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Memories of Biggles
Biggles came to me on a rainy cold evening. I picked him up from his previous owner who couldn't keep him any more and needed a good home for him. He meaowed all the way home in the car. When he came home he instantly made himself at home, going up and down the stairs and finding his way. Biggles was a very special cat. He was very stoic and seldom showed affection but when he did it was very very special. He would jump in bed with me at night and ever so gingerly find his way to a fold in the cover and set himself behind my knees. Biggles woke me up every day early for his food, rain or shine, work day or off day. I would yell at him to stop, nothing would stop him. He loved tuna and reacted to the opening of a can. Biggles was my shadow, he would follow me every where. If I closed a door behind me, he is there scratching on the door and meaowing till I opened it for him. Biggles was a very sensitive cat, he knew when I was upset or sad and was right there by my side. He loved flowers, any time I have a bouquet on a table vase, he was right there chewing on it and smelling it. Biggles loved going outside to walk on the greens with his mommy. He would rub his back on the warm ground, sniff the grass and flowers, chase lizards and birds. He was at his happiest moments sitting in a sunny spot and dreaming. Biggles was a strong cat even-though half his weight was soft white fur. It took 5 technicians at Pets Mart to hold him down for a shave with his eyes almost closed from a sedative and he still sent one to the hospital with a wound in her hand. He went home that day looking like a battered soldier, half his fur hanging from him as the job could not be finished. He had to be put under at a vet's office the next day to finish the job. Biggles was a very playful cat, even in his old age, he loved toys, his scratching post and following furry things. I miss his soft bites to tell me he had enough petting or attention. I miss his deep looks into my eyes as if saying I love you, thank you for taking care of me. Biggles hated his annual sedation/shave but it was very necessary as he couldn't be brushed and his fur got matted so badly. He hated how he looked for days after a shave and looked beautiful when the fur started growing out a few weeks later. A handsome boy.

Last May, early in the month he was walking around attracting attention with his half shaved fur. I was looking for a groomer to finish the job the previous groomer couldn't as he nabbed her a few times and she called him "a nutty ole cat". Two weeks after that, on the day he was scheduled to get groomed, Biggles left us. It was a very painful sad day. Memorial Day weekend he was just slumped on the floor, skinny and frail. Doctor said he was dying of kidney failure and nothing would bring him back. I don't know how old Biggles was exactly but I had him for 11 wonderful special years. His former owner thinks he must have been 16 or 17. Biggles was strong and handsome to the very end. I took him for a walk on the golf course greens that morning to enjoy one last whiff of the grass. I held him in my favorite Mickey Mouse towel and he was just like a baby. He tried to run and hide under the bushes but I knew if I let him he will never come out. It was the animal instinct in him to hide from surrounding predators as he was old and weak. At 7pm, the angel of mercy came to take him away. No more pain, no more decisions. I was devastated for a long time. I still miss him so much when I walk by the golf course, in the balcony where he loved to weave himself around the railing. I miss him jumping in bed at night and keeping my legs warm. I miss singing to him "Kooka Katz Kooka Kitten, he is a funny little fella". Biggles was named after Mr. Bigglesworth of Austin Powers as he looked just like him, poker face and stoic. He loved my son and husband a lot and spent his last days jumping in my son's bed as he felt cared and welcomed there.

Biggles I know you are in a better place, free to roam around, with no pain. Biggles I know you know you are always loved and missed. Your photos are all over the place.

I love you lil guy, mommy Nevine

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