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Memories of Belle Star
To our baby Bella,
You are never forgotten. You took a piece from each of our heart when you left. Please hang on to that love until we meet again. Thank you for being the sweetest baby girl and a great little sister to Sissy. Life was definitely sweeter when you were here. Mommy and Daddy are heartbroken. The day you crossed over the rainbows bridge will always be one of the saddest days of our lives. We were not prepared to let you go. We'd give anything to have you back but we are comforted by the fact that you will never have to suffer through another one of those nasty seizures ever again. Oh how you fought so hard and we love you so much for that. Please know that we fought hard for you too, but it was just time to let go. You may be gone but never forgotten. You will always be in hearts. You brought so much Joy and love into our lives. We miss you dearly but we know you are up there at the rainbows bridge watching over us along with your big brother Buster and big sister Thata. We just know you are getting them up to speed :) Now, go play, run through the meadows, and show off your beautiful coat and pretty smile. You were the sweetest, prettiest thang. Eat all you want, do what you want and just be your happy self - add a back scratch to that! We will forever hold on to the happy memories you left us with. Thank you for your unconditional love. Until we meet again.
Much love ~ Mommy and Daddy

Belle Star -- you are a beautiful sweet girl and I miss your love and happiness that always greeted me when I came to visit. We are all very sad that you are no longer here to love on... but I am so glad you do not have to suffer through any more of those frightening seizures. It broke my heart every time you had one and it was so scary. You don't have to fight them off anymore- or take any more of those meds that made you feel bad. I'm glad you are with Thata and Buster and I know you will rest now. You meant the world to your Mommy and Daddy. Love and miss you sweet girl - Grandma

Happy Birthday to the happiest puppy ever! I bet you are feeling extra special with all the celebration they are having up there for you. I hope you're getting to eat whatever you want, play whenever you want, and is running through the beautiful meadows with your sister Thata and big brother Buster along with your other furry friends. Oh how we miss you down here..we miss you dearly. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you Bella, Mommy especially still talks to you every day, but of course you already know that. Miss you so much my baby, my heart still aches to this day. Looking forward to reuniting with you, Thata and Buster. In the meantime, it's good to know that we have another fur angel watching over us. Your sister Sissy misses you. It's a good thing Slammer is here to keep her company. Even though Slammer did not get to know you that well, I'm pretty sure he misses you too. We all miss you! Love you dearly. Until we meet again. Happy Birthday our gorgeous Bella! ~ Love your Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, and Slammer.

Merry Christmas to you Baby Bella! Was just looking through some of your video clips and photos today and oh how I miss you dearly. Opening Christmas presents won't be the same this year without you. Oh how you loved Christmas mornings. It's going to be tough, missing you a bunch but we know you are happy and healthy up there at Rainbows Bridge. Until we meet again. We love and miss you! ~ Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Slammer.

Hello gorgeous baby girl! I can't believe it's been a year since you left us for Rainbow's Bridge. It just seems like yesterday. Perhaps it's because you have been in my heart, my thoughts, and my dreams every day since you left. You are never gone. We love and miss you dearly. You are Sissy's angel watching over her. She misses I know. Be good up there until we meet again. Hugs and kisses ~ Mommy

Hello beautiful! Just wanted to say we love and miss you. Thanks for visiting me in my dreams often. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Miss you much and love you lots! ~ Mommy

11-23-17 -
Hey hey sweet girl. Sure do miss you, but am so glad you are romping around Rainbow's Bridge with Buster and Thata. And I'm glad you don't have to every have another seizure. You are missed beyond belief, and we will always remember what a sweet lover girl you were. All is good here, but I think Sissy still misses you quite a bit. Slammer is not quite the gentle playmate you were for her. Love and mis you -- Grandma

Hello pretty pretty girl! Oh how you are missed down here but yes, we are glad that you never have to suffer another seizure ever. I know you are running through the meadows healthy and happy as you can be. I still dream a lot about you and miss you everyday. The sweet thoughts of you still make me cry, I wish you hadn't left for the Rainbows Bridge too soon but we will see each other again one day. You will always be Mommy's yogi doggie. I love you so much! Be good and stay sweet! ~ Love Mommy

Hello gorgeous Bella! I can't believe it has been two years since you left us for the rainbows bridge and yet it seems to me like it was just yesterday, perhaps because I think of you and talk to you everyday as if you were still here. You are never gone. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for continuing to watch over your sister Sissy. She is doing well for an old lady. She still makes sure that Slammer knows she is the boss :) We miss you tons and we love you always. Be sweet up there. Your Daddy said hi! Until we meet again my baby girl! Love ~ Mommy

Hello Gorgeous! Sure miss your beautiful self. Thanks for coming to visit me in my dreams often. Please keep it coming, it helps fill the void of missing you every day. Be good up there with your siblings. Love you all bunches! ~ Mommy

Hello pretty pretty Bella! Merry Christmas to you baby girl. We love and miss you everyday. Have you talked to Santa? Be a nice girl okay? ~ Love Mommy and Daddy

1/1/19 -- Hey sweet Belle -- Take good care of Slam..... you're Daddy and Mommy are so sad that they had to let him go, so you tell them that you'll take good care of him until we cross over and see all of you again. It's hard to believe there are four of you up there now.. so ya'll stick together and keep each other company. You might see your old pal Ben up there too, as we had to say goodbye to him this year too. It was a sad year. Miss you and love you to the moon and back. -Grandma

Hey there gorgeous Belle! Can't believe it's been 3 years since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge, and now your brother Slam is up there now too, and yes your old buddy Ben too. Sigh! 2018 was not very nice to us but we know we will see all of you again one day and we will all cross that bridge together. Your sister Sissy sure is lonely but she has many angels watching over her now. Say hi to the rest of your Murphy siblings. Boy, there's a herd of y'all up there now. Y'all stick together okay? Love you and miss my fur babies so much! Until we meet again! ~ Love, Mommy and Daddy

Hey there precious, gorgeous, furry thang! Miss you bunches. I think of you often. Sissy is getting pretty old but still sassy as ever. I know she misses you too. She has two little BIG sister and brother to pick on now. Be good up there, until we meet again. Love ~ Mommy

December 2019
Merry Christmas and happy almost 2020 gorgeous Bella! Oh how we've missed you! Can't believe you have been gone for 4 years and not a day goes by that we don't miss you. Your big little sister Sissy is still sassy as she can be. I know you and your Murphy fur siblings up there are watching over her. Hey, you be good to your brother Slammer okay (hehe). Love you lots! ~ Mommy

January 2020
Happy New Year gorgeous baby girl! January is also the month when you left us for the Rainbow's Bridge and I always feel that sting of pain as that memory comes flashing back BUT don't ya worry, I know you are happy playing through the meadows with your siblings. Give them a hug for me. Love and miss all you my babies. Please keep watching over your big little sister Sissy. She still runs the show around here but i know she misses you too. Love you babygirl. Until we meet again. Love ~ Mommy

Hey there gorgeous baby! Missing you every day. Your little "big" sister Sissy is getting pretty old and is having certain issues now but still as feisty as ever though. She must know she has an angel named Belle who watches over here every day. We love and miss you. Be sweet up there. Until we meet again ~ Mommy and Daddy

Thinking of you today baby Belle! Missing you everyday. You were the cutest, prettiest, most huggable little gorgeous bear. Mommy miss doing yoga with you, my yogi bear Belle! Until we meet again. Love you lots ~ Mommy and Daddy

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