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Memories of Benny and Leo
On January 23rd, 2022 Oliver (Ollie)Joined Leo and Benny over the Bridge. He was 6 years old and passed peacefully with his momma at the vet. Ollie loved playing with balls like his brother Leo did. I hope they have found each other along with Benny and are running and playing. Ollie went too soon but was so loved.

My beloved Leo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday December 13th, 2020 and was reunited with his brother Benny who crossed over the bridge on Wednesday September 7th, 2018. Leo who was 15 years old had the energy of a puppy his entire life. Even when his heart couldn't keep up with his spirit, he found the strength to run and jump and play. Leo was the strongest boy I've ever known and his personality touched the lives of everyone he ever got to meet. Leo loved to go on long walks and chase ducks and squirrels. He often would be the one to lead me on the walks over to his favorite squirrel watching trees. But Leo's biggest obsession was to play ball. My earliest memories of Leo were throwing the ball back and fourth and Leo continued to bring the ball back over and over again. He continued to love this game his entire life. I will miss having my best friend around to play ball with. It was with a heavy heart that Leo became too sick to carry on but it was only for a short day of his life. He passed over the rainbow bridge peacefully, at home in his daddy's arms. I will miss his curious looks, his snuggly personality, and the warm spots where he laid next to me for the 15 years I was blessed to have him by my side.

Benny crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 7th, 2018. Up until the last hour of his life Benny was full of energy and affection that was unmatched. He was the perfect lap companion. Benny wasn't obsessed with balls but rather the outside. Even the word "outside" would result in Benny jumping from whatever laying position he was in and running to the door so he could go explore the outdoors. Benny loved to take his time to make sure he inspected every shrub, tree, and fire hydrant. Benny was the sweetest boy you ever met and met strangers with a request for a pet and a snuggle by their side. I miss Benny's sweet looks and affection as well as our walks together. Benny had a wonderful 13 years on this earth and I was so lucky to have such a wonderful and loving companion in my life.

Leo and Benny were the perfect pair. Whereas Leo was the ball crazy playful puppy, Benny evened things out with a cozy snuggle and obsession for pets. Leo and Benny had a friendly competition always with who was going to get to daddy first to snuggle. Or who was going to get to the food bowl first. Or who was going to get the chew toy first. Then as my mother would say, they would "sing" their songs at each other aka growl to show off to one another. My life was so filled with joy and love with my companions by my side that it was hard to realize that it was only going to be for a short blink of time. And my how the time flew by. Reflecting back on my memories of my boys, I am fearful of how I will ever gain back that feeling of companionship. They always listened. They always wanted to give me love when I was down. They shared in my excitement. They shared in my meals. I pray to god that I will find the strength to honor their memory with the rest of my life and I owe it to them to celebrate their lives and the impact they had on mine.

Benny and Leo had a wonderful life experience. They were Tennessee mountain dogs, they were Texas dogs, they were Oklahoma dogs, and finally where they spent the last 8 and 10 years of their lives, they were South Florida dogs. Their lives were filled with road trips to Tennessee to visit their granny and great granny. They played with my nieces and my sisters dog. They experienced many different hotels and accompanied me on many trips to Orlando for Disney. They loved and feared a car ride. The concept of going on a car ride was fascinating for them and each found their sleep spots where they cuddled up and slept while I made the 15 plus hour drive to Tennessee.

Not many people have the opportunity to have such wonderful companions in their lives and I was blessed to have 2 such as Leo and Benny. I was blessed that they were healthy and lived a full lifespan of love, free from disease and pain. They both passed over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully with their daddy with them in those last moments. Not a minute will ever go by where I don't miss my boys. I want to snuggle with Benny again. I want just one more game of ball with Leo. I hope someday my pain can be lifted with the spirit of another that can bring me hope and affection in the way that Leo and Benny did. They were just a moment of my life, but I was every moment of theirs.

This is the time to be sad and mourn such an overwhelming loss but I know it will not last forever. I know that with each day, the pain that I feel will start to numb and be replaced with a feeling of hope and optimism about what lays ahead for me. I know that the memories that I am experiencing right now from losing them will be replaced with cherished memories of our lives together. We had so many wonderful times together that I look forward to reflecting on. For now, every time I see a ball or a squirrel or a fire hydrant, I'll think about my little boys and how I would have given anything for them to be with me in that moment. I love you Leo and Benny and thank you for who you were and the love you filled my heart with. Until we see each other again someday. I hope you both are exploring new hills and meadows and lakesides together for eternity. You both deserve it and each other.



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