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Memories of Buster
Buster was the best. He was Daddy's best buddy, Mommy's shadow, and Sissy's big brother.

Hi my baby boy Buster...things are never the same without you. It was hard for me to go to bed without having to kiss you goodnight and even harder to get up in the morning without seeing you're warm and big morning smile for Mommy.My days are never the same baby boy. Everything I do reminded me of you..oh! how empty and somehow unsafe I feel now when I walk outside without you (my shepherd and my shadow). I don't know how am I going to go on my regular jogging without your company now. You have kept me so safe and guarded that I'm not sure if I could still do any of these things without you. I guess I just have to believe that though I may not see you any more, you are still here watching over me all the time. I know you are! because you told me so when we had our last goodbyes that day we both knew you it was time for you to go join your little sis Tha-ta at the Rainbows Bridge so I just have to trust and believe on that promise right baby? Taken from us too soon I'm still in denial somehow. How I wish there was something more that we could have done to kept you from leaving but I believe we did just about everything we could and I am also convinced that you held on for as long as you could for us but it was just really time to let go. What happened to you was one in a million cases that we never will understand and find out why. But I know that God has allowed all these to happened for a reason...He must have wanted the sweetest and kindest dog that ever existed or maybe your little sis Tha-ta must have gotten too lonely or whatever that is only heaven knows why and I just have to find comfort knowing that you are in a lot better place now free of pain and sufferings. Though I don't really think you have suffered for very long and I thank God for that. You had a great life and you were so loved by so many people. You were so special...You were more than just a pet, YOU were our baby boy and heaven knows that. You have loved us unconditionally and I can only hope you have felt the same love from us. I would give anything in the world to have you back my babyboy but the good Lord's WILL had to be done and I can't be selfish anymore. I am grateful for the years He had given us with you and I will forever hold you dear in my heart...I miss you Buster and I look forward to the day we see each other again in a place of no more goodbyes and cross that bridge together as a family.Meanwhile I will be thinking of you and dream of you all the time. Tell your little sis Tha-ta I miss and love her very much and to be good to you and show you around ok?

Hugs and kisses and lots of love,
Your Mommy

Hi Buster...You won't believe how many emails and sympathy cards I have gotten from the people who understood what me and your Daddy are going through right now..some of them are from friends and some are from total strangers who happen to see you at your new residency. It's amazing how much love and support we are getting right now and yes, we do have good friends who truly are feeling the pain of losing you too. Everybody will miss you Buster.You were so loved and still is. And BTW Buster, I have a special request to ask you, please continue to watch over your little sister Sissy and comfort her through this pain and loneliness she's going through over losing you. I think she is missing you Buster. Me and Daddy sometimes notice her wandering around looking for you and it breaks my heart to see her like that.You are gonna have to help her Buster. She is feeling lonely without you. She misses sleeping on your back...you're back was like the most comfortable bed she ever slept on. Remember how she use to fall asleep on your back and sleep like a real baby? and you were so kind to let her do it everytime including those times you weren't feeling very good. You're the best big brother ever! please continue to watch over your little sister Sissy ok Buster? And also don't forget to help give your Daddy the comfort that he needs right now. He is pretty bumbed out babyboy! he misses you bad that sometimes I wishes that he'll just let it all out and not hide it. You were his buddy. He told me that you came into his life when he was too lonely. You have saved him Buster and he will forever miss you. You were truly an angel! You have brought us a lifetime of joy and we will forever hold you close to our hearts...
Your Mommy


Good morning Buster Boy,
We made the long drive home and are back it Kansas now. It was hard to leave your Mommy, Daddy and Sissy becauae they are really missing you a lot. And, Buster, I miss you too! Your Daddy always told me you are the best buddy he ever had! We know you left us earlier than you should have had too and we're just glad you did not have to get old and suffer before you went to Rainbow's Bridge. And we know you will live there with Tha-ta until we all meet together on the other side of the bridge. In the meantime, Buster, you enjoy that beautiful place where you can run and play with all the other fur babies, and there is no pain or sadness. I'm sure Tha-ta is already sleeping next to you like she did when she was a baby! And knowing you are safe and out of pain will help your Mommy, Daddy and Sissy get through this sad time. It might be a while before your Mommy and Daddy decide to get another fur baby, and I know you will speak to them when the time is right and they find just the right new brother for Sissy. I love you Buster and I will miss you dearly.
Love, Grandma


Buster Boy

It's taken me a few days to even be able to come to your residency. Slowly I have been able to accept that you have crossed the rainbows bridge. Buster I know you remember when you came to me at such a lonely time in my life. You filled such a space, and for so long it was just you and me here at the house. I even remember teaching you that it was ok to take that first step inside the house, a place you had never been. Your smile every morning and all the conversations we had are such great memories. Feeding the horses in the morning will never be the same. You were there for me in a tough time and I will always be thankful for your trust and unconditional love. Then together we were blessed when your mommy came into our lives, we had so many talks about her before she moved in with us, and it was so clear that you understood every word I told you. From the very first knight she moved in you moved to her bed-side after years of sleeping in the corner. It was so clear that you understood everything I needed from you. From that moment on you were her shadow, and I know you were there to protect her. Never was there single day that you were not on your best behavor, with guests, with kids and other pets you were the kindest soul ever. The first day you let Sissy sleep up on your back I thought to myself, Buster Boy you are truly one of a kind. Not a fighter for a day but the security and comfort you gave us will never be equaled. I feel so lucky to have had those years with you. Thank you Buster for all you gave me. I will never be able to repay you but I pray that your time at rainbows bridge is filled with peace, and don't worry ole buddy, we will come together again.

Your Daddy, (but most of all your buddy)

Hi Buster Boy,
Then end of last year was a sad time for me, as it seems like loss and sadness was all around. Loosing you was espeically sad, even though we know you are romping around peacefully at Rainbows Bridge. I read a book that I got for Christmas, 90 Days in Heaven, and I could never be more sure that one day we will all be there together. Now for some good news old buddy. As you probably know, Sissy has been very lonely without you around. And I'm sure you were urging Mommy and Dadday to get another playmate for her. Well, you will be so excited to know that a new little sister has come into their lives. Belle Star is a new little sweetheart that is working her way into the hearts of your Mommy & Daddy. Sissy is a little skeptical, of course, but she will soon understand that Belle Star is a new playment with lots of energy, and will keep Sissy from being so lonely, especially when Mommy & Daddy have to go out for a bit. Belle Star is young, too, so she'll have to learn how to power walk with Mommy! And Daddy and Mommy are both going to have to train her because she's not going to be as perfectly behaved as you were Buster..so please guide them in their hearts so they can train Belle to be a good girl! I just wanted to tell you that I love and miss you lots. I'm going to see Mommy, Sissy & Belle in a couple of weeks. It will be sad that you are not there, but I am looking forward to meeting Belle Star.
We love you always, Buster Boy,
Love, Grandma

Hi my babyboy Buster...Happy New Year to you!!! I still can't quite embrace the reality that you are not with us anymore. My hearts still aches so bad and I still shed lots of tears over loosing you esp. at night before I go to bed when it's dark and quiet. I couldn't help but remember of how you used to fill those quiet nights with your soft barks...that's when I knew you were having some kind of an exciting dream again and it never did fail to put a smile in my heart everytime I hear you dreamed. Oh how I miss those nights that sometimes I think I could still hear you only to get a painful pinched in my heart when I realize that it was just my imagination. I know baby...you probably don't like to hear that Mommy is still hurting but I couln't help it babyboy. I want you back so bad and I would give anything in the world for that to happen and I know that is selfish of me to even think that way. I know that you are happy and healthy again at your new residency and I also know that you and your baby sis Thata are just waiting for the day that we will all be reunited again and cross that bridge together. Meanwhile you be good ok? and please help Mommy move on. I see that your grandma already told you about Belle Star. Yes, we got a new babygirl and a new playmate for your little sis Sissy.She got too lonely when you left and we thought that to get her a playmate would be good for her and believe it or not she is actually starting to like her now though she still gets snappy at times. And Bellestar is very sweet and loving so it wouldn't be hard for all of us to love her just as much. Please help us raise her ok babyboy? like you helped us raise Sissy. And continue to watch over us...

Missing you,
Your Mommy

Hello my pretty, pretty babyboy...HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU! I miss you very much and I think about you all the time. Thank you for visiting me in my dreams a lot. That's just goes to show me that you are never gone and that you are up there looking down on us. Your little sis Sissy is doing better now that she has Belle to play with though I know she misses you too. Thank you again babyboy for leading us to Belle. Each and everyday we are feeling more and more sure that we got the right one and that we got her for a reason and funny how she's starting to act like you now and oh! BTW, your daughter from across the street Glitter; she has been acting so weird since you've been gone. She's been coming up here at the house so often and been acting and looking just like you that sometimes it makes me think that it could be you reincarnating on her hehe...I know, Mommy is silly! I just miss you so much babyboy and still wishes you were still here! But I know we'll see each other again someday. I love you!
Hugs and kisses,
Your Mommy

Hello buddy boy, it's your grandma checking in on you to tell you how much I miss seeing you when I go to Texas. I am so thankful to your Mommy for giving me this very sweet magnet that sits on my desk every day and reminds me of you. And, also a cool mouse pad that goes with me when I travel so I have a little bit of you in my heart wherever I go. Sissy and Bellestar are doing better I think and I am looking forward to a visit with them next month. I hear they are getting close just as you were with your Sissy. And I know in my heart that you and Thata have each other at Rainbows Bridge. I just wanted you to know that I think of you often and you are still the most beautiful boy in the whole world. There will never be a companion to your Daddy as good as you. Speaking of your Daddy, he has been working really heard and sometimes Grandma worries about him (like all the time, you know!). But I know the good Lord looks out for him and your Mommy, and I trust in that more and more every day. It's almost spring time here and when the grass turns green it makes me think of you - I don't know why, I guess because I always loved seeing you laying out in the green grass at home. For now, Buster boy, I'll say good night. Love and miss you! Peace be with you.

Hello again buddy boy, it's your Grandma just thinking about you today. I do not have anything new to report. I went to visit stay with you Mommy while your Daddy was away a few weeks ago. Belle Star is getting to look so much like you! She and Sissy are getting along much better and they just play so much more. Mommy had a bad cold when I was there but we had a nice day at the spa that made her feel better. Your Daddy is still working very hard and Grandma still worries about him too much. They finally got some rain in Texas so the boys are loving it, and so are the girls. Well I just wanted to let you came into my mind today. Grandma is getting ready to travel a bit but you will be with me in my heart. I better go send greetings to Thata now!
Love and miss you! Peace be wtih you.

Hi Buster...Mommy & Daddy just wanted to tell you that we miss ya! Sissy is missing you too. Sometimes when I call out your name her face lights up and then she'll search all over the house lookin' for ya only to find that Mommy was just playing and it makes me feel sad of how much she still longs for you. What can I say, you pretty much raised her! Her and Belle are getting along great and Belle is starting to look and act like you now (what a blessing she is!) But Sissy still longs for that good big brother that lets her ride on his back...something that only YOU can provide. Oh well, I'm sure you have a way of comforting her don't ya? We miss you sooo very much booger! and I still cry myself to sleep a lot while thinking of you. This empty space you left in my heart can never be filled again, EVER! and it hurts but I'll be ok...Daddy and I finds peace and comfort in knowing that you are in a much better place now w/ your lil sis Thata. Give her a big hug for us.
'til next time babyboy...muaahhh! Love your Mommy & Daddy

Hello babyboy Buster,
It's your Mommy here, longing for your comfort.Daddy left today for a 3-week rodeo trip. I know, I know pretty long aint it? but it'll be a fun trip for him to experience.I know he had a hard time leaving me & the girls today knowing he'll be gone for that long but he also knew that we'll be ok and we both find comfort in knowing that you are watching over us. I'm feeling pretty lonely babyboy so pls. help give me the strength and comfort that I need. This is gonna be the longest that your Daddy is ever gonna be gone so I will really need your company ok? and like I've said Mommy is pretty strong I'll make it :-) Oh how I wish you were still here w/ me bogger! I miss you sooo very bad. So, how's that lil sis of yours treating you up there huh? tell her to be good to you; I'm sure she is. And pls. give her some hugs & kisses for me and tell her that I miss and love her very much too.

P.S. Please watch over your Daddy and Ben also!

I love ya babyboy,
Love your Mommy

Hi pretty, pretty boy,

It's your mommy here just wanted to tell you that I miss and love ya soooo very much! Be good and continue to watch over us.

Sending lots of love and kisses your way...muaaahh!!!

Hi Babyboy,
It's your mommmy and daddy here...just wanted to tell ya that we miss you sooo much. Cold days are here and how we wish you were here to cuddle w/ us and keep us warm :) You had the softest and warmest hair ever! oh how we miss your cozy and warm hugs. Oh, and it's snowing here today too! yah I know hard to believe right? Your lil sister Belle is lovin' it and Sissy..ahh not so much! :) But we know for sure that you would have loved it!!! We miss you babyboy and we dream and think about you all the time. Oh how we miss that pretty, pretty face of yours!
Love your Mommy and Daddy

Hi Babyboy,
So sorry I hadn't been on here in a while.. but ya know there is not a day goes by that daddy and I don't think about ya! Life gets too busy at times but you are never forgotten. We miss you every single day and wishes that you were still here with us. Sissy and belle are doing great and belle grew up to be just like you. Pretty, kind, and have such a huge heart. She loves everybody but she loves her Mommy the most just like you did :-) Miss ya tons my pretty pretty baby boy!
Love you so much!
Mommy and Daddy!

Hi pretty pretty babyboy! Just wanted to tell you how much we miss and love you! We think about you everyday. Oh! and your grandma had finally moved back here in Texas. She misses you too! Be good and take good care of that little sister of yours! Gonna go visit her now so 'til next time babyboy. Love ya! Mommy and Daddy!

Hey buddy, just checking in to let you know that I miss you bunches. I love being back in Texas and near your Mommy, Daddy and those sweet things, Belle Star and Sissy. They have even come to visit Grandma in her new house! They are sure a lot of fun, but just like you, they love the freedom in the country. Grandma's house is close to many others, and they have to walk on a leash! But I think they also like all the things to see and smell around here and all the neighbors. They might even make friends if they come more often!! I wish you were here to visit, but I have your picture to remind me of what a special boy your are. I hope you are resting in peace and comfort and taking care of ThaTa. We miss you buddy, and I'm sure your Daddy misses you more than he admits :). Love you bunches and miss you! Grandma from Texas!

Hi there buddy boy... just paid your rent for another year, and want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you find some good turkey bones up there in Rainbow's Bridge. I know you will share the day with your sis ThaTa. We're thankful this day that we were blessed to have you both in our lives for even the short time, and thankful that we will see you again when we cross over the bridge together. God Bless, Grandma

Hello my pretty pretty boy. It's been a year now since you left us for the rainbows bridge and we sure miss you a lot. Your Daddy and I talks about you and your little sister Thata all the time and how we are thankful for the time we've spent with you our precious fur babies. Everyday we miss you more and more and I especially miss you when Daddy's out of town for work. I just never feel as safe without you here anymore.. my shadow and my shepherd! But eventhough you are not here physically I always feel your presence around us all the time and I know that you and your sister Thata are watching over us from up there. Christmas time is a bitter sweet holiday since your memories always makes me wish that you were still here with us. I still remember of how you use to fall asleep underneath the Christmas tree waiting for Santa to come. Oh how we miss you buddy! but we also know that we are gonna see each other again and cross that bridge together. Take care of your lil' sis Thata and be good. We love and miss you bunches!!! Mommy and Daddy


Happy New Year, Buster boy! It sure has been a fast one with so many changes with Grandma. I love being down here in Texas near your Mommy & Daddy. Last night I stayed with Belle and Sissy while Mommy & Daddy went out of town to a party. It was strange being in there with just the girls. Of course, the boys were there too, but your old friend Sara was taking care of them.
It is hard to believe you have been gone for a year already, and we sure do miss you. I think you are by far the best behaved dog I have ever known....I wish you could transmit some of those good manners to your sisters here (hee hee). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I never stop mssing you, but I am so glad you are out of pain and at a place like Rainbows Bridge.
Love you good buddy. Grandma

Hey Buster Boy! I know your Thatha will tell you the good news, but Mommy and Daddy are moving to town -- and closer to Grandma! It will be a really big adjustment for them and for your sissies... but everyone is excited. The boys will stay on the ranch and Daddy and his friend KD will take good care of them. Well I better run, as usual, I'm off on a trip. Love you and miss you, and every time I see an aussie, I think of you. Take good care, buddy! Love, Grandma

Hi pretty pretty boy! Sorry haven't been on here in a while. Daddy and I have just been reall busy but we think and talk about you all the time. I see that Grandma already told you all 'bout the moving and all that and I'm pretty sure your lil' sis Thata already got you all caught up too! Yep, gonna be some adjustments but we are excited. Wish you were still here to see the new place but I know you are happy up there. Please tell your big brother Porkchop to watch over Ben and help us pray that we still get the miracle we are hoping for. I just know how tough and devastated your Daddy will be if we lose him. I'd be very devastated too but I just know your Daddy will be broken so please help us pray babyboy ok? You are much closer to the bossman up there maybe He can hear you better :) We love and miss you pretty pretty boy! Be good up there and take good care of that sweet lil' sissy of yours. Love, Your Mommy and Daddy!

Hi Babyboy,
It's been 3 years now since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge and everyday we miss you more and more. Please continue to watch over your lil' sisters Sissy and Belle. They seem to have adjusted and adopted our new home pretty quick. They hated being on a leash so we are all happy when we finally got the fence backyard up. Not the same as Kingsbury but at least now they have a small and safe yard to play in. WE love you pretty pretty boy! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Howdy Buster boy! We miss you pretty pretty boy and we love you a bunch. Be good up there and take good care of your lil' sis Thata and watch over your lil' sisters Sissy and Belle from up there ok? Muaaah!!! Love your Mommy and Daddy

Just wanted to tell you how much we miss your pretty face Buster boy! You were the best dog in the planet no doubt. Heaven and Rainbows Bridge must have really needed you up there. We love you always! Mommy and Daddy

Hey there Buster boy... hope you are doing well. Grandma paid your rent for another year so you can continue to romp and play with your sister
Thata. Everyone here is busy as usual.. your Daddy is traveling all over the place, and your Mommy is becoming a Zumba Rock Star! We miss you more than you will ever know and whenever someone starts talking about 'good dogs" we always tell them you were the best!!! - Love Grandma

Happy 2013 Buster boy! Oh how I wish you were still here! Like your grandma said you were the best! We love and miss you everyday!!! Love always, Mommy and Daddy

Hi pretty pretty boy! Long time no talk..I know, Mommy and Daddy are too darn busy but ya know that you are always thought of..EVERYDAY! Miss you dearly. Love you tons! Your little sister Sissy just turned 8. I know, she's an old lady but she is doing so good and staying real healthy! Be good up there at Rainbows Bridge okay??? Muahhh!!!

Hello pretty pretty boy! It was five years ago this month when you left us to join your lil' sis Thata up there on Rainbows Bridge but not a day goes by that we don't think of you both. How we wish you were still here! Love and miss you! Be good up there. Until we meet again! Love ~ Your Mommy and Daddy

5/5/14 - Hi Buster Boy! Hope you are doing well. I've had a hard time getting in to see you but think I have it worked out now. We miss you like crazy and think of you and Thata all the time..... especially every time we see a Aussie that looks like you! Mommy & Daddy stay crazy busy, and me too! Just know that we love you and trust you are living in Rainbow's Bridge where He provided eternal life!! Love you - Grandma

10/29/14 -- Hi Buster Boy! Hope you still romping around up there in Rainbows Bridge and being the best dog ever as always. All is good here, although Belle is having some medical problems. Keep her in your prayers :). We miss you all the time and never forget how you were the best dog ever!! Love you - Grandma

Hello there pretty pretty boy! Oh how we've missed you down here. To this day I tell your Daddy that I would give anything to have you back. Yes, you were indeed the best dog ever! I know one day we will be reunited. Meanwhile, we will be missing you and thinking of you everyday. Take good care of your little sister Thata up there. Love you much! ~ Mommy and Daddy!

Wow, I can't believe it's been six years since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge Buster booboog. Somehow I feel as if you never left, perhaps because you never did. You are always in our hearts and always will be. You are one of our angels in heaven, watching over us and one day, we will be reunited. Your little sisters Sissy and Belle are doing well these days but I know they miss the bigger backyard :) Mommy and Daddy are staying busy but all is well! We love and miss you everyday! Tell your little sis Thata hi for us. Be back to visit you again soon! Love you lots! ~ Mommy and Daddy

Hello Buster boy! I am so disappointed to see that the changes/edit I've made on here not too long ago was not saved :( I surely hope this one will. Miss ya bunches! So wish you were still here. You were one-of-a-kind no doubt! There will never be another Buster boy. I miss you so much! I will see you again one day but until then, will be thinking of you everyday. Much love ~ Mommy

Just wanted to say hello to my pretty pretty boy! Oh how I've missed you and your kind, sweet, gentle ways. How I wish you were still here. Thank you for your years of unconditional love and protection. You were one-of-a-kind. There ain't never going to be another one like you! Oh how I love you so. Be good up there with your lil' sister Thata until we meet again. Love, Your Mommy

Well Buster boy..your little sister Belle has joined you and Tha-ta up there at the Rainbows bridge now. She was so much like you, I even referred to her as my mini Buster. Mine and Daddy's hearts ache so badly right now and I just know that Sissy is aware. She will be sad. She loved her sister Belle and Belle was so good to her. Please give her our warmest hugs and tell her we are very proud of her for being so brave. She fought hard and we know why she did but please tell her to now worry about us, we will be okay. The pain and emptiness are going to be here for a long time but we find comfort in knowing that she will NOT suffer another seizure and of course, we know you will take good care of her up there. Please tell your sister Tha-ta to be good to her too okay? :) You guys show her around. She loves to run and she will enjoy running through the middows with you and Tha-ta. Tell her she is never gone. Just like you and Tha-ta, she will forever be in our hearts. So sorry we couldn't save her but one thing we know for sure, we didn't want her to suffer through another one. My heart is forever broken from losing all of you my beloved fur babies but it's a good to know I have gained another fur baby angel today. You guys be good until we meet again.
Much Love, Mommy and Daddy

1/30/16 -- Hi pretty boy. Grandma here - to send you love and smooches. Wish I could give them to you in person. You already know by now that sweet Belle Star has joined you at Rainbow Bridge. She was a trooper and was one of the happiest pups we've ever known. She was sick for a while, and she stayed happy through it all. We are comforted knowing that Belle is joining you up there with Thata and the three of you will hang together with no pain and suffering. You probably know another sweet boy has joined the family -- Slammer is a Daddy's boy, and loves to work and hunt -- but he has a lot of growing up to do. He's didn't have a very good life for the first two years of his life, but now he's hogging the bed. Hopefully he will keep Sissy here from getting too lonely missing Belle. Miss you and Thata so much -- and pretty soon we will have a residency set up for sweet Belle. Love yo to pieces.
- Grandma

Miss you pretty pretty boy! I'm sure you are in-charge of Belle's birthday celebration. Please take good care of her and of course Thata. Love you and miss you everyday. Sending you lots of kisses! ~ Mommy

Hello pretty pretty boy, it's bee 8 years since you left us for Rainbows Bridge and we miss you tons. I am dearly holding on to your ashes here, it's like you're always here..I know you are. You were the best dog ever! I look forward to the day I get to hug you your beautiful furry self. Sissy misses you too! She's getting old but she's still feisty :) Love you lots! ~ Mommy!

Hey there handsome boy! Hope you are loving life with your sisters up there. You were the best dog ever! I still wish you were here but I know we'll meet again one day. Until then..we'll be thinking of you and sending lots of love your way every single day! ~ Love Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy

Happy Thanksgiving Buster Boy! You for sure were the best dog ever and I'll never forget your sweet disposition and loving personality. I know you are looking after Thata and Belle. Everyone here is doing good! Your Daddy and Slammer are always on the go, and Slammer is giving your Daddy plenty of attention (he's not quite a patient as you were :)- Every time I see an Aussie I think of you -- but I've never seen one as sweet as you! Love you buddy! -- Grandma

Hello pretty pretty boy! December 16, 2008 was one of the saddest days of my life. I can't believe it has been 9 years. Not a day passes by that I don't wish your were still here. Just like your grandma said, you were the best boy ever. Oh how I've missed your unconditional love and protection. You were definitely one of a kind and there will never be another one. I really wish we had more time. I really hope you knew how how much you were loved and how much you have touched my heart. To this day I still dream of being able to hug your huggable and furry self and love on you but I know you are looking down and watching over us. Sending you lots of kisses and the warmest hug. Your little sister Sissy is getting pretty old but still healthy and feisty, and I know she missed her big brother who let her sleep on his back for many years. You were the best big brother ever. Please give my love to your sister Belle and Thata for me. Be good up there. Until we meet again! Lots of love ~ Mommy

Boobog! Miss you bunches. Please give your little sister Thata a hug from all of us to remind her of how we will always remember the day when she left us for the Rainbow's Bridge and that she will forever be loved. Say hi to your sister Bella as well, oh and big brother Ben is up there now too. He sure broke our hearts but we are glad that he is no longer in pain. Give him a big welcome okay? Y'all be good up there. Love love love you pretty boy ~ Mommy

Buster Boy! I cannot believe it's been 10 years since you left us for the Rainbows Bridge, and still not a day go bye that I don't think about you. Your urn and your picture on the bookshelf remind me of you every single day. I always talk to you, but you already know that :) I miss you everyday. Be good up there and give your little sisters kisses from Mommy and Daddy. We love you pretty pretty boy! Be good!

1/1/19 -- Happy New Year Buster Boy... only it wasn't a very happy new year for us. You'll know soon if you do not already that we had to say goodbye very unexpectedly to our boy Slammer, who crossed over to Rainbow's Bridge yesterday. Your Daddy and Mommy are just as sad as they were the day you left us to go across. Slammer is a youngster at only 5 years old, so you need to look after him for us. He loves to retrieve ducks so we're hoping there's plenty of water where he can chase just about anything. It's very sad around here, and especially your Daddy is just lost without his best buddy Slam. I hope you can somehow send a message to him that he will be okay and somewhere out here there is another 'best friend' just waiting for him to rescue him. It's really hard right now. Love you and miss you and Belle and Tha-ta, so look after Slam and show him around Rainbow's Bridge until we cross over and see all of you again. Love Grandma

Oh my handsome Buster Boy! How are you and your brother Slammer getting along up there? Belle and Thata I'm sure keep you boys in line huh? What a Murphy herd we got up there now, and we miss every single one of you. Keep your siblings in line and you guys keep watching over our old lady Sissy. She's still as sassy as ever though. Be good up there my Bobog! Love you lots! ~ Mommy

Buster boy, sorry I'm a little late but I thought about you on your anniversary just like I think about you everyday. Mommy's pretty occupied these days with grad school and work but I know you are proud of me. Your siblings (Vin, Rita, and your little sister SIssy) sure keep me busy too, but they are worth every trouble hehe! Love them to the moon and back. I miss you though, I miss you everyday. Be good up there and keep the Murphy paw clan in line (I know you are trying, you got a herd of them up there now). Please give everyone single one of them lots of kisses for me. I miss all of my fur babies so much but I know we will be reunited one day and boy, that would be quite the reunion. Until then, be sweet. Love you lots! ~ Mommy

Missing you pretty pretty boy. Are you keeping the Murphy furry clan in sign up there? Keep them out of trouble, alright? :) Sissy is getting pretty old but I know that you are watching over her every day. Love and miss you ~ Mommy and Daddy

Happy New Year, handsome boy Buster! Missing you everyday. We'll be thinking of you until we meet again. Lots of love ~ Mommy and Daddy

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