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Memories of Ginger
Ginger was a golden mix & had such a cute personality. She was rescued from a busy street when only a month old. When we saw her, it was love at first sight, & she gave us so much joy for the next 14 years. She was so beautiful; she had the most soulful big brown eyes that I will miss for the rest of my life. She was energetic & feisty--very lovable! Ginger will live in my heart forever. She will be dearly missed & forever loved. Rest In perfect Peace my precious little 'Ginger Snap'.

Sunday, 9/12/21

It will be two weeks ago tomorrow since I had to say goodbye to my sweet girl. I have been working through my grief by journaling & sharing with those who are supportive & understanding about the loss of a beloved pet.

I would like to share some good memories of my sweet Ginger that will depict her uniqueness.
She was a very good-natured & friendly dog, but at the same time was protective of her home & yard. Once she knew you were okay, she was welcoming. She was an
energetic little girl; In her younger days, she loved to sprint back & forth across the yard. She was also fond of lounging in front of the window & surveying her yard.
When I walked on my treadmill, she would come in & relax under the ceiling fan. When she would get bored of that, she would saunter off, but would check in every few minutes, & look at me as if to say, when are you going to be done? She was a little character.
One morning about three years ago, I let her out as usual about 6.00, normally, she would just go out to do her business, stroll around for a few minutes & come back in. On this particular day, she raced across the yard to tackle a raccoon. Of course, I was hysterical, but thankfully, Ginger got the best of that raccoon. & was extremely proud. I took her to the vet to get checked out, & the staff was making on over her. It was a happy ending, but It was an experience that I certainly did not want a repeat performance of. It gave me quite a scare, but Ginger looked at me like Hey What's the big deal, Mom. It was no sweat. Like I said , she was a feisty girl.
She was also quite the escape artist. One day my llate husband was home while I was at work. He opened the door, & she took off & was gone for several hours. I was afraid we may never see our little Ginger again. A friend & I went looking for her & spotted her in the woods, but she would not come out. Around 8:00 that evening, we heard a scratch at the door & a bark. We opened the door, & she came flying in. We were so relieved that she found her way home, & going forward, we took extra precautions.

Each day. I looked forward to going home to be greeted by her bark as I pulled in the driveway & her wagging tail as I walked in the door. Sadly, now there is a huge void & I walk in the door to a deafening silence.

My beloved Ginger.
I cannot see or touch you now, but your spirit lives in my heart, until we meet again and cross the rainbow bridge together.

Rest In Peace my precious Ginger.
Mommy loves you!💗

Thursday, 9/30/21

Today marks one month since my sweet Ginger passed away. It's still hard to believe she's gone. I am grateful that Ginger did not seem the least bit sick until three days before she died, & even then, it didn't seem as bad as it turned out to be. I am also thankful that she had a peaceful and dignified passing, surrounded by people that loved and cared for her.
I hope you are having lots of fun playing with all your new friends at the rainbow bridge. I will always love you and miss you, my precious Ginger. This home is not the same without you..


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