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Memories of Mason
We got you when you were only 4 weeks old. God put us together that day. While working at the Sheriff's Office I answered a call and as I pulled out of the driveway I heard you crying out. Just as I started to pull away I saw your little white body flip over the green blades of grass. Getting you in the car was easy, I took you home to Momma. Funny thing is that when I went to get you out of the patrol car I had to put on my K-9 gloves to get your fiesty little behind out. From that day forward Momma and I had to feed you and Momma called the vet to find out what all we needed to do to take care of you. Both of us took turns bottle feeding you and Momma was tasked with teaching you how to go to the bathroom and from that our baby was born. I know you love playing in the water and now Aunt Julie will leave it on for you. I'll miss you rubbing against my fresh pressed uniform and marking me with all your snow white hair. Daddy loves you.
Hey baby. I was tickled when daddy brought you home to me. You was in rough shape but I didn't care because I knew God sent you to us to take care of and to love. I enjoyed the task of teaching you all that you needed to know. You only weighed a pound when I first saw you, you were so little but I knew that I had to take care of you. I wouldn't change a thing. When we looked you over and noticed all of your markings we noticed one special marking on your left side and that was a heart shaped spot. We say that you had two hearts plus all of ours. God knew you were special because he gave you two hearts. I loved how you liked to sleep on my chest. I am going to miss all of your hair and you playing in your water bowl, playing with running water that everyone turned on for you. It's funny, you didn't like baths but you would play in the water by yourself and you would lay on daddy's chest while he was in the tub and daddy is going to miss that. There are alot of things that we are going to miss. Watching you grow was amazing, watching you do all of your firsts was a blessing. I thank God that he gave us nearly eight and a half years with you. Nothing will ever take your place. Now there is an empty feeling, a piece of us is gone. We wished we had more time with you, we wished we could hold you again, see you and feel you rub up against us. To us you're not a cat YOU ARE OUR BABY. You were our baby from the start and always and forever in our hearts. You were inside with us from day one and you will ALWAYS be inside with us. You will be missed dearly. We hope YOU Rest In Peace OUR PRECIOUS BABY. Momma and daddy loves you very much.

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