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Memories of Milo
I wish I had the words to express just how much love I feel and just how much you meant to me. I know our time together was short, but the connection and ways in which you affected me and my life is immeasurable. I am so sorry it ended so abruptly, the way it ended. The moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were special. I wanted you to be a part of my life and felt you were looking for a home. That first day is so funny to look back on, I never had a fondness of cats but something drew me to you. I swore I wouldn't keep you, but deep down, I knew you were meant to be with me. I'm not 100% sure where the name Milo came from but it fit and I hope you liked it. We grew so close, so fast. In the blink of an eye, you changed my world. I wanted so badly to give you everything and make you happy. I'm sorry you were suffering and I did not see it. Some of my favorite things about you were how you'd follow me around and bat at my legs to get my attention, the loudness of your purr when you were at peace, the way you'd knead on my gray blanket and how you cute you looked when you slept. The way you played with so much spirit got me every time. You were so bad at eating, but that's okay. We all have our things. I'm not sure what your life was like before we met, but I know it wasn't easy and I hope I provided you with some sort of solace. Thank you for loving me, unconditionally. I know you weren't sure about Victor, but thank you for loving him, too. I really enjoyed watching you grow more social, independent, and comfortable. I just wish we'd had more time. I just never wanted you to feel pain, but I would do anything to hold you in my arms again. I believe you understood and felt more than we knew. I'm sorry I didn't have all the right answers. I'm sorry I couldn't fight harder to save you. I'm sorry you were in pain, but I pray you are at peace. I wish we had more time, you were just a baby. I wish you could meet my kids someday. I wish we could go outside together and play, share our food, or cuddle again. Even just one more time. Our time together was short, but you gave me so much. You gave me with all that you had to give. You were full of love. I'll never forget you, my sweet angel boy. You deserve peace and happiness and no pain. Thank you for finding me and giving me fulfillment. Love, your friend, Tessa

04/15/2021. One week without you. I miss you so much, Milo. I think about you every day. I made you a small memorial with your food bowl and collar and some of your toys. It is sitting in your favorite window sill by my desk. I put some flowers by it and I will put your ashes with it. I also kept your purple separation anxiety comfort stuffed animal and still keep it in my bed. You are in the back of my mind always. I grow more and more grateful of our time together as I am learning how to do life without you again. Sometimes I forget you are gone and think I will see you or feel you and then you aren't there. It is hard. I'm glad you are at peace. Miss you my sweet angel boy. Love you. I'll write to you again soon.

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