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Memories of Bella

Bella was the perfect balance to Ruby and complimented each other nicely with their similar Halloween-like coats. Ruby was very mellow while Bella was energetic (especially at night). I would remember the first nights we slept with Bella, she would hiss and look frightened when she woke us up in our sleep. Those nights Ruby and I would look at each like she was crazy.... and she is! She was one of a kind.

Although I didn't want a new cat, I knew that when my mom brought her home I would have to take care of Bella so she would not feel alone in the house. From that day on she stayed in my room and looked at Ruby as a mother and even tried to suckle on her. Bella loved her so much.

She wasn't as keen to people so her love and affection felt more special to me. She was very playful and would always be sprinting across the bed, down the stairs in the apartment, and knocking down plants. We would play roughly so often people were surprised when they would pet her and she would turn around and bite them although seeming very happy (this is a sign that cats want to play!). She was smart enough to train me to wake up every morning at 5 to feed her but I was able to train her to come whenever she is called and to sit for a treat!

My favorite moments were when Bella and Ruby would play. Ruby was very gentle (even when Bella's head was in her mouth) and Bella would pounce, run away, and sneak back up on her. If I was on my phone I would gladly stop, watch, and just smile. It was the sweetest thing when Bella would try to groom Ruby.

Bella loved being outside. She would sprint to the patio door whenever she would hear someone open it. She would meow nonstop until someone let her out. It was funny to see her hangout with the other outdoor cats. One time I was looking for her and found her under my car laying with Foxy, our gray tabby. I was so surprised since cats are very territorial!

As soon as you would let her out she would just roll on the ground (and dirt) in pure happiness. I have fond memories of the dogs and Bella all chasing each other in the grass in the backyard.

A few things that made Bella especially unique is her affinity for watermelon and watching TV. I was also amused by how much she loved dry cat food (growling and clawing when I would put my hand near) but took no interest to any cooked/ deli meats. I would play fetch with her and Ruby: Bella would chase the ball and Ruby would bring it back. Bella would play so much she would start panting like a cheetah in the safari.

Although Bella chewed up and knocked over many of my plants, I would trade them all to have her back in my life again.

I'll miss you sitting at the front door and meowing very loudly every time I would return home. I'll miss carrying you over my shoulder and rocking you like a baby. I'll miss you running down the stairs on the slope when I call out for you to come inside. I wish I could give you one last churu for you to enjoy. I hope you find pure happiness after crossing the rainbow bridge, one day we will be reunited. I love you with all my heart, my beautiful Bella, and I will you'll always be in my thoughts.

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