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Memories of Buddy White
January 2, 2016

My Dear Sweet Buddy:
It seems like only yesterday, that we made the journey to Moncks Corner, SC in search of the perfect dog to be a part of our family. I know God led us to you that faithful day when we searched for you in the litter of energetic, cute and cuddly black and gray miniature schnauzers. Ally, who was only 7 years old at that time, spotted you amongst all your brothers and sisters and instantly fell in love with you. She picked you up and accidentally dropped you on your head. We felt obligated to take you from the breeder, but now know that it was all part of God's plan to make sure we picked you because He knew you would be such a special blessing to our family. You taught us so much about life. You taught us life isn't always perfect. You were a hand full as a puppy, always in to something, and always keeping us on our toes. You taught us life can be a little messy at times, but you taught us to slow down, go for walks, enjoy nature, have fun, and often just be still. You taught us to love unconditionally as you loved us.
I remember looking into your Mother's eyes and seeing a deep sadness as we took you from her to be a part of our family. Now I know how she felt at that very moment, and that look of sadness is now in my eyes as I know it is time to let you go to be a part of God's special family. Heaven is indescribable, Buddy, and I know you are going there and that we will all be together there one day. There will be no more pain or whimpering there. You will do all the things that you use to do so effortlessly, like running, jumping, barking, playing, and wagging your tail. I guess I'm selfish to think why can't we have one more year with you, but truth is it would always be my wish for just one more year. No amount of years would ever be enough because of my deep, deep love for you. I know I have to love you enough to let you go.
You have made lots of friends during your time here on earth who fell instantly in love with you because of your sweet, sweet personality. You made their lives better for just having known you. Our immediate family has countless stories and sweet memories of you; how you got into their suitcases on visits to our home to get their attention the only way you knew how. You were simply saying welcome, so glad you are here and stay for a while. You tore up Papa's hats, got into Grandmommy's makeup bag, tore up the special pillows she made us. You have eaten Ally's hair bows, socks, shoes, toys, and so much more. You even ate the Bible once, so we know you are going to heaven because of your hunger for God's word. Grandmommy Betty use to care for you when we went out of town. Remember when you brought the very large, slimy snake to the door at 3 a.m. in the morning and dropped it at her feet when she let you out, or when you got into the box of chocolates she gave us that was wrapped up under the Christmas tree........Yes, you are quite a legend to all that have known and cared for you.
You've had many caregivers who have fell madly in love with you. Of course there was Karen in Summerville. She had cancer, which she had since a child, and one day pulled over when I was walking with you just to meet you. You reminded her of her dog, Scotter. She would often come just to visit you and we got the privilege of meeting and knowing her because of you. Also, there was Sandy who loved to come stay with you when we went away, and of course Shaunte, Vickie, Jennifer, Debra and Dr. Foster who loved you so much, and were always texting me just to see how you were doing.
Thank you for the unconditional love you have given me these past 17 years. Although you couldn't talk, it was like you could see into my soul and know exactly how I was feeling, and just your presence could make me feel better on the worst of days. The world seemed a little less crazy because of you in it. You've shared my joys, my sorrows, and everything in between and you have been my best friend. I will never, ever forget you.
You were with me through all of Ally's childhood. I would often sit and talk to you about what was going on in our lives. You were with me when I came home after leaving Ally at college, and many of my tears fell on you as I held on to you for comfort. You were strong, even though I know you were missing her so much yourself. You seemed to understand and you did what I needed you to do. You just listened and I would feel so much better. You seemed to have a deep, deep wisdom that your presence permeated through to me. You have been with us through all our moves as we transitioned to new places and new friends. You were always the constant in all these times and always faithfully waiting for us wherever life took us, and always making new friends along the way.
I know our house will seem empty once you are gone, but I know you would want us to be happy again, especially Ally. You are like the brother she never had. But I know you would want her to let you go because you loved her so much. You grew up with her. This Christmas we gave her a portrait of you which she will always treasure. She will hang it in her home one day, and tell her children about the special dog that she grew up with named Buddy that taught her so much about life.
I love you Buddy, and I know I will see you one day in heaven. Until then, rest in peace. You have done your work here on earth that God placed you here to do. You have loved your family and friends with all your heart and unconditional love and we will never, ever forget you. You have left what we all want to leave one day when we leave this earth, a legacy.
Rest in Peace, my dear sweet Buddy.

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