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Memories of Jacob Marley
When we first met Jacob Marley, he was called Simba, a feral cat that frequented the neighborhood laundromat.He would jump up on the sink for water and then sit with us while we folded. We hadn't seen him for a month when he came in on a cold monsoon night. He could barely stand or walk, was obviously sick and starving. My sister and I looked at each other and knew if we left him he wouldn't make it. We carried him home and slowly nursed him back to health. We had him in our backroom with a light chain so he could meet the rest of the household on his own terms. He would throw the chain over his shoulder and clank in the doorway. Thus the name Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol.
Our other cat Gracie didn't want any part of him in her world. As the years went by they would become comfortable friends. He became the Male head of household, however my sister's dog Sally Lynn was THE Matriarch and everyone accepted her bidding. As time passed we added 6 more dumped, hurt, or abandoned kittens and lost 4 dogs. Jacob Marley would train every new arrival how to open and bang the kitchen cabinets including Gracie. He raised 2 kittens (8 wks old) and we had to take a picture of him holding them down and washing them to prove to the Vet that he had taken on the mother role. This went too far when we brought home 2 (5 wk old) kittens whose Mom had been killed. He was lying on his side resting and watching them play when little Josie went over and tried to nurse, it was like one of the cartoons, he jumped 2 feet straight up and ran. He wouldn't go near them until they were adults. When the house was being remodeled he watched everything the workers were doing and when they would step away, there he would go inspecting their work and letting them know if he approved or not. They nicknamed him The Supervisor. When the house got too noisy he would go to Gracie's room and they would sleep together on the bed like an old married couple. Eventually time took it's toll and his kidney's failed. He let us know he was tired of tuna and rice by staring at us like we were really the stupidest people on earth and refusing to leave the front door. Jacob Marley was never a cuddly cat. You were allotted 1-2 minutes tops. He lingered in both our arms for an hour each, said goodbye with his meows to the others and was ready, or so we thought. At the last minute he jumped out of my sister's arms, ran down the hallway to Gracie. We opened the door to find her waiting there, they meowed and rubbed cheeks, then he turned, looked at us like --OK NOW I'm ready. He passed away in our arms, loved and comfortable. He has left a large hole in our hearts but we know he's happy and healthy with our other babies, waiting for us to come to The Rainbow Bridge.

Gracie, was our 1st cat. An abandoned baby crying under my car. We knew so little about cats at that time.We brought her in and introduced her to our dogs. That went as expected except for our little SallyLynn who loved babies. Any kind of babies. She protected Gracie as much as possible, and slept together for many years. As our little family grew, she became the Pariah cat. We found her bleeding after an attack and off to the hospital she went. Shortly after we secluded her in her own area, the master suite with my sister. It took her awhile to realize that it all belonged to her and that no one would ever hurt her again. She was so lovable and funny. She slept on my sister's head and would groom her scalp in the middle of the night. If stopped, a swat on the head would follow with her paw. It took many years, but, eventually she and Jacob Marley became close buddies, sleeping on the bed like an old married couple. She had a friend in Josie, one of our younger babies and led an ideal life. It must be nice to retire and do whatever you want. She loved playing with toys and catnip would put her into an idealic state. Reminded us of the '60's. She loved being brushed and would purr as long as you would brush her. She had such a loud purr, it sounded like she had pneumonia. It always amazed us that such a short, petite almost lady-like cat loved the smelliest food we could find. Life caught up with her and we had to put her at rest after a long illness. She passed over the Rainbow Bridge on March 14, 2010. We know that she was met by Jacob Marley. We're sure after much nuzzling and memory sharing, they now are cuddled under a tree waiting for us. We miss them both very much.

It's been 3 years since Jacob Marley left us and 2 1/2 years since Gracie joined him. I miss them both so much, but I still can feel them here and I know they are both watching over us.

Jake, I know Lucy is with you now, but your other girl Ethel turned 17 this year and is still going strong. I know you are taking care of everyone for us. Know that we miss you very much and that everyone is in our hearts. Love Mom and Aunt Ro.

We have two new members in our family. Ebony and Ivory. Ebony is a short haired black cat and very active. She joined our family when she was 6 months old. Ivory is a Blue eyed White Turkish Van. She was about 1 month old when her month old when her mother abandoned her. We saw her eating with our outside cats and after a few weeks I was able to pick her up and bring her in. We had her checked to be sure she wasn't deaf. Our new members sure make our home more interesting. Jake, we know that everyone would find them very interesting. Mom and Aunt Ro.

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