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Memories of Bubba James
Dear sweet Bubba James-our hearts ache every day in missing you.Dad is still especially heartbroken, you were his Buddha-Head and you got him through his difficult days just by being the devoted, loving baby that you were. I still worry that it wasn't time yet, you weren't ready. Did we make the right decision? We have to believe so - you were suffering a great deal and we couldn't let you go on that way. We know how difficult it was, and what a fighter you were to make it all good. I miss your gorgeous face, your loving greet at the door with your favorite toys to show me how your day went. We still have them here, I can't throw them away. Each one was so special to you, you knew which was which and brought them on command when asked. So very smart my darling. We want you and Kona back! We can't bring ourselves to even think about another baby-I don't think I will ever be able to do that. We pray that you and Kona have found each other, and are jumping, wrestling, laughing and playing with healthy bodies and fond memories of your parents, and your bestfriend Snoball. She misses you like crazy, still looks for you when I mention your name. She loves you very much too. I know you and Kona lived long, happy lives and that you know we treasure those days and the memories, sometimes there all we have to get thru the sad days. God, and all of our friends, have been asked to look after you and give your hugs and loveys every single day. I know they will look out for you and Mama-Dog until we are all together again. Take care my loving, happy dog - I hope you know how very much we loved you, and how much we miss you both every single day. Whisper to me to let me know you're all right, visit me in my dreams. I love you Bubba Boy, with all my heart! Mom and Dad, Rigby and your baby Snoball.

09/21/12-Dearest Bubba Here we are one year later,can't believe it's been so long already. Our hearts still ache from losing you and Kona so close together, we miss you both terribly! Rigby left us on her own terms sadly last February. We hope she crossed the Bridge and found you two. I can't bear the thought of her being on her own - she was my first baby as you know and her leaving was traumatic for me. I worry where she went, why and have no closure so please look out for her. I hoped to find your face in the the clouds today to ease my sorrowful heart. I hope you, and our sweet Kona Marie, always know how much joy and laughter you brought into our lives. We miss you all every single day, and wish we could see you, know you are all ok in Paradise together. May the Lord keep you all happy and healthy until we are together once again. All our love, hugs and memories always Sweet Giant. Forever and ever, Mom and Pops xoxoxo

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