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Memories of Jessy Filion
Jessy was born 2/22/06.On that day a small chocolate lab started a life that would change mine forever. We received Jessy at 10 weeks and she was our 11 pounds of squirming, chewing, kissing and licking chocolate fur baby. The first day that she was home, I called my wife from work and asked my wife how that baby was doing. The nickname stuck and from that point on, she was always known as THE BABY.I remember picking her up and bringing her in for her first vet vist and them saying you better enjoy that now because it won't take long for you to not be able to do that. Jessy at her heaviest weighed 113 pounds, yeah she was a big girl. But she was our baby.

When we first got Jess, we also had a cat named Evis. They got along great, but Jessy seemed to want to play a lot more then the cat did. Poor Evis. In time Jessy would grow and grow and our tiny 11 pound fur baby was now taking up more then her share of the couch. My wife and I also made the mistake of one night bringing her into the bed because she was lonely. So now not only didn't I have room on the couch, but was sleeping on the edge of the bed because you know who was making sure she was going to have enough room. As the seasons passed we came to our first Christmas. Needless to say THE BABY sure got her share. We would wrap them up and the highlight of Christmas morning was watching her in her excitement tear open the paper and go onto the next one. When she was done doing hers, she thought she was doing us a favor by helping us with ours. This Christmas event carried on for her 12 years with us. Santa must of thought she was a good girl each year because she always did very well. But she was our baby.

As time went on, she became a bigger and bigger part of our family. Did I mention she got as heavy as 113 pounds. Yeah she was a big girl. We might have made the mistake of rewarding her for everything she did. Greet us at the door(which happened everytime) she would get a treat, go outside to pee and come in to get a treat, just look pretty and get a treat. You see where I am going with this. But God how much did we love her. Did I mention that she was our baby.
Around the time that we had already had Jessy for 6 years, I was diagnosed with MS. I was about to go from working 70 hours a week to being retired. Up to that point if I had a bad day at work, I knew when I got home I would be greeted with doggie kisses and all would be right in my world. Okay it might have cost me some treats but it was well worth it.

After I retired, one of our daily riturals that we started was that we would go for a walk. Because the word walk would send Jessy into a frenzy, the word walk simply became W. As in I'm going to take Jessy for a W. One day as we were out for our W, Jess saw something and pulled on her leash. Because she was a big strong dog on this occasion the ring on her collar gave and she got loose. Because she was a good baby she ran back to me in no time. Okay so maybe because I had a treat for her helped also. From that point on we also went on our W with two leashes. Wasn't going to let that happen again. The other reason why I don't think she ever would have gone to far is that my parents live on the same street as me. Part of our daily W was to go to their side door. We would pick up the paper on our way up the driveway and in exchange for the paper, you know who got a treat or two or three. We already know her love for treats, so if she got loose again, it was a pretty good chance I would find her down Nana and Pop-pops.

For the next 6 years, Jessy was my shadow. She got me thru my battle with MS and depression and made each day special.I can honestly say that I don't know what I would have done without her. She just kept pushing me. Each morning I would wake with the sound of her woofing, telling me it was time for our W.

She became a huge sports fan watching her beloved Red Sox and Packers sitting on the couch with me. Did I mention she was our baby.

As time went on Jess started to develope tumors on her body. They said that this is common for Labs and we dealt with it. To me she was still beautiful in everyway and I loved her more then you should probably love a pet. God I loved her. Recently at each vet vist it appeared that she was losing weight. And sure enough one of the tumors was cancerous and my baby was sick.

We did the right thing last week and put my precious, beautiful, playful,crazy,loving,fur ball baby to sleep. As I write this my heart is breaking, but I know that is a good thing because that just shows how much love was between us.


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