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Memories of Hazey Blu Daze
WHO wants to do tricks for a treat?? you would always come running out from wherever you were hiding. Thank goodness I discovered that when you were just a young little pup..you certainly knew good hiding places in our home. You were a champion trickster and so it became our evening ritual before bedtime to complete your tricks for mommy and then automatically head to your bed. You loved routine.. heaven help us if we differed from that any one day..you knew how to punish me..ignoring me and not bringing the ball or toy back even though you knew I wanted to play. The joy you brought into my life for the last 14 years were the best 14 years of my life. I loved coming home everyday of my life during that time just to see you and love and hug on one another.. even when you were not feeling well you never stopped kissing me..In the morning you would come over to me and streeettch your little body and roll over for my feet to rub your belly... and when I got out of the shower you licked my legs dry taking good care of your mommy. I love love loved every minute of attention you gave me. I loved that you didn't mind putting your diaper on everyday, you loved getting dressed up..thank goodness for that. What will I do now that my shoes will always be where I put them and not in your hiding places? I expect them to be underthings, but they lay still right where I put them last. I am lost without you my little boy.. I hope you are happy in heaven with Grandpa..D.O.G. and all the others who you never met while you were on earth, who I loved so much. Grandpa loved to play ball so I hope you are enjoying your time with him up there..neither one of you in pain anymore. Toby misses you I can tell..I already see your ears perking up at the name Toby.. you always came a runnin... that was my trick attention getter..so the sidewalks in Williamsburg with your name engraved will be so difficult for me to see, but I am glad the neighborhood will have a chance to remember you always too ..Such a perky happy little boy..Everyone loved you..especially me.. I always will my little Pumpkin.
Love, Mommy
Hi Little boy..here it is almost 2 years later, loving you as always..I wear your locket everyday so you are with me..and with Sunny your little brother. thank you for sending him to me. He makes me happy he is adorable not the same trickster as you were! .. he is a momma's boy, pretty low key ..loves staying under things and staying quiet.. you sure are different. I have to practically beg him to eat.. he is only 4 pounds so I do worry he will starve..lol not at all like your veracious appetitie. I love the fact you are so different. I love you the same!. I hope you are keeping everyone laughing up there. till we meet again. xxxooo Mommy PS He wear a diaper like you did..:) he likes putting it on too... I like that..:) bye for now
Now almost 4 years you left me...Toby joined you too hoping you both are doing your agility tricks better than ever!! Love you and still wearing your locket and ashed close to my heart..Sunny is a real joy.. you would love your little bro..all my love and thoughts are with you Pumpkin..Luv Mommy
8/18/20 today... another year gone bye of missing you..love you and miss you still my little one. Sunny says hello to his big brother too..getting closer for all of us to be together..yikes 74 today, it is my birthday. Kiss all of our friends and family for me, I am sure you are all loving one another as you did while we were together.. play on my little pumpkin..mommy loves you so much
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