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Memories of Bonnie
you were the joy of my life, i miss you so much ,it hurts ,your loss is more than i can handle.your love was unconditional,you never passed judgement on me or i you .i am so lost and look forward to the day that we will be together again, i will never forget you ,you are in my heart forever, now you will be the first thing that i wake up to and the last thing that i go to sleep with.i miss you more than i can bear ,but i know that one day we will be together again. this is the only thing that i have to keep me going.there will never be any thing that will replace you,i wish i was with you now. i was with you before yuo crossed over and you died in my arms.,i didnt want to let you go. a piece of me died with you ,there is a giant hole in my heart an emptyness that will never go away.you at times were the only thing that kept me going. oh god how i miss you i love you so much ,when you died a part of me died to.the thought of us being together one day is the only thing that keeps me going I LOVE YOU forever in my heart 7-4-2011..Remember,I will still be here as long as you hold me in your memory.Remember when you dreams have ended.Time can be transended,just remember me.I am the one star that keeps burning so brightly, it is the last night to fade into the rising sun.Iam with you when ever you tell my story.,for i am all i've done.Remember that i will still be here as long as you hold me in your memory,remember me.Iam that one voice in the cold wind that whispers and if you listen,you will hear me call across the sky.As long as i canstill reach out and touch you, then i will never die.Remember that i will never leave you,if you will only remember me, remember me.Remember that i will still be here as long as you hold me in your memory.Rember when your dreams have ended,time can be transended.I live forever, remember me..remember me. I saw in her eyes that it was time to let her go as i tried to deny it,she told me she was ready to go.Iwas at the vets,i walked into the room,they brought her in to me. she was lying on the table,she looked at me , it broke my heart.I know that she was waiting for me,i had to be there for her , some one told me once that making the choice to let her go,is one of the most unselfish things,because by choosing to end her suffering, you are choosing to start your own.I loved her more than life. i had to decide the moment to let her go. i looked into her eyes and felt her slip away , together to the end. i wanted to be there for her last moments so she would know that we are together in this painful time.We had a deep understanding, beyond words, my heart is heavy,my eyes wet ,my face swollen from all the tears.Every day i am reminded of you. the stress and the saddness of loosing you has worn me out.Ihope in those last moments that we shared that you could hear me and feel me, when you died ,a very big part of me also died.,,love mommy
7-6-2011 ..The sun is sleeping quietly, upon a century. whistful oceans calm ..and ardent caresses,laid to rest. For my dreams i hold my life.For wishes i behold my nights, the truth at the end of time, losing faith makes a crime.Iwish for this nighttime to last for a lifetime , the darkness around me, ,shores io a solar sea. Oh how i wishto go down with thr sun,, sleeping ,weeping with you.Sorrow has a human heart,from my god it will not part.Id sail before a thousand moons, never finding where to go,two hundred twenty two days of light,,we'll be desired by a night,a moment for the poets play, until theres nothing else to say..Iwish for this nighttime to last for a lifetime, the darkness around me, shores of a solar sea.Oh how i wish to go down with the sun ,sleeping weeping with you.Iwish for this lifetime, the darkness around me, the shores of a solar sea,,Oh how i wish to go with the sun,sleeping ,weeping with you...this is a song by Nightwish ,i found this song on some of the ship videos and found it to be very beautiful, when i heard it on the lost ships videos it just seem to fit and express what i feel at this difficult time.I saw in her eyes it was time to let her go, as i tried to deny it.She told me that she was ready to go .I was at the vets, i walked into the room, they brought her into me , she was lying on the table with a blue blanket under her. . she looked at me ,it broke my heart. i know that she was waiting for me.I had to be there for her,,Some one told me that making the choice to let her go is one of the most unselfish things because, by choosing to end her suffering, you are choosing to accept your own.,i loved her more than life. i had to decide the moment, to let her go. i looked into her eyes and felt her slip away, together to the end. i wanted to be there for her last moments,so she would know that she was not alone. we had a deep understanding , beyound words. my heart is heavy ,my eyes wet ,my face swollen from all the tears. the stress and the saddness has worn me out
Dear Lord..Please open your gates and call ST. Francis to come and escort this beloved companion across the Rainbow Bridge.Assign her a place of honor for she has been a faithful servant to Tina and always did her best to take care of her.Bless the hands that send her to you .For they are doing so in love,and compassion,freeing her from pain and suffering.Grant Tina the strength not to dwell on her loss.Help her remember the good times and heal her life as she Bonnies.And grant her the courage to honor her by sharing the good memories of Bonnie.Let Bonnie remember Tina and let her know that she is now well,and when its time for Tina to cross over into paradise, please allow Bonnie to be there to greet her,and that they both will cross the bridge together.Thank you God for the gift of Bonnie to Tina.And bless Tina for the strength to give Bonnie back to you
Your faithful servant...TOM .Thank you for your undying love and devotion that you showed me the last 9 months.You will live on with me forever until we are together again.Thank you for the 12 years you gave me me and all the memories that i will cherish forever in my heart for ever .The pain is great my heart is breaking as i write this, i am not sure how i will go on without you, but knowing that you are waiting for me at the bridge gives me comfort.Last night you visited me in a dream ,i felt your presence, you were soft and warm,i felt you lick my face as to tell me that you are alright.When your soul left you it entered me.When you died the dream that i had for us died also,we were going up to Duluth, you could have swam in Lake Superior.God sent me an angel.Igave her a name..Bonnie,my best friend and soulmate ,we shared our lives together,walks on the beach where ever she was always by my side,not to be torn from it.Her love was pure,her devotion pure. She always knew when i was sad,and a little while ago the angels called her home.It was a time to say goodbye,that night a new star was born.that shone so brighter then all the rest,our last fight ,we gave it our best,her love lives on in my heart,your love for me shall live on .Until that day,hear this for me, YOU WERE THE BEST.I will wait,time will pass but the memories of you will never die.I will never forget you,i keep you in my heart forever.I have your memories, but i dont have you,emptyness and sorrow are my companions now.So much sorrow and heart ache ,all around me, i need you so bad to comfort me, i wish that i could be with you now.It seems like an eternity since i saw you. I can remember that day as if was yesterday.One day sweet Bonnie girlwe will be together and there will be no goodbyes.You were my sunshine,my shadow,my world ,and then you were gone.You are the brightest star in heaven .One absolute friend that i could ever have in this selfish world,,the one that has never deserted me , the one that never proves to be ungrateful or treacherous is BONNIE.She stood beside me in prosperity, poverty,health or sickness...BONNIE.She would sleep on the cold ground in the snow if she had to,to be at my sideShe would kiss the hand that had no food to offer.She would lick the sores or wounds that came with the roughness of the world.She guards the sleep of her pauper master as if she were a queen.When others deserted me.She stood by me when riches take wings and reputations fall to pieces. She was constant in her love as the sun is in its journey,through the heavens.If misfortune drives the master forth an outcast in the world,friendliness and homeless the faithful dog asks no higher privlidge than that of accompaning her to guard against danger,to fight against her enemies and when the last scene of all comes,and death takes the master in its embrace and her body is laid in the cold ground no matter if all other friends persue there way there by the grave side,will be the noble BONNIE,be found, her head between her paws,her eyes sad ,but open in alertness, watchfulness ,faithful and true in even death.Bonnie i miss you so much,of all the deaths that i have encountered in my life of 53 years ,your has had the biggest impact on me,,for you gave me love from the heart,true ,pure love that no human has ever given me.I carry your collar in my purse,your urn beside my bed and memories of you in my heart.I cherish the day that we will be together for eternity.I LOVE YOU ..YOUR MOMMY...With a heavy heart,i must say goodbye with tears in my eyes.I did all that i could do ,i sit right next to you,trying to hold back the tears,one last hug,one last kiss,you will be sorely missed.To look into your eyes one last time ,we both knew that it was your time ,Close your eyes now,go to sleep,go in peace my friend .I will be next to you in the end,dream of that special day,we will cross the bridge together,run and play .Have a safe journey thru the night.When you wake you will be in gods hands.So with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes,we say goodbye.
I miss you so much my four legged friend .I ask myself each day ,if the pain will ever end .Your loss is so hard,for one person to bear,because we were a team,an inseperable pair.You were by my side when i got up each day,waiting so patiently to go out and play.If that didnt work,you would put your head into my lap , then make your self comfortable and take a nap.One way or another you would brighten my day ,like only you could,you had a special way ,you gave me a lifetime of memories to hold thru all the years ahead,till im old and gray,.I promise that i will see you again one day.Then we will be together again to run and play.Your loss is a cross that i will have to bear.Because you and i know that we are an inseparable pair.
There is a star in heaven and one that has been reserved for you since birth, a place met for your name, this star has watched you over these years, but it couldnt stand alone , it rested high on angels wings awaiting your trip home , you slipped away ,i held you close,your soul followed thru my heart, i felt your last breath thru my heart,i felt your pain depart, tonite i looked into the sky and there for me to view,was one lone star shining bright, your name was shining to,you were my angel (still are)on this earth,your my angel in the sky ,wait for me ,some day you will see me and our names will shine bright together.My sweet Bonnie girl, there are no words to express that can say how sorry that i am.I will be haunted by this forever ,oh god i miss you so .Watch over me and goofy.I love you more than i ever have..MOMMY...She had told me a thousand times that i was her reason for being,by the way that she rested against my leg ,by the way she wagged her tail at my smallest smile ,by the way that she showed her hurt when i left,not taking her along ,when i was wrong ,she was happy to forgive ,when i was angry,she clowned around to make me laugh.When i was happy she was joy undbound .When i was a fool she ignored it ,when i suceeded she was bragging ,without her i am only a nother person,with her i was all powerful,she was loyalty,itself ,she taught me the meaning of devotion ,with her i knew a secret comfort and a private peace.She had brought me understanding and where before i was ignorant .Her head on my knee could heal my human hurts ,her kisses on my tears washed away my sad feelings ,her presence by my side was protection against my fears of darkness and unknown things .She promised to watch over me and wait for me -where ever -where ever -in case i needed her and expect i will as i always have--was she human-no--she was my dog.....You were the epitome of love ,your love was unconditional and constant .The world could have learned alot from you ,you got me thru all the hard times ,never faltering,,never leaving my side .I am not quite sure how to live without you.The end was horrifying for me ,painless for you ,and in my tears,i an still grateful, for you my ever faithful friend ,deserved to die with dignity,you deserved the world and more,,run free my Bonnie girl ,eat all the treats that you wish ,wait for me ,i will come find you .Fly free sweet Bonnie ,you done well ,my love is forever constant,my sorrow in time may fade a little ,but my memories of you will live on forever....The swan silently crossed the river ,no reflection,no ripple in her wake.Lit by a moving sunbeam she crossed the water for my sake.I sat down aboard her back as her head turned to look at me,and as she looked deeply into my eyes,asking are you really,really ready ,.I nodded as tears rained down on my face,to join countless others in the river,the swan started swimming and slowly singing ,the most beautiful music i had ever heard in all my life and then the swan suddenly changed from a black to a dazzeling white.And as i stopped crying and started smiling as we crossed together,we crossed over,into the most brillant of light.....It has been one year since we parted,at this time thinking of you,you are terribly missed,you have no idea that the impact of your death has had on me ,this has been a time of deep reflection.It is so unbelievable that you died,you will never be forgotten,you are thought of every day that i breathe,your loving heart and memory will live on thru me.you are terribly missed,it has been terribly lonely since you died in my arms,it is a pain that will never go away,you left a void in my life that nothing can fill,thank you for being my friend for 12 years,so glad that you were in my arms,but sad that you will never be there again,thank you for showing me real love,it will last in my heart forever.I missed you the moment that you stopped breathing in my arms,i am devastated and lost and so sad,that is the price of unconditional love,you were easy to love,not seeing your face or to hear your bark,i wish there could be some other choice,life can begin and end so fast,the memory of bonnie will always last,i wish there was some way,i could have said goodbye in a different way,the thought of her running thru my head as i look up into the sky,knowing that she is looking down on me with that smile on her beautiful face,remembering the life that she lived before she left this place.

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