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Memories of Gordie Sommerfield
Grandpa and Grandma miss you so much. From the first time we saw you as a puppy we loved you. As you grew so did our love for you. You would chase the ball as long as your dad would throw it and you were always ready to go for a ride. As your illness progressed and you couldn't run any more even though you tried we had a very hard decision to make. We didn't want you to leave us but we knew it was the best thing for you. Grandpa and I know you will be waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. 8-24-04 Yesterday was your birthday, you would have been 10 years old. It was a very sad day for your dad, grandpa and me. I miss you so much and think about you alot and wish I could feel you next to me. Grandpa misses you too but tries to be brave for me.I hope you saw the candle in the window that I lit last night for you.Please know I'll never forget you and I love you always. 12-16-04 It is almost Christmas time and I'm not looking forward to our first Christmas without you. I miss you so much, my little boy, even though I know you are waiting at Rainbow Bridge for me. 4-21-05 Wasn't the long adventure we took alot of fun (I could feel you there with grandpa and me and running all over). I still miss you so much, but know that you are much happier and able to run like the wind now. It has been over a year since you left us. Grandpa misses you helping him when he is doing the yard work. We will never forget you my little boy.6-8-05 Grandpa has been busy outside working and planting flowers in your garden. We talk about you and miss you so much my little boy.9-7-05 It has been awhile since I visited you but grandpa and I talk about you and still miss you so very, very much.I know your birthday has come and gone but you were not forgotten my little boy.3-8-2006 Two years ago today God took you to care for until we meet again. It seems so long ago since you left Grandpa and I, but in other ways it seems like yesterday. Grandpa and I talk about you and miss you and look forward to us all meeting and being together again at Rainbow Bridge. We LOVE you little angel boy!! It has been awhile since we visited here but you are always in our thoughts. We will all be going on a long trip soon far away and grandpa and I need you to watch over us and come with us. Love you little angel.3-8-2007 Well, little angel boy it has been 3 years since you went to Rainbow Bridge but in many ways to grandpa and I it seems like only yesterday.We miss you so much but know you are much better off.You can run like the wind and play ball again like you used to with your dad.We love you little angel and know you are waiting for grandpa and me at Rainbow Bridge and we will all go across together, til then you are always in our thoughts and prayers. 6-22-07 Hello again little boy,it has been awhile but you are still always in grandpa and my thoughts.We miss you so.The garden grandpa planted for you is looking wonderful.Please continue to look down on us til we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.12-3-07 Hello Angel Boy I miss you so much even more now that Christmas is almost here and we used to go shopping together. I miss watching you play in the snow and rolling in it but I know you are much happier at Rainbow Bridge. You are always in grandpa and my thoughts. Love Always Grandma 3-8-08 Hello Angel Boy it was 4 years ago today that you left grandpa and I for Rainbow Bridge and we miss you as if it was just yesterday. We know that you are much better off there but it is still hard. Grandpa misses taking you for a ride, you were always ready to go no matter what, and going to get a hamburger. I miss cuddling up and feeling you in bed with us. Until next time angel boy. Love Always Grandma and Grandpa 7-11-08 Hello Angel Boy,Grandpa and I miss you, especially being outside with us. I have your picture out after you had been swimming at the beach. Thank you for watching over us.Love always, Grandma.8-23-08 Happy Birthday little Angel Boy.I wish that we could all celebrate your birthday together but someday we will.I miss you so much but I know you are in a much better place.Love Always Grandma 3-8-09 Hello Angel Boy,It has been 5 years since you went to Rainbow Bridge but to Grandpa and I it seems like yesterday and forever.Grandpa misses the secret trips to Burger King for hamburgers without pickles. We are over run with deer and squirrels and miss your expertise in keeping them at bay.We know that your are running like the wind and watching over us.We love you with all our hearts and miss you. Love. Grandpa and Grandma 6-22-09 Hi Little Angel, It has been awhile but you are still with me always.I miss you and love you. Grandma 10-7-09 Hello Angel Boy It has been way too long since I visited you, but that doesn't mean that you are not in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you so even though I know you are in a much better place and can run like the wind and play ball again. You would be 15 years old now, which does not seem possible to me. Grandpa has a new dog named Bo which we got from the shelter. He is 4 years old and loves grandpa alot but I know grandpa still misses you.I'll visit again soon. Love Always Grandma.12-6-09 Hi Angel Boy I miss you so especially at this time of year when we spent so much time together and grandpa was gone. I love you always. Grandma 7-6-10 Hi my little boy,it has been a long time since I visited but you are in my thoughts daily. I miss you so much. Some day we will be together again and never have to leave each other. Love Grandma 8-23-10 Happy Birthday little angel. It doesn't seem possible that it was almost 16 years ago that your daddy brought you to see grandpa and me. You were a white little fluff ball and didn't move when dad put you down on the rug. I think that is when you stole my heart. I love you and miss you every day. I know you are better off and don't have any pain now and can run like the wind and play ball. Miss you my angel. Love Grandma 3/8/2011 Hi My Little Angel, Today is a very sad and also a happy day. It is the day you went to Rainbow Bridge (7 years ago) and it is sad because grandpa and I lost you but happy because you became free again to run like the wind. No more pain!! We still miss you so much and long to see you again. I love you my angel.Be safe and wait for me. Love Forever, Grandma 6/24/2011 It has been awhile but I still think of you everyday and miss you. Grandpa and I talk about you often.Watch over us Angel Boy. Love, Grandma 12-16-12 Hello again my little angel boy, It is almost Christmas and it is very hard for me as I miss you more than ever at this time of year. You always bought me very special presents with grandpa. I hope you are running like the wind and flying with the angels at Rainbow Bridge. Miss you. Love, Grandma 3/8/13 Hello my little angel boy, It is now 9 years since you got you wings and I miss you as much as if it was yesterday. I know you are happier (no pain and can run around)and that makes it more bearable for me. Continue to watch over us and one day we will cross Rainbow Bridge together.Love,hugs and kisses forever,Grandma 7/1/14 Hello my angel boy, This last Saturday night grandma and grandpa sent a wonderful little boy named Bo for you to watch and keep company and show the ropes to. He was grandpa's special little boy for the last 4 years and a couple months. He followed grandpa everywhere and loved sitting on his lap and going for rides. I know that you will take very good care of him. Miss you my angel. Love, Grandma 7/8/15 It has been awhile since I visited but I think about you and miss you every day. Hope you and Bo are running and swimming together. Love, Grandma 3/8/2017 Hello my little angel it has been 13 long years since you went to Rainbow Bridge and I still miss you like it was yesterday. I hope Bo and you are running, swimming and playing and having fun. Please take good care of each other until we are together again. I love you so much!!Grandma6/26/17 Hello my angel, I hope that you and Bo are having fun playing,swimming and running. I miss you still and long to hold you and cuddle. Love always Grandma

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