned home, not the way we wanted you to return. Went to the vet to pick you up, boy was i a mess. your urn was heavy, boy you were a heavy dog. they gave us more of your fur :-(. held you in the car, cried,scream boy did my heart hurt, took you back to work and sat at my desk,rocking you and balling my eyes out. I dont want to be here anymore, to much pain, i find no solace here anywhere. I hate our house, sure it holds memories of you,fluffy and everyone but the pain
July 31,2012 - Baron, two weeks have gone by- i miss you so very much, we all do. Missing you looking out the window waiting for me to return, sitting by the door waiting. sleeping near and or waiting to go out, baron wanna go out. The pain of losing you is like when we lost fluffy, indescribable pain, crushing lost the feeling of not doing enough is so overwhelming. Friday we go back to the vet with levi and we will get the results. Levi, we want back to herbert to get a puppy, boy he is strange lol his ears are floppy. He is biting us and just knocking us around. We miss you, lord god how this hurts so bad. Saturday i came home from oldies and daddy was lying on the bed and he had tears in his eyes. prior to me coming home he saw your collar and your box. I dont want you in that box, i want you home on the bed,or in your special place on the couch. Lord lord why why
sending you many hugs and kisses - go and play with fluffy, i know she has missed you so very much, and find twinkles and gwenevere and finally steilen,play my sweet prince love you xoxoxo mommy. August 10, 2012 a month has passed since the dr's appointment that told us that you had a mass. We all miss you so very much. Monday Morning Meagan and I drove Joseph to Northeast Philly to begin his life in the Pa Army National Guard. He is now at fort leonardwood Mo for 13 weeks of basic training. Now we are missing you and also joseph. So much sadness, emptiness. We are teaching levi not to bite us. He is funny last night daddy was making his head turn, just like the way you used to do it. i was crying. daddy was trying to make me laugh and show me that levi has dimples, haha very funny but he does. Please give me a sign that you are ok. How is fluffy doing,boy i miss all of you, have you met up with steilen and twinkles and gwenevere. I miss you Baron don't forget me, i love you mommy
sitting here watching the clock and asking myself what was you doing this time a month ago. Are you still in the pen waiting for the staff to come and give you the medicine. were you sleeping, laying down or just watching the staff. July 17, 2012 you left us. a long and very sad month we miss you. i want and need you Baron smh and ask why why my baby did you have to leave. I will come back here often. I love you Baron,my baby with the mask. my sweet boy. love you mommy.
September 17, 2012 two months, very long months. I miss you each and every moment of my day. The tears flow. Joseph is coming home,he tore his shoulder again and was not able to finish basic training. what a mess. sending you many hugs and much love today and always my sweet baby. i miss you.xoxxo

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