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Memories of Mandy
Oct 19, 2013


This is your 3rd Anniversary at Rainbow Bridge and there isn't a day that I don't think about you. I miss you so much, my little Angle Dog! And I miss watching and hearing you play with your favorite toy, "talk-to-me treatball". Hugs and kisses from your mom on earth. See you later Mandy.

Love Forever, Mom

Almost two years have gone by since my best friend, Mandy left for heaven and not a day goes by that I don't think of her and wish she were still here with me. The pain she went through during her last days still weigh heavy in my heart. I don't visit too often because the memories I have hidden become real here and it still makes me cry. Below is the original story I wrote about her when she first became a resident at Rainbows Bridge.


My little Mandy was a very happy, playful and rambunctious little Yorkie-Maltese and the love of my life. As a puppy, she was so full of energy that I couldn't hold her in my arms for more than a minute without her jumping down. She just wanted to run and she loved being chased. She went with me everywhere and loved car rides, but it was hard to tame her down. Once after I parked the car in a store parking lot, she actually jumped out of the car window and ran off. I'll never forget how I stopped the traffic while I was chasing my 8 month old puppy down the busy street in my neighborhood. Even a cab stopped to let her run across the street safely.

Mandy's favorite toy was Talk-To-Me Treat Ball. I recorded my voice so it would say, "Mandy, Mandy, tr-e-a-ts, Come and get me". Then I placed tiny bone-shaped mints in it. She loved playing with it so much, that on Christmas morning, she woke up at 2:00 AM to play with it. I would have never believed that playing with this treat ball for 20 minutes would become Mandy's morning ritual for years to come.

Mandy was named after the famous Barry Manilow song because like his pet, I knew Mandy would always be there for me as my best friend. I know that God blessed her with a very long and full life, but somehow the short time she spent here on earth just doesn't seem long enough. I wish I could re-live some of those years I spent with her.


Dear Mandy,

I miss taking you on the doggie walks at Panfish Park, the Riverwalk, Pet Shop and Dog-A-Palooza.. I miss those long doggie walks you took me on along the pond. I miss taking you with me to the bank and the coffee shop so you can get free treats. I miss seeing you on that bench waiting for me to come home. I miss the sound of treat ball talking to you while you played with it every morning.

Thank you for showing me how to enjoy the simple things in life. Thank you for loving me even when I seemed so unlovable. Most of all, thank you for bringing so much joy and love to my life. I only hope I made you half as happy as you made me.

I know your last year was tough for you, Mandy. You know I really tried to do all I could to get you well. I'm so sorry I couldn't afford all the tests to find out what was really making you sick. Doctor said it probably would have been too late anyway to try to save you, but that you did have a very long and happy life. I'm so sorry you suffered the way you did those last couple of weeks here on earth. I'm sorry that you were sick when I was too busy packing for our move to give you my undivided attention. I'm so sorry you were in such pain and that I couldn't always get back to you on time to give you your medicine. I know you're in a beautiful place and free of pain and I can just see you running, jumping and playing like a puppy by that big rainbow in heaven with all the other doggies.

You know you mean allot to me, but I also know that you hold a special place in God's heart and a special place in His home. Perhaps you made it home before I did because God wanted another bundle of joy like you with Him now. I can just see you on the rainbow bridge waiting for me to come home. I wonder if God placed a special bench for you there. Because of God's promise to us in His Word, I know I will see you again and spend eternal life with you. We will meet again at the gates to our new home in heaven. Like I used to say, "I love you, Mandy. See you later."



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